Rayman Origins

This walkthrough for Rayman Origins is written with the idea to help out people who have some difficulties with the game, or do not know how to unlock new challenges/areas. You cannot play online for this game. If you decide to play co-op (you can do this locally with up to 3 friends), please note that the trophies only unlock for the primary user.

Here are some short stats about the game to give you an idea of what is required for the completion. Notice there's room for variation according to what 'Mop Up'-trophies you already unlocked. Please check the actual walkthrough for hints & tips!

1) While going through story, I unlocked 16 trophies without any of the mop up trophies (30 with these trophies). The so called 'Mop Up' can be done while going through the story, but can be done on any moment you wish since you can always replay each level. You will most likely unlock about 25 trophies after beating the campaign.
2) After beating the story, you should try to complete each medallion, and try to get each speed trophy (more information in the walkthrough for both of these).

Note: All videos and images used in this game should not be used without any written permission. Credit for the Hidden Cages videos Cheevo Whores & VGMMDI. Credit for all of the other videos used in the walkthrough go to DulleNL! Remember it's a recorded playthrough, not a walkthrough!.

Rayman is back! Most of the gamers today played the original series back in 1995 as well. If you didn't, prepare for hours of fun and relaxed gaming (although it can be quite frustrating from time to time). Rayman Origins is a platform/action game in 2D. While most games cannot live without its 3D and its point of free running around, this game stands tall above games with greater names. It's not that hard, the soundtrack is amazing and the gameplay is fluent.

The game has a smart checkpoint system (passing a gate), where you do not have to restart a full level when you get "bubblized" (you get bubblized when you get hit in the game and die) unless you are going for speed trophies.

Short explanation: The Glade of Dreams is created by Bubble Dreamer in his dreams (quite obvious). You need to rescue the Electoons (the inhabitants from The Glade of Dreams) from the Darktoons (Electoons that turned evil because of Bubble Dreamers nightmares and live in The Land of Living Dead). While going through every level, you need to collect Lums (yellow fireflies) to get bonus Electoons (there are 2 bonus Electoons in most levels, though some contain none). In most levels, there are two secret areas that hide a cage full of Electoons. Listen closely while playing the game, because most of the time you can hear them screaming for help. You also need to find every secret passage in order to complete the game (more information in the guide).

Have fun!

1 - Story walkthrough

After starting the game and watching the short cut-scene, you'll be caged. Jump around in it to break through the ground level. Go to the character (Bubble Dreamer) on your left and jump onto his beard. Jump up to break his cage. Afterwards, go through the gate on your right to enter the map. The first area is called the Jibberish Jungle. In the first level (It's A Jungle Out Here), you'll need to free Betilla; the nymph that will grant you the power to attack enemies after you break her free.

Go through the levels of the jungle to unlock the second area. This is called the Desert of Djiridoos. In the first level, 'Crazy Bouncing', you'll need to free Holly Luya, the music nymph, which will give you the power to slide (or fly in the air).

Again, go through each level in the desert to unlock another area: Gourmand Land. Again in the first level, 'Polar Pursuit', you'll need to free another nymph: Edith Up. Now you can change your size when needed (you shrink/get larger automatically, don't worry about this power).

Another world will unlock after you finished the Gourmand Land, named Sea of Serendipity. Once again, you'll need to free the nymph, Annetta Fish, in the first level: Port 'O Panic! She gives you the ability to dive under water.

  • Merm-Aid!

    Annetta Fish, the Ocean Nymph is Free!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyMain Storyline

The last world will unlock upon completing all levels in Sea of Serendipity. In Mystical Pique (level: Moseying The Mountain), you'll need to free a nymph named Helena Handbasket. She gives you the ability to run on walls.

After you completed each level in Mystical Pique, you will unlock Moody Clouds, where the Nymphs live. They give you another assignment: searching for relics to gain control of The Glade of Dreams once again. In each of the 4 areas, there will be another path, leading to another series of levels. None of those really give you an achievement, so you only need to get through each level. I strongly suggest trying to get each medallion completed, or really close to completion.

When you have collected each Skull Tooth (more information below) and have given them to the reaper in The Snoring Tree, he will grant you passage to The Land of The Living Dead. Pass each level to find the boss at last. After defeating him, you earn your last story-related trophy.

2 - Level-related trophies

Note: All trophy descriptions are written below the trophy (or trophies). I mentioned this to get confusion out of the way.

This trophy requires you to bounce onto 11 enemies without falling into the water. The level 'Polar Pursuit', gives you the chance to unlock this, when you do it in one combo (because there are only 11 enemies floating over the water). The best thing you can do is time your jumps and fly (hold X in the air), when needed.

Skip to 0:35

  • Blue Baron!

    Beat the Giant Eel within 60 Seconds in "Aim for the Eel."

    Blue Baron!
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyTime/Date

This trophy requires you to beat the boss in 'Aim for The Eel!' under 60 seconds. This can be quite hard, but you need to shoot to 'lights' on both sides of this giant worm. Afterwards, you need to destroy the red/pink thing on his tail. Good luck trying to accomplish this! Watch the video below for references.

Skip to 3:00

  • No Panic!

    Saved ALL Darktooned Wizards in "Port 'O Panic".

    No Panic!
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCollectable

This trophy isn't hard, but you should make sure that the wizards do NOT attack you. You need to attack them to get the blue thing off their heads. Do this with all nine wizards in the level 'Port 'O Panic' to unlock this trophy. Watch the video below for references.

3 - Miscellaneous

Note: All trophy descriptions are written below the trophy (or trophies). I mentioned this to get confusion out of the way.

  • Turbo!

    Earned 15 speed trophies!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyTime/Date

  • Nitro!

    Earned ALL speed trophies!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyTime/Date

These trophies are probably the hardest in the game for most gamers. There is a lot of discussion about these, but here is a clear view on how to obtain them. The first requirement is that you completed the level once where you want to get the speed trophy on. Then, replay the level, and attack the clock that flows above you. This starts the timer. Complete the level under the time that is mentioned by the golden cup (NOT the time beside the electoon!). Some levels aren't that hard to obtain this on, but other requires almost near perfect platform jumping. The best thing you can do is avoid enemies (because if you get hit, you need to restart the level), avoid catching the lums/golden coins/open electoon cages, find some shortcuts to decrease your completion time and hold R2/L2 the most of the level.

These trophies require you to collect a certain amount of Electoons. In each part of each area there will be one bonus level where you have to pursuit a treasure chest. These levels really require perfect platform jumping and holding R2/L2 the whole time. After a wild chase, you get to break open the chest.

  • Scout

    You found 10 hidden cages.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCollectable

  • Explorer

    You found 25 hidden cages.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCollectable

As said before, most levels contain 2 secret passages with cages full of Electoons. These trophies require you to find those. Whilst you do not need to set them free for the above trophies, freeing them is required for other trophies. Just keep your eyes and ears open. This playlist will help you find them all. Credit goes out to the uploader of these videos.

These trophies require you to complete each medallion of each level. It's much harder than it sounds like. First, you need to find the secret passages (if they are needed). Second, collect the needed lums to get 2 other Electoons (mostly 300 lums are needed for the 2 bonus Electoons). Third, beat the time challenge. This requires you to complete a level while going for a time trophy, but you can beat the level under the time noted besides the Electoon. As a last thing, you automatically get a cage at the end of each level so you can unlock another one. These are not missable.

4 - Mop Up

Note: All trophy descriptions are written below the trophy (or trophies). I mentioned this to get confusion out of the way.

While going for speed trophies, you'll unlock this. Simply replay any completed map.

  • Painless!

    Completed a level without taking a hit!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

This can be done on the level 'Over The Rainbow' in the Jibberish Jungle. There's only one enemy and it's near the end so attack him before he attacks you and you'll be safe.

  • B Side!

    Played an Unlocked Character in any map.

    B Side!
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

This is missable, but does not require you to restart a whole game. When you collect Electoons during your adventure, you unlock other inhabitants of The Glade of Dreams. Go to The Snoring Tree and jump into a bubble where there is a character in it. Then go back to the map and play a level of your choice. At the end of the level, you get the trophy.

This will also come during regular gameplay while going for a speed trophy or a Skull tooth. Just keep pressing R2/L2 the entire level, even after you broke open the final cage in the stage with the Electoon.

You need to bubblize 50 enemies. You can do this with any attack. It will unlock during a regular playthrough.

This trophy can be unlocked while going through the level 'Go With The Flow' in the Jibberish Jungle. Find the second hidden area and you'll find 6 enemies, 2 on each island. Attack the first two and they should bubblize together with the two behind those.

This isn't really hard, but does require fast reaction time from you. The first thing you need to do is find an enemy that doesn't move, so maybe the old dudes in the Jibberish Jungle are the best choice. Duck (hold cn_LSd) and attack the enemy (press cn_S). When he's bubblized, jump up and attack (cn_LSu + cn_S). When doing it correctly, the trophy should pop.

Skip to 2:57

To crush enemies, you have to jump above an enemy and press the following button: cn_LSd + cn_S. This should unlock during regular gameplay, so don't worry too much about this trophy.

This trophy requires you to crush 4 enemies in one combo and can be unlocked in 'Swinging Caves' in the Jibberish Jungle. Find the first secret area and blast yourself on top of the house. If you are, good: jump up and attack near the bottom (cn_LSd + cn_S). If you aren't, get yourself bubblized and try again.

This trophy requires you to do a Moskito-level, where you fly on his back. These levels show up in each area, so don't worry. You can attack with cn_X and inhale things with cn_S. Inhale 50 things to unlock this. The trophy is cumulative, which means you can spread it out over more levels.

  • Back At You!

    You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile!

    Back At You!
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

This can be done on several locations. You can do this while going through 'Hi-Ho Moskito' (inhale the rocket and fire it back at the hunter, but this needs to be done more than once) or in 'Outta My Way' (both in Jibberish Jungle). Look at the video below to find to right location (skip to 3:15). Instead of directly attacking the hunter, get in the water and get behind the enemy. He will still fire his rockets in the same direction, but the rockets still target you. Because you stand behind the hunter, the rocket will blow back in his face and the trophy should unlock.

These trophies are listed together because it's always the same solution. You'll get these during the story, because each one of them is cumulative. If not, replay a level and sprint/fly/swim as much as needed to pop the trophy you need.

  • Survivor!

    Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!

    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

This can be hard, but isn't as hard as most gamers think. First of all, you need to pick a level where piranha ponds are, so levels in Sea of Serendipity are recommended. What you need to do is find a red-water area (this is where piranhas are) and do the crush attack in the water so you get underneath them. Then try to jump out as soon as you can. I unlocked this achievement using this method near the edge of a cliff, did the crush attack and jumped back onto the cliff using cn_LSu + cn_S.

After all this, your sweet platinum trophy will unlock:

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