Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition

Welcome to the walkthrough for Minecraft: Playstation 4 edition. I will be taking you through this using the Tutorial method. There are 42 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum trophy up for grabs.

The Tutorial method isn't really a method, more of a pre made world which lot's of items from the get go. It will also be easier for me to tell you where to look for stuff as I can get co ordinates easy rather than you being in a randomly generated world.

If you have a friend who has a world with a setup for some of the trophies then you can also jump in their world and get a lot of them easier.

It is important to note that you will need either 2 controllers OR an online connection plus a friend with the game as there is a trophy which requires 2 players. You could also switch user so that you are controlling both players with one controller, you will need to switch user each time you wish to move a player but it is sufficient enough to throw a diamond to another player.

You have 2 options here, play on Peaceful or on at least Easy. With Peaceful you can get a lot of things out of the way early on but you will need to switch over to Easy or higher for some trophies. Never put the game in creative mode or put on any host privileges as this will disable trophies. You will get a warning message from the game if you are about to select one of these options so you shouldn't need to worry too much about selecting it.

You are going to want to grab as much Diamonds as you can, these can be found at layer 15 and below and can be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better. You can find out which layer you are on by looking at your map and checking the Y coordinate. Ideally you will want a Diamond Sword, Pickaxe and full set of Diamond Armour. I also recommend an Enchanted Bow with Ininity and Power enchantments. To ensure you get whatever enchantment you want, you can either get lucky and find the enchanted book you need (these can be found in Dungeon chests) or save right before you enchant something then just keep reloading your save until you get what you want.

To make a potion in a brewing stand you will need to place bottled water (up to 3) in a brewing stand and use a nether wart to turn the bottled water into awkward potions, which are the base potions. Now you are ready to put ingredients in, here is a list of the recipes:

Magma Cream - Fire Resistance
Sugar - Speed
Glistering Melon - Instant Health
Spider Eye - Poison
Ghast Tear - Regeneration
Blaze Powder - Strength
Fermented Spider Eye - Weakness
Golden Carrot - Night Vision

You can also put in some secondary ingredients to change the effects of the potions. Redstone increases the duration, Glowstone Dust increases the potency and Gunpowder turns it into a splash potion.

Also try to gather as much Iron and Gold as possible and try to refrain from using them too much, you will need a lot of them for the On A Rail trophy.

If you have a friend who has defeated the Enderdragon, you do not need to defeat him, you simply need to exit the End Portal as the trophy pops during the credits.

If you are ever unsure of how to make an item just use a crafting table and the recipe is listed under the item you wish to make.

Keep in mind that this version of the game, unlike the Playstation 3 edition, autosaves every few seconds. You can disable it and use manual saving but it seems to reset to autosave on each time you re enter. There are a few sections of the game where you will want to save and reload the game a few times so it is important to turn off autosave during that process. It is not required to do that however bu will make light work of getting the 30 diamonds needed for

  • The Haggler

    Acquire 30 Emeralds by trading with villagers or mining.

    The Haggler
    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +Shop

and the bones for

Using the save and reload method for these 2 allows you to keep your items and have your actions counted towards your overall progress, likely due to some background stat saving of some sorts. Then again you need to play for 33 hours for the last trophy so it is up to you whether you really want to speed up the process of these 2 trophies.

Right let's crack on shall we? First place we will be going is Play Tutorial. This is a great place to start off as there is already a base set up with a lot of the stuff you will be needing to get so it will save you some time gathering materials. It will also give you a rundown of how to play the game if this is your first time.

Once you are in the game and have control of your character simply hit cn_T to get

Now that the 'hardest' trophy in the game is out the way you want to find a tree, any tree will do whether it be Oak, Birch, Spruce or Jungle and hold down cn_R2 to bust out some wood earning you

  • Getting Wood

    Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.

    Getting Wood
    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Might as well punch down the whole tree as you will need the wood for crafting. Now that you have wood hit cn_S to go into your crafting menu and craft some wooden planks. You can use four of these to make a Crafting Table which will give you access to more crafting recipes and also a trophy

  • Benchmarking

    Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Now make some sticks with your wooden planks, 10 should do, and open up the crafting table. Here you will craft some tools that will help you along the way; you want to make a Pickaxe, Sword, Axe, Spade and Hoe, unlocking:

  • MOAR Tools

    Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

    MOAR Tools
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Assuming you are in tutorial still there is a mini quest that is in there where you need to find music discs, they are scattered across the map in chests. One of them is through the arch leading to the base in a chest along with a jukebox. Take the jukebox out and place it down next to the chest and put the music disc in for the trophy (Grab them bow and arrows too). If you are not in tutorial and have just made your own world instead then you can gets discs in dungeon chests and whenever a creeper is killed by a skeleton.

Once you are in the base head over to your left to reach a farm and an animal enclosure. You can grab a few trophies in this area. First grab some wheat from either the farm or one of the chests and head over to the cow pen. Feed each of these cows one piece of wheat each and they will mate and make a cute baby cow.

Now that you have repopulated kill one of the cows and take its skin for

There is some raw fish in one of the chests too, take this and head to the ocelot pen. This is a bit annoying to tame them as you can't just go up to them and feed them fish, you have to stand still with a raw fish in your hand and wait for them to come to you. If you make any quick movements they will run off. It can take a few pieces of fish to get them to like you but once they have had enough they will change from an Ocelot into a house cat and get you

Across from the Ocelots are 2 Wolves (sometimes the pen is empty, probably a bug, just create a new tutorial world if this happens) and a chest containing 10 bones near their pen. Before you start trying to tame them, turn off autosave and manually save. Give the bones to the wolves, they will become tamed when hearts start appearing above their heads and a red collar appears around their neck. Like the Ocelots it is random how many bones it will take, once either both wolves are tamed or you run out of bones exit without saving and reload the save so you will still have the bones, the game tracks it even though you didn't save. Once back turn off autosave again and tame the wolves again. Keep doing this until 5 wolves have been tamed and the trophy unlocks

If you still have at least one fish remaining then keep hold of that, if the ocelot took all of them though head down to the docks (to the right of the fountain) and there are fishing rods in the chests (take an extra one for later on too). To use it, go to the water and hit cn_L2. Keep your eye on the water where your line is and pay attention to the bobbing it makes. Once it gets pulled down hit cn_L2. Sometimes you won't get a fish but 9 times out of 10 when this happens you will catch a fish.. Once you have a fish head back up and we will get some more stuff. Head to the pigs and kill them to get some raw porkchops then stand in the chicken coop for a couple minutes until one of them drops an egg, this will be needed later for making a cake. Grab at least 6 pieces of wheat then head back to the main area.

Go to your crafting table and turn your 3 pieces of wheat into bread in the food tab for

In the base there is an area behind the water fountain with cauldrons and a brewing stand. Here you will make 3 potions , luckily the ingredients you get in the chest is for a potion you will need later. Take 3 bottles from the chest and fill them with water from one of the cauldrons. Place them on the bottom row of the brewing stand then put a Nether Wart on the top part, this will create an Awkward Potion. As soon as the process has finished put a Magma Cream on the top to make it a potion of Fire Resistance. Take the potions out to get

Now would be a good time to start working on gathering Iron. You will need 36 Iron Ingots which you can then use to make some Iron Armour. Once youhave enough, equip the armour for

  • Iron Man

    Wear a full suit of Iron armour.

    Iron Man
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

On the right side of the base there is an area set up for Enchanting, break a couple of the bookcases here to get some books. Use 6 Wood Planks and 3 Books to make a Bookcase at a crafting table.

  • Librarian

    Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table.

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Grab another 6 wooden planks and a stick to craft a sign, next to the bookshelf in the crafting table. Place it anywhere with whatever text you want ('Munch is awesome' perhaps?)

Now it is about time we got some cobblestone so go grab a few blocks and some more wood (don't turn them into wooden planks though). Once you have some take 8 pieces and make a furnace

  • Hot Topic

    Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

    Hot Topic
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Before you can start cooking things you will need coal. You can make charcoal using wood however. Put 1 piece of wood in each slot which will produce charcoal. Put another piece of wood in the top slot and the charcoal at the bottom, this will unlock

Stick a few more bits of wood in though to get more charcoal. Once you have 5 or 6 pieces cook your fish and porkchop for 2 trophies. When chopping these trees down you may get some saplings from them, why not help keep Minecraft green and re-plant the trees you have taken.

Get 2 sticks and 3 pieces of stone and make a Stone Pickaxe. It is not as good as your Iron Pickaxe but it does get you a trophy

It is very likely night time by now so get your sword and bow ready. Keep an eye out for Creepers (the weird looking green guys that explode) and fire arrows at him. If successful and your base is still in 1 piece you will get

  • Archer

    Kill a creeper with arrows.

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

Before you hide and go to sleep slay some zombies until you get a piece of Rotten Flesh, eating this when your hunger bar is empty will get you

  • Iron Belly

    Stop starvation using Rotten Flesh.

    Iron Belly
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

To the right of the base entrance there is a villager in here who trades Emeralds for paper. Turn off autosave and manually save. Take the 32 pieces of paper from the chest and trade them for an Emerald with Squidward the Merchant, now exit without saving and reload. Keep in mind you will need to disable autosave each time you re-enter. Do this 30 times and you will unlock

  • The Haggler

    Acquire 30 Emeralds by trading with villagers or mining.

    The Haggler
    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +Shop

If you want to try and get the Emeralds the regular way then you will need to head to the Extreme Hills biome, the only biome Emeralds are found. Unlike other Ores this is found on its own and not in a cluster, making it even harder to get more. The trade offers made by some of the Villagers are pretty outrageous too so I recommend not doing that. You could also leave this until you have gathered a lot of sugar cane and can make around 96 more pieces of paper so you get more Emeralds done at a time.

Time to make some cake. Gather 9 pieces of Iron ingots and make 3 buckets and go find some sugar cane. Use the empty buckets on any cows you encounter to get 3 milk buckets. Once you have 2 pieces of sugar cane, break it down into sugar and mix it with the milk, egg and 3 piece of wheat at a crafting table to complete your cake and earn

  • The Lie

    Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

    The Lie
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Now throw it away, for this walkthrough we are going cakeless (bonus points for those that get the reference)

Next craft some shears and head over to the sheep pen and give them a little trim. Could be worth breeding them while you are here as you will need some more wool later.

Right we have done some crafting already, let's do some mining now. The main things to keep an eye out for are Iron and Diamonds and also a dungeon with a saddle. Best to grab some coal for torches too. Luckily since I am writing this under the assumption you are playing in the tutorial world, I can list some co-ordinates to save you searching day and night for some stuff. Here are the co-ordinates for a good amount of Diamonds near the spawn area

x:176 y:8 z:-187 (x2)
x:180 y:10 z:-162 (x4)
x:193 y:13 z:-199 (2 clusters of x5)
x:198 y:7 z:-170 (x3)

There is also another base area called "4J Studios Love Garden" that contains 2 Blocks of Diamond in the wall, a good 18 pieces of Diamond there. " blocks of Iron are also there. The co-ordinates are:

x: -199 y:127 z:331

Before going though I recommend using the stack of Bottle O Enchanting in the chest beside the Anvil and beside the Enchantment Table and enchanting your pickaxe with Fortune 3. Turn off autosave and reload until you get the right enchantment. With this enchantment those diamonds will turn into a lot more.

Once you have located the diamond ore mine it with your iron pickaxe for


    Acquire diamonds with your iron tools.

    Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

If you have a 2nd controller start up split screen, if not invite a friend to your game or set up a boosting session to find people who can help. Again you can also switch using by holding down the cn_guide button then switch back to your profile and throw a diamond to your other profile. Equip your diamonds and throw a diamond to the other player using cn_O to unlock

Take any Iron ore you found back to your furnace and smelt them, take out the ingots you made

By now you should have found a good amount of Iron. Once you have another 36 Ingots turn them into Iron blocks at a Crafting Table. Place these on the ground in a T shape then place a pumpkin on top of the middle block for a head to make an Iron Golem

Throw all the cobblestone you have mined so far into a chest, you may or may not have mined enough so far for the trophy but if not then it will come with time. Just fill a chest with just cobblestone you have mined

Back at the start of the base, in a chest next to the Horse enclosure there is a saddle. Grab that then mine a hole about 7-8 blocks deep and 2-3 blocks wide near the pig pen. Grab a fishing rod from the chest at the docks and a carrot from the farm and craft them together to make a Carrot on a Stick. Plop a saddle on one of the pigs and hold the carrot on a stick, the pig can now be "steered", guide it towards your freshly made hole and let him fall down.

  • When Pigs Fly

    Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

    When Pigs Fly
    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Underwater you will see some gray blocks mixed in with the sand. Mine a few of these and stick them in the furnace to make Bricks. Take 3 of these and make a plant pot. Place it down anywhere to get the trophy, you do not need to plant anything in it.

Make a diamond pickaxe and a Flint n Steel then head to the houses at base. There is one house that contains a Nether Portal. Break down one of the pieces of the obsidian frame and place it back. Now take your flint n steel and reignite it, now step inside the purple glow to get the trophy and be transported to another dimension

Now your Fire Resistance potions will come in handy. Once in the nether keep your eye out for a Nether Fortress and a Blaze spawner. You will likely come across some Ghasts along the way. First drink a potion and jump into the lava for

You will know when you have found a Ghast by their large size and ear shattering screeches, or by you getting pummeled by fireballs. Switch to your sword and hit cn_R2 just before the fireball reaches you to hit it back. The fireball will kill the Ghast as soon as it hits it but it can take a few attempts to hit it back, the closer it is to you and the lower it is the easier it will be to hit it.

Keep at least 1 Fire potion spare for when you find some Blazes. The nether fortress is pretty large so shouldn't be too difficult to find but once you find it keep navigating the corridors until you come across a spawner, there can be several of them close together too . When you have found one drink a potion, these guys do a lot of fire damage. Keep killing them until you have at least 7 Blaze rods, you need these later on to make Eyes of Ender. As soon as you pick up a blaze rod you will unlock

Now for the fun parts. Grab a bow, preferably enchanted with Infinity, otherwise you will need to stock up on Arrows. Mine a long straight tunnel about 60 blocks long, 2-3 wide and 3-4 high so that you have some confined open space. Next, wait until night and lure a skeleton into your tunnel and block him in at one end but still keep him in view. Then, quickly run to the other end and save immediately in case something goes wrong or he despawns. Fire freely aiming high until you take him out, this may take a while depending on your aim, should go down within 2-3 hits. Once complete you will earn:

  • Sniper Duel

    Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters.

    Sniper Duel
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

Now head back to the regular world and we will get back to business. Here is where we were needing more sheep and wool for. You will need 16 pieces of wool for this part and some random bits n bobs. Go out looking for some red roses, yellow flowers, cactus, ink (gained from killing squids), cocoa beans ( found on jungle trees and in dungeon chests) lapis lazuli ( the blue ore underground) and bonemeal (crafted from bones). You will then need to craft dyes from these materials then mix some dyes together which can be done in your crafting menu, cactus needs to be put in the furnace first. The colours you need are Black, Gray, Light Gray, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Magenta, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Brown, Lime and Green. Now make 1 piece of each of these colours of wool using the dyes to unlock

Grab some cobblestone, redstone and a Bow and take them to a crafting tabl;e to make a Dispenser

You will need some Obsidian now, you can either go underground for some or just break up your nether portal. You need 4 pieces along with 2 diamonds and a book. You can get a book by using leather and paper or by breaking apart one of the many bookshelves at base. Go to a crafting table and build an enchantment table

  • Enchanter

    Construct an Enchantment Table.

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Now we are going to make a splash potion of weakness and a Golden Apple. For the golden apple you need an apple and 8 Gold Nuggets (you can get 9 nuggets from 1 gold ingot). For the potion you need a fermented spider eye, to make this you need a spider eye, some sugar and a brown mushroom. Head to a brewing stand and brew up a potion with the eye. When that is brewed add some gunpowder to it, dropped by creepers upon death, to make it a throwable splash potion. Now to find a zombie villager - there are 2 ways of doing this, the first being to wait until night and hope one shows up. The other way is to up the difficulty and wait by a village. On normal difficulty there is a 50% chance that a villager will be turned when killed by a zombie, on hard it is a 100% chance. Either way make sure you have a building nearby so you can keep him in, it takes a few minutes for the potion to cure him. When you have one, and you will know when you see one due to their comical appearance, throw the splash potion at him then use the golden apple on him. If done successfully you will hear a sizzle with some red sprites coming off him along with him shaking. Keep him trapped in a hole or a hut (make sure to have a roof as he will burn in daylight) and after 2-5 minutes he will turn into a villager and earn you

Head over to a dungeon at X: -302 Y: 70 Z: 106 and there will be a chest containing an enchanted book with the Smite V enchantment. Take this to an anvil and attach it to your diamond sword. Now you deal crazy damage to zombies. This should unlock just by hitting a zombie but to be extra safe throw one of your splash potions of weakness at the zombie then do a running jump attack on him (this deals critical damage). This should be enough to one hit kill him and unlock

  • Overkill

    Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Time to go back into the caves and mine lots of Gold and Iron. Keep an eye out for a dungeon while doing this so you can get a saddle too and also for an abandoned mineshaft so you can get a lot of free rails. Once you have a large supply of ores make some rails, you will need a lot. Start your rail at the edge of the map and just mine a straight line forward until you have enough of a flat straight to place a little over 500 rails. You will need to place some powered rails every 10-15 blocks with a redstone torch next to them to keep momentum going. Grab a minecart and ride it for:

  • On A Rail

    Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

    On A Rail
    Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Get ready to be bored, before you can enter The End you first need Eyes of Ender which means you will need a bunch of Ender Pearls so wait until night and hunt some Endermen. You need 12 pearls, once you have those mix them with Blaze Powder, this is obtained from Blaze Rods at a crafting table, then head over to an End Portal. There is one in the tutorial world located at x:41 y:35 z:219. Place an eye of ender in each slot of the portal and it will open up. Once you are prepared to fight the Enderdragon, jump on in

This is quite an easy fight if you know what you are doing.

The Enderdragon is the game's end boss (well, the only boss until the Wither arrives) and she is quite easy, but it can be a pain if you don't know what you are doing.

Start by entering an End Portal. I recommend bringing the following items with you: A full set of Diamond Armour (enchanted or unenchanted), Diamond pickaxe, an Enchanted Bow (preferably with Power and Punch, Infinity and Flame would be a plus), 2 stacks of arrows (unless you have infinity enchantment), some potions of Strength and potions of Regeneration, 2 stacks of dirt/cobblestone and some food. You don't need to be this prepared but it never hurts to be over prepared does it?

Once in The End, you should see some large Obsidian towers with crystals on top. These must be destroyed before the fight as they will heal the dragon. They can be destroyed by shooting an arrow at them or building up to them and mining through it. There will also be some of these where the crystals have Iron bars around them, so these will need to be mined through.

Occasionally the dragon will fly by and attack you, sometimes these will barely scratch you and sometimes they can do some serious damage. If she manages to take a large chunk of health off, just dig in to the ground and make a little shelter so you can let your health regenerate. Don't worry about the Endermen, they are pretty harmless here, I have personally never been attacked by them any time I have been here, just don't look them in the eye as they are very self conscious shock

Once the healing crystals have been destroyed proceed to the little tower in the centre made out of bedrock. From here just keep your eye on the dragon, most of the time she will just fly around the area attempting to use the healing crystals. Once she has finished her rounds she will fly to the centre and start spraying ender acid at you. Once she starts spraying just dodge to the side and start firing arrows at her as quick as you can. She will then stop spraying to turn towards you and start spraying again, just keep moving to the side and firing and you will likely not take a hit.

Once she takes enough damage she will start the cycle again of trying to heal then back to the centre. You will need to do this about 4-5 times. Once she has been defeated she will drop an egg on top of the centre pillar and an exit will appear underneath it. The egg doesn't do anything except teleport a few blocks when you touch it so no point in bothering about that.

The trophy will not pop straight away, you will need to exit The End and the trophy will pop during the "credits", but before you do that, pick up all that sweet xp the dragon drops, this can get you from level 0 to around 70 (20,000 xp if I recall correctly), which is something you really don't want to miss.

Alternatively if you have a friend who has defeated the Enderdragon, you can simply jump into his/her End Portal to access the credits sequence and unlock the trophy.

There isn't really much information to give here other than stick it on peaceful and walk around the map until you have discovered 17 different biomes and the trophy pops. Unfortunately there is no way to tell how many you have found. Here is a list of the 23 biomes by Memoriesofwe over on True Achievements (Thanks again for letting me use it!):

  1. River (Water only a few blocks deep and a short distance shore to shore)
  2. Frozen River (Same as above frozen over)
  3. Taiga (Area with only spruce treas and ferns, only spawns sheep)
  4. Taiga Mountain (Same as above on a mountain)
  5. Cold Taiga (Snowing Taiga)
  6. Cold Taiga Mountain (Mountain Snowing Taiga)
  7. Extreme Hills (cliffs)
  8. Plains (Vast open area with not trees, or very few treas or hills)
  9. Ice Plains (frozen over plains)
  10. Forest (mixture of many treas but missing the vines of swamps and jungles)
  11. Swampland (short trees with vines and grey colored ground with mushrooms)
  12. Swampland Mountain (same as above on a mountain)
  13. Mushroom Island (Island with giant red and brown mushrooms)
  14. Mushroom Island Shore(Same as above but where the sand meets the water)
  15. Beach (Large area of sand that meets and ocean)
  16. Cold Beach (Same as above but with snow on it)
  17. Jungle (Large bright green trees and bushes covered in vines, coco beans grow on the trees)
  18. Jungle Mountain (same as above but on a mountain)
  19. Jungle Edge (This is questionable, but its where you will see the forest trees meet the jungle trees)
  20. Desert (Large open areas of sand that has cacti)
  21. Ocean (Very large and deep patches of water)
  22. Nether (Its the nether...how else do you describe it)
  23. The End (Where you fight the Ender dragon)

I have read that some people have managed to find 17 biomes in the tutorial but others saying 16 so if you have walked across all the tutorial world and still no trophy then just create a new world (preferably a large world) and you will likely come across one you may need pretty quickly

Unless you are big into Minecraft like myself and plan on playing this for a long time anyway this last part is gonna be a drag. You will have knocked a couple hours off of your total needed for the trophy but there will still be a lot of time left to play. You must play for a total of 100 in game days (which is 33 hours roughly, each day is 20 minutes) and like the biomes there is no place to see how long you have spent in game, perhaps you could make a journal entry after each night has passed? :3. The only 2 real options here are to play the game and do all the Minecraft stuff or to just leave your console running. If you decide to leave your console running just be sure to make sure you put it on peaceful so you don't get killed and stuck on a spawn screen for hours. I also suggest making sure that your game is not set to online as there are people like myself who will jump in and fill your house with pink sheep while you sleep........not that I have ever done anything like that, honestsmile Worse things can happen though, such as someone filling your house with lava and you will then waste hours on a death/spawn screen.

After you have reached that glorious sunrise of day 100 you will be rewarded with 2 sweet trophies for all your time

and the grand prize

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