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The first thing to know about Summer Lesson: Allison Snow is that even though it shows two DLC's, International Exchange on the Porch & Summer Sky Singing Voice, you may already have them. Certain versions of this game are sold base game and DLC separately. However, the only English version of this game you can purchase [HK] is the complete edition and as such this walkthrough will be written as if you have the DLC. If you do not have them, several Lucky Events will not be available and will be marked as DLC in the walkthrough itself. One of the in-game lessons I have chosen to use for the walkthrough is part of Summer Sky Singing Voice, Shrine Visit, as using it to complete the base game trophies and its DLC trophies saves time.

The walkthrough will be split in two parts explaining how the game works, first part being how best and easily to progress through the 7 days. The second part will be the details for all the Lucky Events and other trophy details. Also, if you happen to have played Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto and finished with an S rank clear you will be given 20 of all chat topics when starting the game for the first time which you can use to get the A rank ending on your second playthrough.

There will be clickable links to pictures throughout the walkthrough showing various details such as what Lucky Items are and what the events look like so you know what to expect. S rank Clear bonus, as an example.

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The Game

Summer Lesson is a very short game, about 20-30 minutes. Effectively, it's only 7 multiple choice questions with cutscenes in between, and you will have to play through the game about 9 times to have enough days to see every Lucky Event and raise your lesson's levels enough to get max stats. It's important to know that almost everything can be skipped (after you clear the game for the first time) by holding cn_T during scenes. The cutscenes and endings will always have the same dialogue so there is no reason to see them a second time, however you do need to do certain things during several Lucky Events so you should avoid skipping them until you are sure it is not an event you need. There will be images in the Lucky Event section on the next page so you know which to not skip.

The game itself is 7 days where you choose a lesson and are offered a choice of 3 answers. There will always be one Splendidcn_O/Averagecn_T/Wrongcn_X. After you choose an answer it will show those controller icons afterwards to show which were correct (Question Choices), but there will be a list of the answers on the next page so you will not need to guess. After you choose an answer and end, the scene where you stamp a clipboard is the part where a Lucky Event can play or is guaranteed to play if you used an item.


There are 5 stats for Allison and 4 lesson topics on your first playthrough, but you will unlock 3 more in 3 playthroughs, and choosing the right topics will be required to easily get the stats needed for the various endings and objectives. This image shows the start of the day before you pick a lesson. It shows 7 topics here but Cultural Game, Japanese Way, and Music will be unlocked by clearing the game 3 times. You will only use 3 topics as the only topics being used in this walkthrough will be Shrine Visit, Kanji, and Cultural Game. The reason for this is the stats they increase. Kanji increases Wabi-sabi and Fluency, Cultural Game is Curiosity and Insight, and Shrine Visit is Wabi-sabi and Happiness. The level of each topic increases by one each time you choose it, with higher levels giving more stats and level 30 being the max.

There is one more important number on this image, the 🔥30 (FIRE30) in the speech bubble is Allison's current Guts. Guts increases with correct answers in lessons and decreases with wrong answers. At low Guts, you will be given more Chat Topics, 8 at 0 and 1 at 100, and at high Guts, your Chat Topics will have higher stat boosts. You can use 0-10 Chat Topics every day of a single topic, every single Chat Topic will increase stats gained but each Chat Topic has one stat they increase more. For example, choosing the Shrine Visit topic and using the About Garden Topic will give more stats in Wabi-sabi than using any other topic. You can see in the bottom part of the image, there is a book labelled "Today's Lesson" with subject/chat topic/lucky item. The last 2 are optional to use for each lesson, Chat Topics are gained after every lesson and rewarded for doing objectives. After getting an A rank ending, I would recommend holding on to your Chat Topics as unless you have an objective that requires having higher stats, there isn't a bonus for getting a higher rank at the end until you are able to get 999 in all stats.

Lucky Events

Lucky Items are how you will be getting the majority of trophies in this game, as using a Lucky Item guarantees a Lucky Event to happen. You can gain more Lucky Items by doing objectives, but it's important to know there are 7 Lucky Items for 3 Lucky Events that have no trophies attached to them and you should just ignore those ones. I will have them below so you know you can skip them. They are Cheering (3 different Cheering Towels), Splitting a Watermelon (3 different Watermelon Slices), and Poetry Book (Japanese Poetry Compilation). All info on what the events and items look like will be in the second half of the next page.


On your cellphone there are 2 options, text messages and objectives. The text messages are just chats between you and Allison which repeat every playthrough and do not have a reward for looking at them. There will always be 3 objectives every single day, and there are 3 different kinds of rewards. Chat Topics 1-10x, Lucky Items 1-8x, and an Outfit. You can refresh the list once every day and you will be doing it often as you are looking for Lucky Items. The first slot is a task that is done in one day and gives the least rewards, the second slot is usually something to be done over multiple days and gives rewards, and the final one always requires a game clear. However the 3rd slot has 6 costumes in it, and you will have to get 5 of them before refreshing objectives will change that slot to Lucky Items.


StoryNormal Ending (B rank)Angry During BreaktimeGood Ending (A rank)Best Ending (S rank)Breaktime at Shrine Ending
lucky Events - Base Game EventsEnjoy an Afternoon NapAre You Tired?Cat Search
International Exchange on the Porch EventsFilming for TwoChallenge an English Lesson
Summer Sky Singing Voice EventsAttend a ConcertRing the Bell & Bowing


To start off, you will be grinding up your levels in 3 Topics (Kanji, Cultural Game, Shrine Visit) and getting the B and A rank ending.
I have gotten as many of the answers for each of these 3 topics as I could and will have the answers listed below, and I have sorted them by the image that appears above the answer. You will only be offered 3 choices in each lesson, and there is always a "Splendid" answer to choose. If the answers on your screen are not listed here, use the answers I have to eliminate the wrong or average answer to pick the best one. The Splendid answers for one topic are not the same answers for others so you will have to check each of the 3 answer tables.


Calm Down by PaintingSplendidEat Shaved Ice to Cool OffAverageSprinkle WaterAverageWatch Over SilentlyAverage
Show Famous ExampleSplendidDrink Green Tea to Calm DownAverageConcentrate with AromaAverageCheer to Show SupportWrong
Teach CharactersSplendidApply SunscreenAverageRelax with AromaAverageBe GentleWrong
Take Note of Pen HoldingSplendidDo Intense ExerciseWrongLight IncenseAverage
Teach Writing OrderSplendidEat Lots of WatermelonWrong
Slow and SteadyAverage
Quick ReiterationAverage
Write With VigorWrong
Explain InterestinglyWrong

Cultural Game

BrainstormingSplendidApply SunscreenAverageLight IncenseAverageBe StrictSplendid
Show Famous ExampleSplendidDrink Green Tea to Calm DownAverageRelax with AromaAverageWatch Over SilentlyAverage
Focus on One SkillSplendidEat Shaved Ice to Cool OffAverageConcentrate with AromaAveragePraise RegardlessAverage
Quick ReiterationSplendidDo Light WarmupAverage Cheer to Show SupportAverage
Try Traditional MethodSplendidDo Intense ExerciseWrong Be GentleWrong
Briefly FocusAverageEat Lots of WatermelonWrong Exert PressureWrong
Explain InterestinglyAverage
Slow and SteadyAverage
Try Many Skills SimultaneouslyWrong
Challenge Most Difficult SkillWrong

Shrine Visit

Tell Anecdotes About the PlaceSplendidEat Shaved Ice to Cool OffSplendidLight IncenseSplendidBe StrictSplendid
Instruct EtiquetteSplendidApply SunscreenSplendidSprinkle WaterAverageWatch Over SilentlySplendid
Lecture About ArchitectureAverageDo Light WarmupAverage Be GentleWrong
Tell Ghost StoryWrongDrink Green Tea to Calm DownAverage Cheer to Show SupportWrong
Try Traditional MethodSplendidDo Intense ExerciseWrong Exert PressureWrong
Briefly FocusWrongEat Lots of WatermelonWrong Praise RegardlessWrong

The endings are very simple to get once you know the answers to the questions. It is possible to get the A rank ending on the first day, but you would be better off getting a B rank on your first day instead as the ending trophies do not stack. You should be using the Lucky Items given to you at the start (6 of each; Signed Photograph, Artistic Guitar Pick, High School Girl's Word List) as the chance of the Lucky Event you need happening is fairly low. If you happen to get more of the needed Lucky Items during your playthroughs, you should also be using them as well until you have gotten all relevant trophies. Details about the Lucky Events are written below this part of the walkthrough. I recommend reading them first before doing any events.

On your first playthrough you will get just above 100 in all stats, so get one "Splendid" answer in 2 lessons and put the final 5 lessons all into one lesson to get the B rank ending. It's very easy to overshoot and get the A rank ending, so try to not get too many points.

Also you will be aiming to make Allison mad during breaktime, once you have stamped the clipboard during breaktime you just need to move close to Allison to make her mad and repeat this for 5 days. This picture is the pose she makes when you have succeeded.

On your second playthrough, you will aim to get above 300 in all stats for the A rank ending. You should be able to get enough by doing the 3 lessons 2 times each, but if you are a bit short on stats you can always use Chat Topics to boost them.

Now you will aim for getting above level 20 in the 3 lessons, although you can get S rank with 5-10, and you may want to to get the objective cleared for an S rank ending to clear out the costume in the objectives. You will need to level up to be able to get the Genius trophy for 999 all stats. Once you have finished leveling up, you will be using 10 cards per lesson as well.

  • Genius

    Student achieves top results.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs RequiredExternal Content

You will need to get an S rank twice for this, as getting a second S rank is what will let you see the ending for Breaktime at Shrine which is just a regular scene that plays after the first ending, however this scene is part of the Summer Sky Singing Voice DLC which you will need to have in order to see.

Once you have all endings complete you will probably still be missing many of the event trophies, just continue playing every day refreshing the objectives list until you find the Lucky Items you need.


Base Game Events

Enjoy an Afternoon Nap

This Lucky Event does not require any special action to complete it, but to end it early you can hit Allison with your head to wake her up. You need 5 "Partial Eye Mask" and you start with none.

Are you tired?

This Lucky Event requires nothing special, but you will have to answer and nod your head to get through the event. You need 5 "OTSUKAREN A" and you start with none.

  • Fatigue?

    Watch "Are you tired?” once.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerExternal Content

Cat Search

This Lucky Event requires no input from you to complete, just sit and wait. You need 5 "Fluffy Cat No.1" and you start with none.

International Exchange on the Porch Events

Filming for Two

This Lucky Event requires you to succeed 7 times and fail 3 times. When the event starts you need to nod YES or the event will end, once you are given the phone you need to press cn_O to take a photo and then say you are done. To fail you just need to not take a picture and the event will end, if you take a photo at any time you cannot fail the event. You need 10 "Signed Photograph" and you start with 6.

  • Photographer

    Film well 3 times in "Filming for Two.”

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +External Content

Challenge an English lesson

This Lucky Event will ask 3 simple questions every time, it will always be a short description of an item nearby and A/B/C will fly off to 3 different items and you must choose the correct one. If you choose the wrong answer once, that event will no longer make progress towards the trophies. You need 10 "High School Girl's Word List" and you start with 6. I have copied down as many questions and answers as I saw.

  • You use it to carry water - Bucket
  • It's a small flower that grows in the summer - Morning Glory
  • It's used for watering flowers - Watering Pot
  • It tells the time - Clock
  • It's a machine that helps you cool off - Electric Fan
  • You hang clothes with it - Clothes Pole
  • It's a big, round green fruit - Watermelon
  • You use it to boil water - Electric Pot / Kettle
  • It's a big, yellow flower - Sunflower
  • It's something that you sit on - Cushion
  • It's a cold brown drink - Tea
  • They are Japanese slippers - Wooden Clogs
  • You hang this on the window - Wind Chime
  • It's a chair with no legs - Floor Chair
  • It's a big, white landmark that ships look for - Lighthouse
  • You use it to store a guitar - Guitar Case
  • It's long and blue - Hose
  • It's something you put tea in - Teapot

Summer Sky Singing Voice Events

Attend a Concert

This Lucky Event requires more effort than other events, as this requires you to shake a maraca which is located just to your left and you pick it up with cn_R2 and shake by shaking your controller. As the trophy description says she has to sing along "passionately" and she starts doing so half way through the song; you might think you can stop then but I have tried it and it does not count toward the trophy, you must shake that maraca during the entire song. You need to get 7 Passionate Singalongs (Video example) and 3 Leisurely Singalongs, I would suggest to try to get all 7 passionate first incase you mess up on shaking and then just not use the maraca for the leisurely singalongs. You need 10 "Artistic Guitar Pick" and you start with 6.

  • Maraca Session

    Watch Allison sing along passionately during "Attend a Concert” 3 times.

    Maraca Session
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +External Content

  • Maraca Mania

    Watch Allison sing along passionately during "Attend a Concert” 7 times.

    Maraca Mania
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +External Content

  • Listening Quietly

    Watch Allison sing along leisurely during "Attend a Concert” 3 times.

    Listening Quietly
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +External Content

Ring the bell & Bowing

These are not Lucky Events but instead they are what can play when you get a "Splendid" answer during the Shrine Visit lesson, getting a wrong or average answer will have no event play. You need to see each event 5 times, so it is possible you will have seen them all by the time you get the "Genius" trophy, but I found the Bowing event to be more rare to see and nothing I tried guaranteed a certain event to play. So if you have not seen enough events, you will need to continue to do the Shrine Visit lesson until you do.

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