Sonic The Hedgehog

This walkthrough is designed to get you, the player, all available trophies in the shortest time possible. It will be divided into two sections as two playthroughs are recommended.

The first will be for a couple of miscellaneous trophies as well as some story related ones.

The second will be for the three 'Win' trophies, and any remaining story trophies.

So whether you are playing for nostalgia or experiencing this genre defining game for the first time, above all else: enjoy it.

As far as tips are concerned, this isn't a difficult game but bear the following in mind:

There is a save feature. By abusing this you can absolutely storm this game.

You are invincible so long as you have at least one ring. As such, whenever you take damage, grabbing back a ring that you lost is priority number one.

The top route is (9 times out of 10) the fastest route though the level, so getting to the top of the level as early as possible can be really beneficial.

Now, let's earn some trophies!!!

Here we are at the playthrough! Don't worry about rushing through on this playthrough, save your speed for playthrough two.

Using the save feature, be sure to get (and keep) at least 50 rings by the end of the stage and jump into the giant ring at the end to gain access to the special stage.

Once in the special stage, save and aim to get the emerald. If you fail, reload the save. Upon collection your first emerald, you will unlock:

The aim is to use acts 1 and 2 of the first three zones to access and beat the special stages. And again for emphasis ABUSE SAVE FEATURE!!

Bearing this in mind, you will unlock the following trophies along the way:

Act 2 of Spring Yard Zone is a relatively easy level to unlock the 'Centurion' trophy so, abusing the save feature, grab it here if you haven't already.

Now continue to the end of the act, keeping your rings and go into the final Special Stage. Upon completion you will unlock

Now there is no need to continue this playthrough. I'm not going to force you to, but it does make things simpler for the 'Fast Win' trophy, no special stages taking up time and not having to worry about having a set number of rings at the end of the stage will help make this a lot easier.

As soon as you start this playthrough, save your game. I recommend using all three save slots to your advantage here, just incase one save is before you can react to a bottomless pit etc.

Just a few pointers for this run:

- More often than not, getting to the very top of the level is the faster route. It is sometimes more 'dangerous', but with the save feature, this is never an issue.

- A vast majority of the levels are doable in around a one minute mark. If you achieve this often in the earlier levels, it will mean you can play it a little safer in the later levels.There are 19 individual levels, meaning an average time of just under 2 minutes per act (including transitions etc).

- You can check your current play time by highliting a save slot for a couple of seconds.

- When you FINALLY pass that troublesome section, REMEMBER TO SAVE! So often I have been so busy congratulating myself, that I have forgotton to save it, only to fall into a pit, run into a badnik or drown...

Enough jibber-jabber, let's do this thing!!!

I suggest going for the following trophy without the usual saving after a good section. This is because I often lost my 'flow' if i did this, and this game is all about momentum. It may take a couple of tries, but is pretty easily done. Video guide to follow.

  • Fast Green

    Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds.

    Fast Green
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Now just finish the other 2 acts, abusing the save feature to avoid deaths or slow times. You should easily be able to finish Green Hill Zone before the 6 minute average.

The first act of Marble Zone has another speed related Trophy. This one is a little trickier, but still more than doable after a few runs.

  • Fast Marble

    Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds.

    Fast Marble
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Continue through Spring Yard Zone until you get to the boss here. I would like to note that it is absolutely possible to hit Dr. Eggman whilst he his travelling left and right above you; you do not have to wait for him to attack. Knowing this and utilising this information can shave a pretty big chunk of time off. Defeating Eggman's spike wielding mobility UFO will net you:

Labyrinth Zone was the absolute bane of my childhood...I will incorporate some video guides here to give the fastest route through these potentially otherwise 4 minute levels, time you simply do not have. Follow the videos as best you can, but remember that that these are speed run videos, so you have a little leeway before you hit the two-minute mark needed.

Also be aware that Sonic needs a bubble of air around every 25 seconds, though there's only a couple of sections where you wont get back out of the water in time, be careful with your saving. Nothing worse than reloading a save just to begin to hear that music with 6 seconds to the nearest bit of dry land.

Labyrinth Zone's boss is royal pain in the proverbial, but know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HIT EGGMAN!! Simply stay above the ascending water level, ensuring you get there safely above all else. Reaching the small animal capsule will net you:

Star Light Zone is a fantastic blend of foot to the floor speed and troublesome enemies. Far easier than the previous zone though. You shouldn't have too much trouble here.

The boss can be a bit of a nightmare. You only need to theoretically use the bombs rather than launch yourself into the air, and once you get a rhythm it isnt too bad at all. As you encounter him, the first bomb willl be on the right 'badoingy see-saw'. Save before this and if you don't hit him after 4-5 seconds, reload. Continue saving as you try to hit him every 4 seconds or so to get into the next zone.

Hopefully, by the time you get to Scrap Brain Zone your play time will be around the 20 minute mark. What this means is that you have a further 20 minutes to complete the rest of the game, an average of 5 minutes per level is far better than the 2 minutes we started with, right? I'm so good to you, I know :P

For Scrap Brain Zone, it's better to play it safe than rush through. Even playing it safe shouldn't take you more than 2:30, building up even more time for the final boss. Hopefully you now see why we gathered the Chaos Emeralds in a different playthrough.

After getting through Scrap Brain Zone 1 & 2, you will find yourself back in Labyrinth Zone. Fear not, young gamer!!! This section only takes about 30 seconds, as is real easy. At the end you will find yoursel launched into the Final Zone.

This last boss isn't all that hard, but will take an absolute minimum of 1 minute and 10 seconds to complete. As such, if your time is over 38 minutes, you may have to reload an earlier save, or start the game over. Personally, I was at 31 and I went cautiously through Scrap Brain Zone.

I recommended the following:

Save at the start (you should be used to doing so by now) and get off your first hit. Now save. See which capsule our moustached antagonist is hiding in and hit him. If you can't, reload your save and get into a position where you can. 8 hits and he is done for.

Now, during the closing scene, you will unlock the following:

  • Win

    Beat the game.

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

  • Fast Win

    Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

    Fast Win
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineTime/Date

That's all folks! Another completion under you belt!

As ever, all feedback, suggestions and critisism welcome :D


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