Madden NFL 11

Hello everyone! I hope you are ready for a fairly easy 25 trophy game to be knocked out in the span of an afternoon and evening!

I will keep this as simple as I can. Some people will play games using the "Play Now" mode and some will just start up a franchise and play games that way. I recommend you start a franchise since you need to play the Pro Bowl game in Franchise Mode anyway. You can simulate any games you wish in franchise as well. So if you are going up against a team that you don't think you can beat, look forward to the next week.

There is a mode called "Madden Moments" and you will be spending most of your time doing those. Some will test your patience slightly, but none of them are impossible.

I thank you for taking time to use this walkthrough and I hope it can assist you in completing this game!

There really aren't a ton of hints I can give you since earning the trophies will require a small amount of skill and knowledge about the actual games you will play.

I will not leave you empty handed though. There are a few things I should point out:

  • Always play on Rookie difficulty
  • Always choose Unlimited Rewinds when given the chance
  • Only play as teams you are comfortable with. If you are great playing as the Buffalo Bills, why would you want to play as the Cleveland Browns?
  • Use a second controller for some of the more difficult trophies (I will make special note of those trophies in the next section)

Please note that NO OTP stands for No Online Team Play. You won't actually have to worry about this since the online servers for this game are long gone.

Some trophies will not unlock until you complete the game you are playing in. As long as you are set to 3-5 minute quarters, this shouldn't be a grind fest.

If you are having trouble doing a certain trophy with a specific team/player, try switching it up a bit. There may be a faster/stronger player on your team but he isn't starting at a position you would like him in. You can always go to the Depth Chart and rearrange players to your liking.

The first thing we are going to do is get a very easy trophy out of the way. From the main menu you want to go to the tab called "My Madden". Next, hit "Game Planning". Then you can create an "Offensive Gameplan" by choosing just one play.

Confirm your choice by saving and this trophy is yours:

So now that we have the easiest trophy out of the way, I am going to separate the rest of the trophies in a way that makes the most sense. I will start with all the trophies that require you to do things while on Defense. Then I will go through the Offensive-based trophies. There are a couple Special Teams trophies that I will go over before doing the Madden Moments last. So let's get started!



Time to work on that Defense! Remember you don't have to unlock all of these in one game. In fact, unless you were playing 15 minute quarters, I don't think it would be possible. (Actually I am sure you could do it, but why make yourself suffer?) I will go over these trophies and assume you will be playing more than one game to get all of these. So if you see a different team than what you would like to use, go with what works for you.

Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. Teams do not matter. Make sure you have the off-sides penalty turned OFF.

When you are on defense, select a player of your choice and go to the offensive side of the ball. Stand next to the quarterback and as soon as he snaps the ball, pound him into the dirt. As long as a run play was chosen, you will pop this trophy. If perchance the computer called a pass play, just line up again and repeat. The trophy will pop after the play and not at the end of the game:

  • Nano

    Tackle the QB before he can hand the ball off (no OTP)

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Pretty simple. Before you start a game with your team of choice, go to the settings and turn the off-sides penalty to 0. Load up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. Any team will suffice. When you get on defense, choose a linebacker and go to the offensive side of the ball but do not touch any players. Wait for the hike of the ball and smash the quarterback.

Just repeat that 4 more times and this trophy is yours! (Note the trophy will unlock after the game is over):

  • Sack Master

    Record 5 sacks in a game with one player (no OTP)

    Sack Master
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. I found that the best team for this was the San Francisco 49ers. They have Patrick Willis (linebacker) and he is a monster on defense. You can play against any team of your wishing.

This trophy thankfully can be unlocked by just forcing 3 fumbles in one game. So it doesn't matter if you recover any fumbles. It also doesn't matter if the 3 fumbles are caused by 3 different players. But Patrick Willis is a "big hitter" and he alone caused 2 of the 3 fumbles I needed.

This trophy will pop at the end of the game:

You can easily do this next one in Quick Play. Try choosing a team with a high defensive rating (like 85+). It also helps if you have a slight knowledge of the players on each team. For example, a team might have an incredible defensive line, but crap linebackers and secondary.

A good choice is the San Diego Chargers. One of the starting Safeties, Eric Weddle, is a ball-hawk. He can easily grab an interception. Make sure you are playing on Rookie difficulty and let the computer control him. Once he makes the interception, you can juke and jive your way into the end zone for this trophy:

Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. Play as the New York Jets and you can play against any team you wish. The Jets have two outstanding cornerbacks in Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. They are ball hawks and will most likely get most of the 5 interceptions you need. Of course, any of your defensive players can intercept the ball to count towards this trophy.

To make this somewhat easier, every time you end up getting the ball, just punt back to the other team. That will give you more chances to snag an interception.

This trophy will pop at the end of the game:

  • No Offense

    Intercept 5 passes in a game (no OTP)

    No Offense
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This next trophy is a lot easier than it seems.

Start up a quick play game with 5 minute quarters. Make sure the difficulty is set to Rookie. You can use any team you wish and I would advise to play the Cleveland Browns, as they are terrible on offense.

When you are on offense, try to consume as much of the clock as you can by calling run plays. If you break out into the open, run enough for a first down then dive to the ground. Don't hike the ball for the next play until you are down to 1 second on the play clock.

If/when you score, make sure to kick the ball deep into the other teams' territory. While on defense, I would send all-out blitzes on every play. This usually completely halts their run game and if they attempt to pass, you will usually force a bad throw because you will be in the quarterbacks face.

Play the entire game and if you hold the opposing team to under 100 yards of offense, the trophy will be yours. Note that the trophy will not pop until after the game is completed:

  • Defensive Dominance

    Hold your opponent to under 100 yards of offense (min qtr. len. 5 min, no OTP)

    Defensive Dominance
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Time for a slightly annoying trophy. You need to pick up a fumble, fight for it, win, while in the end zone. Yeah. Lame! Anyways...

1. Adjust the CPU sliders all the way to zero, and adjust your sliders to max.

2. Start a game with any two teams, it does not matter. I played Giants against Chargers. Have maximum rewinds.

3. Use 2 controllers. The 'guest' controller should receive the ball regardless of who wins the coin toss.

4. Receive ball, and run to between 2-4 yard line. Closer to goal line the better. Go to menu and turn off off-sides. Also give control of guest controller back to CPU.

5. Pick anyone, usually linebacker is good, and stand behind QB. Usually it is a run play. QB snaps the ball, and you will tackle him. Having LB (Left Bumper) pressed increases the chance of stripping ball. If a fumble is in the end zone, win the mini game by pressing the button prompts. If you get a safety, press rewind. If fumble is not in the end zone, let them win and try again. You should have 8 chances including rewinds including 4th down. The punter will be in the end zone so you can try it that way as well. Playing on Rookie difficulty improves your chances dramatically.

The trophy pops immediately so you do not have to play the whole game:

  • Pick Up 6

    Win a Fight for the Fumble in the end zone for a TD (no OTP)

    Pick Up 6
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus



The bulk of the trophies for this game come from doing things on Offense. So without further-ado, let's get rolling!

I suggest using the same team/game to obtain all the running back related trophies. Start up a quick play game and use the Minnesota Vikings to utilize their beast of a running back, Adrian Peterson (alternatively you can use Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers, which is what I did...he works just as well). Make sure to use Rookie difficulty. When you are on offense, you need to be between your own 1-20 yard line. Choose a running play like the "sweep" or "toss-weak" and let AP do his thing.

The trophy should unlock after you are celebrating in the end zone:

  • Home Run

    Break an 80+ yard touchdown run (no OTP)

    Home Run
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This next one is a cumulative trophy. You'll want a decent running back that has high power and somewhat decent speed. I used Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers (Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings works well too). What you need to do is call running plays and force yourself to get hit by a defensive player. If you break the tackle, you can keep running to a first down/touchdown/whatever you want. If it takes 10 rushing plays to get this, that's fine. It does NOT have to be on one play.

This trophy did not pop until the end of the game. So if it doesn't pop when you think it should, check the game stats under the rushing category. If you have 50+ yards under the BRK TCKL stat, you're gold. Just finish the game for this:

  • Man Dozer

    Rush for 50 yards after the first hit in one game (no OTP)

    Man Dozer
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This next one is also a cumulative trophy. I used Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers (but Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings works as well). What you need to do is call running plays and force yourself to get hit by a defensive player. If you break the tackle, you can keep running to a first down/touchdown/whatever you want. Keep calling run plays and breaking tackles.

This trophy popped at the end of the game for me. So complete the game you are playing once you know you have 5+ broken tackles:

  • Elusive Man

    Break 5 tackles in a game with one player (no OTP)

    Elusive Man
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Just keep calling running plays while on offense. If your starting running back is fatigued, he will go to the sideline. Keep note that if you hand off to a back-up, those yards will not cumulate to the total of your starter.

This trophy should pop at the end of the game. (To be honest, I can't remember if it pops right when you hit 200, but I'm 95% sure it pops at the end):

  • Fantasy Freak

    Rush for over 200 yards in a game with one player (no OTP)

    Fantasy Freak
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

There are only a couple of wide-receiver trophies. Neither are very difficult thankfully.

YAC means Yards After Catch. So to get this trophy, you must have a player on your team catch any number of passes and have them gain yards after they make a catch.

Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. I used the Detroit Lions so I could use Calvin Johnson (wide receiver). He makes this trophy almost too easy. But you can use any team that you like. Just make sure you throw to the same receiver enough to get him over 100 YAC. You can check your progress in the in-game stats.

The trophy will pop at the end of the game:

  • YACtastic

    Have over 100 YAC in one game (no OTP)

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This next trophy seems daunting, but it is actually quite easy. Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. Choose for your team, the Atlanta Falcons. You can play against whoever you wish. (I recommend the Cleveland Browns since they suck)

Every offensive possession you have, make sure you choose a pass play. I threw all my passes to the tight end Tony Gonzalez. He has probably the best hands in the game and will catch literally everything you throw at him (as long as it isn't 20 feet over his head). He will most likely get fatigued at some point and that's okay. Just call a couple run-plays until he comes back on the field.

Once he has logged 21 receptions, all you have to do is complete the game and the trophy will pop:

Now it's time for those quarterback trophies. These are slightly more "difficult" than what we have been doing.

Start up a quick play game at the Rookie difficulty setting Teams do not matter. When you are on offense, get yourself down to the opponents 20 yard line. Once you get there, call a shotgun pass play. After the ball is in your hands (the quarterback) run STRAIGHT back towards your own end zone. Do NOT run left or right at all. By the time you run out of your own endzone, the trophy will pop:

If you want this next trophy, you can only use 1 (one) quarterback on the team you are playing as. Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty and play as the New Orleans Saints so you can use the awesome quarterback Drew Brees.

A perfect passer rating is 158.3. To obtain this silly number, you must have at least a 77.5% completion rate and at least 12.5 yards per attempt. You also will need a minimum of 1 touchdown and zero interceptions.

Will one pass play from 13 yards out for a touchdown count? Yes. If you can pull off a 13 yard touchdown on a pass play and have that as your only attempt in the game, you can pop this trophy. Make sure you strictly run the ball on every other offensive possession.

Trophy will pop at the end of the game:

  • Perfect Game

    Have a perfect passer rating in a game (no OTP)

    Perfect Game
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Another fairly easy trophy here. Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. You will want to be the New Orleans Saints so you can utilize the great Drew Brees and his incredible accuracy. You can play against any team you wish.

You need a minimum of 20 pass attempts. I suggest you stick to short(er) pass plays. Throwing all-out bombs will most likely end in more incompletions than you'd like. The tight end has great hands and so does the receiver Marques Colston. If you through for exactly 20 passes, you must have completed 19 of them to get this. So if you are at 18/20, you will need to complete 5 more passes with no incompletions, which would bring you to 23/25. If you are at around 15/20, you might as well start the game again.

This trophy pops at the end of the game:

  • Deadly Accurate

    Have a 92% or higher completion percentage in a game (min. 20 attempts, no OTP)

    Deadly Accurate
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This next trophy is actually incredibly easy. Just start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty. You can be your favorite team. Try to face a team that isn't so great such as the Cleveland Browns or the Carolina Panthers.

I can't really explain much more than by just saying you need to keep scoring. I had my game set to 5 minute quarters and ended up winning 73-0 (I was the New York Giants and I was playing the Browns). Try to score quickly though. You don't want to sustain long drives and eat up all the clock for only a few scores.

Score fast and often and this trophy will pop at the end of the game:

  • Did I Break It?

    Win a game by at least 59 points (max qtr. len. 7 min, no OTP)

    Did I Break It?
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus



There are only a few trophies that you can acquire while playing on Special Teams. By no means are these "hard" to obtain, but they are a bit more difficulty than the Offense/Defense trophies.

Start up a quick play game on Rookie difficulty and play as the Philadelphia Eagles. Try playing a team that stinks, such as the Cleveland Browns or Carolina Panthers. Desean Jackson (wide receiver) is one of the fastest players in the game and he is great for this trophy. You need to be very relaxing on defense. You need your opponent to score at least once to even be able to obtain this, so keep that in mind.

When you are set to receive a kickoff, make sure Jackson fields the kick. If he doesn't, do a rewind and hope they kick it the other way. When he does have the ball you will want to start running towards one side of the field so you can draw most of the defenders that way. Just before they start closing in on you, turn sharp towards the other side of the field. You should have a fairly decent sized path to run up to the end zone.

Simply repeat this process a second time with Jackson and this trophy will pop at the end of the game:

  • Very Special Teams

    Return 2 kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (no OTP)

    Very Special Teams
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

And since Desean Jackson is so amazingly fast, have him return punts for you as well. Use the same strategy as the Kick Returns. You only need to return one punt for a touchdown. This trophy will unlock once you do so:

Now start a different quick play game on Rookie difficulty (it doesn't hurt to have unlimited rewinds as well). For your team, choose the Oakland Raiders. You want to be the AWAY team. Choose the Indianapolis Colts as the home team. This way, you will be playing in a dome where there is no wind/weather to screw you up.

You need to get to the opponents 43 yard line to make a minimum 60 yard field goal. The kicker for the Oakland Raiders has one helluva boot on him. He will EASILY make a 60 yard field goal.

When you are lined up to attempt the kick, make sure you aim as low as the pointer will go. Your power level must hit between 98-100 and your accuracy must be in the green. When I attempted it (and I kicked from the 44 yard line, which was a 61 yard field goal for me), I cleared the crossbar by a few yards. So you shouldn't have too many problems. Once you convert a 60+ yard field goal you will unlock this trophy:

  • Laces Out

    Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP)

    Laces Out
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus



Time for Franchise mode for a very easy trophy. Start a Franchise with any team of your choice. Set the quarter length to 1 minute. Simulate the entire pre-season and regular season. Even if your team does not make the playoffs, it doesn't matter.

Simulate a few playoff games and when the Pro Bowl comes up, you need to play that game from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the Pro Bowl.

The trophy pops at the end of the game:

If you are working on the "Madden Moments" you will no doubt come to a game where you are down a score or two. (Two Moments that come to mind are called "The Bungles" and the other "Extra Chance")

Completing one of these will indeed net you this trophy:

  • Comeback Kids

    Win after being behind in the last 2 min of the game (min qtr. len. 3 min, no OTP)

    Comeback Kids
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This is by far the most difficult trophy in this game. You need to be in the "Madden Moments" tab from the main screen. You will only have 5 Moments to play at first and once you complete those 5, you will unlock another set of 5 Moments.

Each Moment has you doing something slightly different in slightly different scenarios. You will be winning in some of them and need to make a defensive stop. In some you will be losing by one or possibly 2 scores and have to pull out a win. They are all timed AND have the accelerated play/game clock, so keep that in mind.

I found that if you are on Defense in one of the Moments, it pays to be aggressive and blitz the other team. It causes the opposing quarterback to make a decision faster and that can often lead to a turnover.

When on Offense, run the ball if you are ahead to milk the clock. If you are behind, chuck the rock. The best pass plays (for me) were ones where a tight end went up the field about 10 yards and then cut towards the side line. Almost a guaranteed first down every time.

The Super Bowl Sunday Moment is in the very last set of 5. There is a total of 50 moments. So you have to complete 45 of them to even attempt the one you need for this trophy:



Congrats on the platinum! I hope you enjoyed popping these mostly simple trophies!

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