Aabs Animals

In this walkthrough you'll be shown how to obtain all five trophies in Aabs Animals.

It will take you a grand total of 315 seconds or five minutes and fifteen seconds from start to finish.

The only tip is making sure you have filled the kettle up before you begin, because you should be able to make some coffee or tea whilst waiting for the game to finish.

Step #1 Purchase game.

Step #2 Load game up to title screen.

Step #3 Select a cat, any cat, it really doesn't matter.

Step #4 Follow the instruction in the Hints and Tips section

Fifteen seconds later:

This game is stuck on your profile, another thirty seconds will pass:

Will be yours. One whole minute and a half later (ninety seconds):

  • Cute

    Play for 135 Seconds

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

is now also yours, next up after a further ninety seconds:

and finally, another minute and a half will pass:

  • Pretty

    Play for 315 Seconds

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Step #5 Celebrate your newly completed game and/or shower away the shame!

Congrats on 100%!!!

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