Welcome to the walkthrough for Watch_Dogs. This game was shown off in trailers as being far better graphically than it actually is; if you've never seen this footage, great! Your expectations aren't set to such an extreme.

The base game and the Bad Blood DLC take about 40-50 hours to complete, depending on how much you get sidetracked. None of it is especially difficult, but there is a difficulty setting if you'd like to push it all the way down to Easy. There are also three more DLC missions that aren't related to trophies, all of which can be found in the Access Granted DLC. A page for these is in the walkthrough for you if you happen to have it.

Online multiplayer is required to earn some of the trophies in the game, and they're the kind of trophy that would be easier to obtain if more people were playing the game. Try to get the online tasks out of the way sooner rather than later.

A platinum trophy will be yours if you earn all other base game trophies.

100% Clear

This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked.

100% Clear

As mentioned previously, setting the difficulty to Easy works best to make the game pacing flow as fast as possible. If you've ever played a third-person, open-world game, Watch_Dogs shouldn't be much of a change of pace.

There isn't a specific path you should take in terms of working on the different kinds of missions and side content in the game, so feel free to start wherever and end wherever. The same goes for the skill tree, for the most part.

The story for Watch_Dogs is held in about the same priority as the rest of the open-world content is; you can ignore the story for as long as you like after the world starts to open up, but you shouldn't leave it hanging for too long. If for whatever reason you find something in the story challenging, videos are provided in playlist links on all five acts.

Watch_Dogs | Act 1

The game begins with some cutscene introductions. A pair of hackers botch a job (or rather, one of them does), and the guy you'll be playing as (Aiden Pearce) has a hitman placed on him.

1-1 Bottom of the Eighth

It's quickly revealed that Aiden's niece was the one to die - given that Aiden is alive and all - and Maurice, the guy who killed her, is cowering in front of him. Threaten him by pulling the trigger on your empty pistol, then cn_O take Maurice down after he proves to be silent.

Hello World

Take down Maurice

Hello World
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Pressing cn_S starts up Aiden's phone-hacking abilities. Look towards Maurice's phone and cn_S hack it to hear Audio Log: Maurice Vega from his (01/08) Burner Phone. Audio logs are optional, non-trophy related lore things, whereas burner phones are an important collectible. Maurice's phone happens to be unmissable.

There are some consumable items used for crafting scattered about the room, as well as a paper bag filled with a small amount of money. Try to collect these things before heading towards the quest marker, where you'll meet Jordi, Aiden's partner. Jordi has a particular way of thinking about escapes and has called both the cops and a gang to meet each other underneath the baseball stadium. Some of the cops are already here, so you'll want to cn_X get behind some kind of cover as you approach them and wait until their backs are turned before moving upwards.

Your first bit of "real" hacking comes after you have to climb a fence to reach a door. The mechanism that unlocks said door is on the other side of it, so hack a security camera in the room and continue finding other cameras until you can get to the controls that open it. Doing so will also give you a good overview of the room you're about to enter. Once you get inside, you'll automatically be ducking behind a counter with some electronic parts on it. cn_T Pick up these parts and cn_L1 use the weapon wheel to make a lure with it, then cn_R1 aim a throw and hack it to distract the cop in the room. Reach the stairs and walk through a set of tall brown doors to continue.

The following area, a bar, has some cops in it. Slip behind the bar's northern wall to completely avoid their gaze and wait when you see two more cops behind glass doors. Aiden will contact an ally with a voice disguise named Badboy; the conversation results in Aiden having to steal someone's access codes in the next room so he can cause a blackout. Do this by using security cameras, then cause the blackout and sneak past all the cops when you're able to. If all goes well, you should be able to enter a proper bar at ground level without anyone on your tail.

Jordi has arranged a vehicle for you across the street. Take it and read the vehicle controls (they're pretty standard affair), then drive south out of the police's search range. This is a large white circle on the map, and leaving their range will prevent them from getting suspicious of you. These are the easiest types of police scans to avoid. Once you're out of range, the scan stops, and you'll be told to return to Aiden's apartment.

Badboy will call Aiden to say that the two of them now have some limited backdoor access to the ctOS network, which is the operating system being used to run all of Chicago's infrastructure. You'll also be given a skill point for finishing a story mission, and you'll be using this skill point on the Gates & Garages skill in the hacking section of the skill tree. All skills are actually really useful and there's no wrong choice in choosing to get one skill over another, but the early driving skills are must-haves for the early game due to the amount of driving this game entails.

They Can't Hide

Go to sleep on the bed by setting an alarm time (which doesn't ever really matter) and watch Aiden relive Lena's death. Once you've done that, you should notice that a computer in the apartment can be hacked for an audio log. This is Audio Log: Aiden Pearce and might be a limited-time item, so it's worth picking up now since it's right in front of you. You already start off with the first four Aiden Pearce audio logs, so this completes the set about himself.

Now that you have some ctOS access, you can hack phones people are currently using to read text conversations, listen to phone calls, steal money from bank accounts, pirate music (uncommon), etc. The goal now is to find someone who has information leading to a potential crime. Keep looking around the apartment complex or on the sidewalks near the road until you find something interesting, then go to the scene of the potential crime. You're going to want to watch either the potential victim or potential criminal until the crime starts to take place, then do a cn_O takedown to stop the criminal once he commits.

Aiden's sister Nicole will ask where he is, as his nephew's birthday party is almost over and he's supposed to be there. Jordi will call right after her to let you know that Maurice is being locked away alive, and that you can ask Jordi's friend for a used ride whenever.

Note: With this tutorial bit on detecting small crimes out of the way, it's suggested that you find and stop at least 20 of these right here and now (progress can be checked in one of the tabs in your cn_up phone). This grants you a strangely high amount of experience that leads to skill points for skills, but it also helps you get used to the game's controls. Stopping 20 of these crimes also gives you a trophy.

Your reputation will go up with each successful act of justice. This affects how often people will report your actions to the police and how often you'll be shown negatively in news reports and the like. If you're curious, you need 18 skill points to obtain all currently available skills. The rest of the skill tree is accessible after finishing a later mission in this act of the story.


Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The progression tab in the phone menus will tell you that you've unlocked (for purchase) a specific skill by stopping just one crime, Quick Switch. This increases the speed at which you switch weapons. You should notice that stopping 10 crimes gives you a pistol, and 20 leads to the above trophy. You should see some side missions called Fixer Contracts show up in a bit, but the easiest progression rewards (some of which you'd benefit from having so early on in the game) come from the Mini Games section.

In the Parker Square district of Chicago (which is where you've been this whole time), you can reach locations for Cash Run, NVZN, chess, the shell game, and poker all very easily. NVZN can actually be done anywhere, but the others have set locations. You don't have to do all of these things now, of course, but it sure would be nice to not have to think about them later on. More information on these are found on their respective pages in the walkthrough.

1-2 Big Brother

After talking with Nicki and Jacks for a little bit, Nicki will get a threatening call from a stranger. Hack her phone and listen in, then find and stop the guy who made the call after leaving Nicki's house. If you're lucky, you might be given a prompt to press cn_S very quickly to almost definitely stop the criminal, whether that be from an intersection or something else in the city. Hack the guy's phone to learn that he was paid by someone to make the call.

Note: This criminal may be holding a 1911 pistol, a weapon you likely do not have at this point. Picking up a weapon, no matter what it is, will add it to your weapon wheel permanently if you don't already have it. Be sure to do this whenever possible.

Your DedSec contact will suggest being armed and ready to tap into The Loop district of Chicago. The next "mission" is just buying a gun, so this is a good time to start looking into another type of activity you might have seen on the map so far. All around Chicago (only in areas where you're currently connected to ctOS), you should see ctOS towers on the map. There are two in Parker Square. Installing a backdoor protocol into the towers allows for side activities to be added to the map. Think of it like Far Cry 3's radio towers or an Assassin's Creed viewpoint. Information on how to access these towers is on the Collectibles page, as that's where these towers fall in the progression wheel.

Feel free to complete all new side content revealed from these two ctOS towers right now. They should provide some experience and you're going to want to do them anyway. More detail on each one is on their respective pages of the walkthrough.

Note: Cash Run challenges (from your phone menu) are challenges that players can create and share with each other. You can start to create one, go somewhere else, and decide to go back and edit that challenge anywhere, effectively creating a custom fast travel point. You can make tons of these (though you won't have to make a lot). For now, start to make a challenge near or north of Nicki's house and name it "Parker Square N," just so you know what this one is. All you have to do is enter the creation menu, place the starting point, and save the challenge. No need to make it a real course.

Creating Cash Run fast travel points is entirely optional, but recommended points will be given throughout the walkthrough.


On your first trip into The Loop, you'll be tasked with buying a 416 assault rifle from a weapons store. This may be your first time in a shop like this; look around and browse the stuff for sale, make note of things you like, and keep their costs in mind for when you have enough money to afford them. There's never any shame in carrying 60 weapons in your overcoat. Again, any weapon you pick up that you don't already have will be added to your inventory permanently, so it might also be a good idea to just keep the cash. It's up to you.

1-3 Backstage Pass

It's time to hack into The Loop's ctOS network. The access panel you're after requires certain credentials to breach, which you'll have to hack from one of the guards protecting the facility. The optimal way to go about reaching the panel is by neutralizing all enemies in the area, taking the code off of the one guy who has it, and then breaking into the network. To do this, you should aim to use a silenced pistol or takedowns to sneak behind guards that aren't looking in your direction. You can also hack their explosives on their body or distract them with objects in the area, but be aware that the detonations you cause will cause all guards to be on alert.

Once you try to access the ctOS network, you'll be given a very easy "puzzle", in which you must make sure the blue connection in one area reaches its destination. Certain pieces can only be moved once it has flow from certain branches, and others cause a timer to start when activated. Solve these few simple puzzles to gain access to the network for The Loop.

Badboy will suggest that you look for fixers in the area - both as prey and to keep yourself from being the prey. This will be explained in the next story mission. Jordi will call, asking for a favor. He wants you to do a quick driving contract for him.

Note: All ctOS control centers should now be available, but you shouldn't go out of your way for these until after you finish Act 1-5. Gang hideouts, criminal convoys, and more fixer contracts will become available with each control center that you access. Because the rest of the skill tree opens up after Act 1-5, you should wait until then so you can become stronger.

Hacking Contract

After trying to start Jordi's contract, a fixer will hack into your world in an attempt to steal your data (this is a mandatory bot used for you to get used to how online contracts work). This hacker, 2XTheTap, has to stay around you as he hacks a backdoor into your phone. As progress is made, he must stay within the increasingly smaller radius, but this gives you a better area to locate him with. Once you find him, kill him to stop his hacking attack.

Doing this will open up the rest of the hacking contract types for you to take part in. There are trophies related to completing 10 of certain types of contracts, and you can find more information on them on their respective page of the walkthrough. It would be a good idea to get these done sooner rather than later so you can reap the benefits for more of your game time (that and it'll be harder to find people the older the game is).

Once you're done with the hacking trophies, it'd be a good idea to turn off your online availability so people don't interrupt your own gameplay.

1-4 Backseat Driver

Jordi's hand-me-down contract starts off with the police scanning the area for your location. Avoid this by staying out of the green circles on the minimap until you reach the client's location. Once you take the client and his car, you'll then have to escape an active police search. This is done by exiting the white circular zone on the map, best done by simply heading towards the mission destination on the map. Make sure you drive away from police cars and blockades so you don't get caught. If you do end up getting into a chase, your best bet is to book it and keep using the city to your advantage until everyone is off your tail.

Drive the client to his destination once you've escaped the search. The client will get out to meet with Lucky Quinn, the leader of the Chicago South Club. Watch as the meeting takes place, then take a phone call from Badboy, who wants to arrange an in-person meeting.

1-5 Open Your World

After you meet Badboy for the first time, you'll be given all of the power that DedSec has. It seems your ally has snuck out an extra set of benefits for you and you alone. The skill tree has finally opened up and you can now work on obtaining just about any skill you want.

Back on the subject at hand: the guy who ordered the hit on you. Clara has discovered that the guy you're after has bounced his signal through a ctOS office, meaning you'll have to hack into that office to follow his tail. Travel there through the underground tunnels by car and try to use nearby cameras to locate everyone in the garage you reach. If you can, clear the place out stealthily, then enter the main building and do the same.

The access panel you want to reach is on the second floor. Clear the whole place out and make your way up there. Once you've placed Clara's virus into the correct laptop, a troop of cops will storm the building to look for you. Take care of them all and avoid a ctOS scan to finish the mission.

Clara will pinpoint what she's learned to an apartment in The Loop.

Note: Now that you can obtain all of the skills in the skill tree, this would be the perfect time to get started on side content. Almost everything you have to do should be available as of right now. You can do a massive amount of cleaning up now, which would benefit your playthrough of the story because you'd have more skills later on. Consult the set of pages in the walkthrough about all side content if necessary.

In addition to the side content, you should also make note of the miscellaneous trophies on the Misc Trophies page. Being aware of them this early on in the game will make obtaining them later less of a chore. It's best to get those out of the way so you don't have to think about them anymore.

1-6 Thanks for the Tip

Upon approaching the router linked to the caller's source, you'll see that it's in the upper corner of an alley. Run up the stairs leading up to it, then look around for the secondary routers connected to it. One of them can be viewed with the cameras in the area, but the other is out of reach and requires a brisk walk down the alley to the east. Once you break in, solve a simple connection puzzle and take a look inside the caller's room.

Damien Brenks, Aiden's partner in the failed Merlaut heist that served as the prologue to all of this, has set this up just to get in touch with you. Fixers will swarm into the alley you're in; use pipes behind the two snipers to take care of them easily, but reserve the other explosive objects in the area for later. Try to use your silenced pistol (and focus with cn_RS if you have to) to take out the first wave of fixers silently. Go nuts with the explosive devices in the ground once more fixers show up in vehicles.

After killing them all, drive to the park Damien is located at and have a quick conversation with him. He'll tell you a little more information about the Merlaut job in an attempt to sway you to working with him, but Aiden will just take that info with him and walk out.


The next mission is a flashback to a moment Aiden shared with Nicki at Lena's grave.


This little event - not so much a story mission - is located in the tunnel that Lena died in. Going back here just gives Aiden a flashback. What's important about this is that we get to go to the district of Pawnee, an area that won't have a fast travel point in a while. Make a challenge near the upper, populated half of Pawnee and simply name it "Pawnee."

Jordi has found a witness from the baseball stadium shootout. He's going to be transferred to another prison and can easily point you out if given the chance, so you've got a different problem to worry about.

1-7 Not the Pizza Guy

Note: If you want to make things as easy as possible, consider obtaining the Disable Helicopter hacking skill before starting this mission. It isn't required, though.

Meet Jordi on a balcony by climbing up to him, then descend back down to the ground and take the stairs down to the docks. The easiest way to get to the enemy-controlled area is to take a boat over to another dock, then take the stairs up to where they're at. Pull out your trusty silenced pistol and try to take out as many enemies as you can without making much noise. It's not necessary to kill everyone, but if you're paranoid about being safe (or just like knowing nobody is around to kill you), feel free to take everyone out of the picture.

There's a router in the area that connects to a metal gate. Hack it and walk inside to find the guy who has some information on what to do next. After learning the name of the guy in charge of the prison transfer, walk back outside and get ready for a fight.

Lots of fixers will swarm your location, including a helicopter with a sniper sitting on its side. You have two options here: Run or fight. Fighting is much more satisfying and may even be easier, but if you're not feeling used to the combat, you can at least try to run after killing the chopper sniper. If you stay to fight, Jordi will help from his position somewhat.

After getting out of that situation - however you managed to do it - Clara will call, curious about the advances made on the caller. She'll help with finding Angelo Tucci's niece, who in turn will help you find Angelo.

1-8 A Wrench in the Works

Note: If you want to make things as easy as possible, consider obtaining the Offensive Driver driving skill before starting this mission. It isn't required, though.

Angelo's niece is found near this mission's starting area. To save yourself the hassle of looking all over the place, immediately head straight north (not up any stairs) and enter a building with glass walls. Helena is in here, and you'll find her after enough looking around. Once you use her to find Angelo, you'll be shown his driving path. The best thing to do here is either set up a trap for him with explosives or blockage, or collide with him head-on. His vehicle is third in the convoy.

After you make Angelo leave his car, you'll have to take him down non-lethally. All of his allies will be after you as well, so you'll either want to strike Angelo and leave or find some cover so you can fight the rest of his men. You can additionally take Angelo down after taking out a good chunk - or all -of his allies. Personally, I find killing the rest of the enemies to be easier than trying to escape them all.

The witness is in a recently-upgraded prison, which means you'll have access to its facilities. If only you were in prison...

1-9 Dressed in Peels

Aiden will walk into the prison with a weapon, and someone who owes Jordi a favor will give you your phone and a baton. Once you're in your cell, hack into one of the guard's body cameras and make your way towards the cell controls using other guards' cameras. Open your cell door and sneak down to the lowest level of the cell area. If you'd like to make things as safe for yourself as possible, you can try to take out guards here with the baton so you can pick up a shotgun.

Break through to the cell listings to locate your guy's name, then use more body cameras to reach the cameras that look over the prison yard. You'll find that some cops have dragged him away to the laundry room to pry your name out of him. Once you reach that area, pull your shotgun out (or pick up the weapon leaning near the closest hamper) and start firing away at enemies. A heavily-armored guard will make an appearance after you clear the room; use focus and your best weapons on hand to take him down quickly, and make sure you're always near some kind of cover. This guy moves very slowly, but his health and damage output make up for that. Only a few more guys will come into the laundry room after you kill the big one.

Jordi will send your equipment back up to you after you have a chat with the witness. As soon as you can, try to hack your way out of the building (there's an audio log near the controls if you really want to pick it up) and immediately head into a car. Cops will swarm the rooftop if you're not fast enough, so you'll really want to hop in a car and use the ramp up here to fly down onto the train tracks below. If you can disarm the helicopter above you, do so once it's safe. If not, take the gunner out and find somewhere safe to hide. I personally drove to the coast and took a boat so the cops in vehicles and on foot couldn't reach or find me.

Now that your loose ends have been tied up, it's time to see what Damien wants.

Family Man

Complete Act 1

Family Man
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

For those completing as much side content as soon as possible, you can finish all unique fixer contracts (46 total) after finishing Act 1 and without starting the first missions of Act 2. You can also finish all of the gang hideouts and criminal convoys.

Note: If you have the Access Granted DLC (or the three mission DLCs as standalone downloads), the exclusive contracts will become available now. It's ideal to finish these now so you can benefit from their rewards for a longer period of time, but they're not required for any trophies. A page in the walkthrough goes over the exclusive contracts in more detail.

Watch_Dogs | Act 2

2-1 Hold On, Kiddo

Damien will call you and tell you a fun fact: He's in Nicki's house. Drive over there as soon as you can to find only him there; Nicki has been taken hostage and Jacks is nowhere to be seen. After Damien leaves, you'll get a fix on Jacks' location on the L-Train. Find him at the station and send the train ahead so the nearby fixers can't get to him. You're supposed to then reach the next station, but I suggest taking care of the fixers here and now so they're no longer a problem.

After finding Jacks, Aiden will send him to a family friend for a few days, keeping him out of this situation entirely. The only thing Aiden will have to work with is "Racine."

Tools of the Trade

This mission is simply a tutorial on crafting and buying crafting parts. Head to the nearby shop and buy some parts (or none at all) and pawn off some junk if you happen to have any on you.


Another flashback will appear on the map, this time connected to the graveyard. This will be the exact same scene you saw in Act 1. Though you really shouldn't have any desire to see this a second time, you may as well get it out of the way so it's off your map for good.

2-2 Breakable Things

Racine happens to be the last name of a boat refurbisher in the Brandon Docks area. Infiltrate his property and try to knock out all of the enemies to disable the enemy zone on the map. Watch out for an enforcer, one of the heavily-armored guys you saw for the first time in Act 1. There's a skill in the skill tree that allows for taking down enforcers with a melee attack; you probably don't have it yet unless you've been over-leveling, but it's sure helpful.

One of the enemies has the code to Racine's office. Hack it off of him and enter the office to spy on a conversation between Racine and Damien, then rush to stop his escape. An enforcer will block your path right in front of the office; hack some machinery behind him to blow him up, then run after Racine. Try to use focus to shoot out his wheels if you can catch his car in time. If not, chase him down and kill him quickly. If you can disable his car, kill him before he calls for reinforcements.

2-3 Collateral

Note: You will no longer be able to fast travel to the Owl Motel hideout after this mission. If you'd like, place a Cash Run challenge startup at the motel so you can continue to warp here afterwards.

As Aiden obsesses over Damien, Clara will enter the apartment right before some fixers storm the motel. Fight them off and help Clara get to her car as she protects your hard drive, then take off once she leaves.

2-4 One Foot in the Grave

Note: As you approach this mission's starting point, look northeast of the marker underneath the highway. Past some junk and on the other edge of the highway, you should find a red door with a target on it. Place a Cash Run challenge here so you can fast travel here later.

Clara will tell you about the legend the first testing site for ctOS, which is on its own island. Bridge access has been shut off and a brisk swim is apparently out of the question, so look to the east of the bridge's connecting position for some camera access. You'll find that a man named Tobias Frewer can cross the bridge at will. Walk with Clara to his shop to learn that he simply isn't home right now; a jailbroken phone from a nearby homeless citizen can reveal to you that he's playing poker in Parker Square.

Fixers were tapping into the same phone you were and now also know his location. Find a car and stop the fixer, then do the same for his backup crew so you can infiltrate the poker game without any hitches. Being the paranoid-ridden man Frewer is, he'll quickly leave the poker game after Aiden pushes a bit too far. Chase him down and use your baton on him to get him talking. He'll give you the bridge remote and will offer to sell you things at his shop from here on out.

2-5 A Blank Spot There-ish

To get the bunker operational again, you'll need to turn on the three generators on the island. The first one you can reach is fairly easy to get to. Look for a blue lift on the northeast side of the building and ride it to the top. When you get to a locked gate, look past the fence for a camera and use it to detonate some explosives. Then switch to another camera so you can unlock the gate and reach the generator.

Take another lift back down and use a motorcycle or car nearby to reach the second generator's southwest side (you'll be on the road on the map). From there, you should spot a camera just in view past a green container; use it to switch to another camera, unlocking a gate. Next, look around for a carrier a bit back up the road and use it to ascend, then climb some crates to the left of the carrier so you can move past the gate you unlocked. Ride another lift down to ground level and activate the second generator.

To return to your vehicle, drop into the river splitting the bunker's island in half. You should very quickly find a closed-off dock on the right. Enter it and use a door to return to the street, then drive toward the last generator. You'll have to use cameras to move a stacking crane a few times before you can unlock another gate in your way, but once you do, look to the southwest for a crane. Climb on top of the container it's connected to and use it to reach the last generator.

With all three generators powered up, you can now fast travel to the island (outside of missions) and can enter the bunker for the first time. Ride a hidden container to the bunker and check it out, then help Clara turn on the power. The IP address you have leads to the Viceroys, a gang in The Wards.

2-6 Jury-Rigged

This mission consists of only one enemy-dense area: the Rossi-Fremont neighborhood. Because you have to hack three security terminals out of commission, I suggest killing every gang member in the area and only hacking the terminals once you're completely out of harm's way. After finishing up, leave the area to finish the mission.

Note: If you have scanned all nine weapons crates for the weapons trade investigation, Frewer will call you to send you the final location for this investigation.

2-7 Grandma's Bulldog

Return to the bunker and infiltrate Rossi-Fremont remotely. To find what you're looking for, you'll have to move from one camera to the next all throughout the building the IP address came from. Though this takes a while, it isn't very complicated. You'll eventually come to the office of the leader of the Viceroys, Iraq, and his cousin, Bedbug. This guy is the best shot Aiden and Clara have at infiltrating Rossi-Fremont.

2-8 Not a Job for Tyrone

In order for Bedbug to be useful to you, you'll have to dig up something against him. Hack into his house and plant a bug onto his phone, then trail him as you record some juicy material for blackmail later. Then, as he walks through a yard full of junk and fences, sneak in a little bit yourself and use cameras to keep an eye on him. You're not allowed to kill anyone here, so you'll want to focus on putting yourself in a good position before hacking cameras.

Bedbug will talk to another Viceroy named Rabbit at the end of his walk. Upset at the news that he's up next to be killed, he'll try to shoot Rabbit; save him, then tell Rabbit to hide in a corner safe from Viceroy harm. Leave your camera and kill the Viceroys hunting Rabbit, then start walking out to leave the area as you talk to him.

Bedbug won't be of use to you dead. You're going to have to make him a star.

2-9 Uninvited

At the start of the mission, Jordi will give you some IEDs. Reach the brickery Bedbug was meant to be killed at and set up some traps for the incoming Viceroys. Be aware that you need a car later, so using IEDs might not be the best option for you when it comes to dealing with vehicles. However you go about it, kill all incoming Viceroys and hop into one of their cars before picking up the phone on the table. One remaining Viceroy sent in to kill Bedbug will try to make an escape; track him down in one of the cars and kill him, then reach Bedbug and scare him into working with you.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree. There are two more songs unlocked by advancing through the story.

2-10 Breadcrumbs

Lucky Quinn's hosting an auction of some kind, the kind of thing Iraq will be at. To infiltrate it, you'll need to assume the identity of someone at the guest list, but to do that, you'll need the guest list. Watch as it switches hands from one gang member to the next, and as it takes off in a boat, either use a vehicle or scan up the river for another boat so you can tail the briefcase. Watch as the guy with the briefcase sets it down, then feel free to kill any and/or all gang members in the vicinity. Taking pictures and sending them to Clara will wrap things up here. Now, it's time to pay a visit to an unfortunate pick off of the guest list.

2-11 Stare into the Abyss

Crispin is at the auto dealership. Hack into the camera system and watch as he moves along the lot. He'll stop in an office all by himself when you get control back; when this happens, scan the entire dealership for Crispin and enemies, then (optionally) disable all of the guards' reinforcements. If you wish, you may kill the one guard by the entrance near where you hacked into the dealership's security, but that's about it.

Disable as many reinforcement systems as you desire, then circle around the dealership so you're in front of the fancy purple car Crispin wants. Shoot at the glass to scare him, causing him to get into the car. If you're in the right position, you can kill him easily with focus and take his car before it even leaves the lot.

Drive on over to the Infinite 92 and pick up the "Poppy Special." Meeting with Poppy will get you the physical invitation to the auction. Now you'll just have to show up.

2-12 A Risky Bid

At the auction, you'll be relieved of your gear as you're shown up to Lucky Quinn's office. Iraq will be there, and you'll get a chance to scan his dog tags. Do so, take Poppy out of harm's way, then work on your escape. Though it's possible to leave silently, it can be hard to do so before you get your weapons back on a table. However you go about it, leave and get in a car to escape the area.

Nicki's friend will call you to let you know that Jacks is missing. Aiden will locate him somewhere in Mad Mile.

Note: The Human Trafficking investigation can now be started and completed.

2-13 Role Model

Jacks has hidden himself deep in a mob-controlled building. This mission is simple: Kill everyone, then kill the guys that come in from two cars. If you're lucky, you can trigger two steam pipes at the same time, destroying both cars instantly. Take Jacks out of the building and send him back to Yolanda to make sure he's safe.

2-14 Planting a Bug

Bedbug's time to shine is now. First, you'll have to get relatively close to keep a connection with him. Take out a group of Viceroys in a vacant lot and hide in a spare room, then connect with Bedbug. This will be just like your previous excursion through Iraq's cameras, except now you'll have to command Bedbug to move when other Viceroys' backs are turned. Once you get to Iraq's office, part of the download will start before Iraq bursts in.

With that family conflict going on upstairs, Viceroys will hone in on you at ground level. Try to drive a fair distance away, regardless of whether they spot you or not, and stop to kill the remaining gang members if they're still chasing you. The mission may end much faster if you decide to just take on your attackers instead of trying to run away from them.

2-15 Way Off the Grid

Clara will suggest that even though you don't have the full file on Rose Washington, there's nothing you could do about it because it'd be decrypted. The only man who can decrypt it is the man who made it: Raymond Kenney. Clara will track the signal of a computer that can, in turn, track him - even though you don't have the Rose Washington file. Head over there from the bunker and work on taking data from it while being attacked by fixers.

The fixers that attack you will never "run out" as you collect data from the old computer, so if you want to stay resourceful, only kill enemies when they're getting too dangerous for you. Clean the place out once you get what you want, then chase after a runaway with the info on where to find Kenney. This guy will drive a fire truck into oncoming traffic for quite a while. If you can avoid the police ctOS scan, things will run a lot more smoothly for you, but the truck seems to only disable by hacking things like blockers, traffic lights, steam pipes, etc. Stop the truck and kill the fixers to end Act 2.

When you're ready to start Act 3, use the Cash Run challenge warp you (should have) made earlier to make travel much faster.

Watch_Dogs | Act 3

3-1 Hope is a Sad Thing

To find Raymond Kenney, you'll have to (finally) tap into Pawnee's ctOS tower. The tower requires a lot of maneuvering to reach. First, hack a computer near a fishing spot and steal the password from someone near the gazebo on the water, then head to the tower. When you arrive at the tower, you should see three large satellite dishes. Use the camera on the one nearest the gate entrance and look to the right with it towards another satellite dish to open up a router, then use the antenna in the middle of the area to move the dishes. Hack into the camera on the dish farther from the ones you've messed with so far and use it to find a second router.

Enter through the gate, which should now be open, and walk down a set of stairs to hack another access panel, then return to the surface and climb up onto the metal walkway surrounding the lone satellite dish to the west. If it isn't aligned with a metal staircase, use the antenna to shift the dish into place so you can climb onto another dish's walkway. Move the antenna again so you can make your way to the third dish, then hack a lift at ground level so you can ride it down to another underground staircase. From here, you can hack another panel and allow yourself physical access to the ctOS tower, finally showing you the remaining investigation items in Pawnee.

You'll also learn that Ray frequents Jedediah's Bar; find him there and partake in a drinking game, resulting in your waking up in Ray's special little art gallery. He'll give you a tour after you convince him to help you out, and then he'll ask you to get his truck back for him. It's not far, but it's guarded by the Pawnee Militia. Kill off as many as you can and take off with the truck towards the drop-off point Ray has set up, then kill off the Militia chasing you using a trap Ray has placed there (just make sure the truck is in a safe spot when fighting).

Note: You can now finish the Burner Phone, QR Code, and Missing Persons investigations. All investigations, side missions, collectibles, online contract requirements, and mini games can be completed at this point.

Note: Now that the Pawnee ctOS tower has been hacked into, you may now fast travel into Pawnee at your leisure. The Cash Run app teleport is no longer necessary for Pawnee, but teleporting to Frewer is still helpful.

3-2 A Pit of Paranoia

To get into Blume HQ, you'll need to get the security codes from the security chiefs, which happen to be at the other end of a helicopter. Tail the chopper that leaves Blume and follow it to a trailer park to the south. The codes are on two standard guys, but there are two enforcers here as well - not to mention the chopper's gunman. Use the chopper's camera and other cameras around the trailer park to locate as many enemies as you can, then go in to kill as many standard enemies as you can. To make things much easier on yourself, kill the gunman sitting on the side of the chopper so it flies off. Save the enforcers for last.

After hacking the code off of the chiefs, backup will arrive to stop you. Kill them all or escape the scene to successfully pull off the heist. The next big step is to infiltrate Blume and plant a virus into their system, but first, you'll want to get rid of some of their security teams.

3-3 Unstoppable Force

The Pawnee Militia are driving towards Blume in a direct path. If you eliminate this Militia leader, you can weaken Blume's security. This mission is just a convoy attack; take a car and plow into the target at a high speed or set IEDs in place to kill him when he crosses over them. If you do use explosives, make sure you kill the target, because he's the only enforcer of the group. Kill off the others to finish this very short mission.

3-4 The Future is in Blume

With security weakened, drive up to Blume HQ and take a peek into the guard station east of the front gate. You should be able to distract a guard with a phone in the corner; do so and use your silenced pistol to get rid of him, then use the camera in the guard station to unlock the front gate (and the guard station's door, if you wish). From here on out, I suggest moving clockwise around the entirety of Blume HQ to kill all guards in the area to ensure your safety. This is particularly important because getting caught here will result in a game over.

Use Blume's computers and security terminals to break into their servers, then follow a trail of cameras - starting with a body camera - to find Damien Brenks meeting up with one of Blume's executives. It appears he's decided to sell out Raymond Kenney for access to ctOS. After regaining control of Aiden, try to sneak out of Blume or kill everyone looking for you, then exit out a side gate towards a bike. The next mission starts right away.

3-5 For the Portfolio

Hop on a bike and ride it to Ray's place, then clear his place of enemies and help him take out incoming soldiers as he rigs bombs around the area. Once you kill absolutely everyone in your way, follow Ray to a boat and ride off towards the bunker with him.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree. There is one more song unlocked by advancing through the story.

3-6 By Any Means Necessary

It's time to finish the job Bedbug couldn't do. Infiltrate the courtyard of Rossi-Fremont once again, preferably stealthily, then use a Blackout so Clara and Ray can let you inside. From there, fight all the way up to the top floor and download Iraq's data. After you get it, Iraq will stop you as you try to leave. Listen to him talk for a while and fight off a few of his men. An enforcer with twice the health of a normal one will take the scene up on the roof; if you have the GL-94, use it to kill him, then use focus to put several rounds into Iraq's head once he spawns.

Now that you have what Damien wants, it shouldn't be long before Nicki is safe and sound.

One Down, One to Go

Complete Act 3

One Down, One to Go
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Watch_Dogs | Act 4

4-1 Someone's Knocking

Drop into the bunker and watch as Defalt, a lone hacker, takes all of Iraq's data from your systems. Work through three rat-shaped puzzles, each slightly increasing in difficulty, then watch as Defalt leaves you empty-handed. He'll leave you an audio file, exposing one of the people involved in Lena's death. Ray will work on fighting Defalt while you're up against Damien.

4-2 In Plain Sight

After meeting with Damien, your identity as the Vigilante will come forth to the public. Quickly get in a vehicle and find the news van Damien is bouncing the signal off of, then take out the driver. A massive ctOS scan will take place to look for you; Try to use Jam Coms until you can hit a shoreline or dock, then take a standard boat (not a taxi boat) and sail off. A fast way to lose the police is to get caught by the scan in the water, then disabling the helicopter with either your phone or bullets. When the chopper is hurt, it'll either continue looking for you or will lose you. If the former happens, hack it again. If it loses you, get out of the search radius before it finds you again.

Ray will tell you he's found Defalt's apartment.

4-3 The Rat's Lair

After calling Ray again, look to the north and right of the road to find a router to Defalt's room. You'll see Ray poke around for a bit before escaping, and once you're back on your side of things, you'll have to help Ray escape Defalt's fixers. You could order him to move from cover to cover, but you could also just eliminate all of the fixers yourself. Do whichever you feel like.

Defalt will sic tons of fixers onto you after you help Ray escape, and because he has access to ctOS, he'll disable any opportunities for you to perform vehicle takedowns. What I ended up doing, instead of playing cat and rat throughout the city again, was to just stand my ground and kill the fixers. After all, you may have explosives and other gear up your sleeve. ctOS isn't your only weapon.

4-4 The Defalt Condition

Now that you know where Defalt is and that he keeps Iraq's files on his person, it's time to hit the club. Profile about three people in the club wearing strange outfits (almost like bodysuits) and then use a camera up above the dance floor to hack a panel on the upper balcony. After getting through Defalt's security, he'll flip you off and head to the rooftops. Follow him there, defeat his fixers, and chase after him by car. You'll want to get close enough to him to retrieve Iraq's data. After taking the data, you're free to kill this Defalt or let him run free, it's up to you.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree.

4-5 Little Sister

It's time to break Nicki out. Hack into a terminal outside of the fixers' range and help Nicki get to a phone. After that, you're supposed to guide her along to a car so she can escape; ignore that altogether and kill all enemies yourself. Putting things in your control is much easier and will likely be faster than telling Nicki what to do every step of the way. Once she leaves, you're going to pick her and Jackson up to take them out of the city.

4-6 Ghosts of the Past

Pick up your family and drive up towards Pawnee without being caught by the police. The easy thing to do is disable the helicopter and swim through police cars and blockades. If necessary, disable the helicopter again and pass through to upper Parker Square until they call off the search. Drop Nicki and Jackson off and learn who's been behind it all from Ray after they take off.

4-7 No Turning Back (Part 1)

Waltz up to the Merlaut and hack inside to watch Lucky Quinn and Mayor Rushmore stand in front of a crowd for a while, then continue to follow them until you eventually hack through the security room. Once that's done, burst into the hotel and kill off the guards so you can get to the elevator and ride it up.

Quinn will make an escape, somehow. Fight back against the incoming soldiers (including one enforcer) and chase him to his impenetrable room. Pull the shutters up and listen to him talk trash a little bit longer before profiling him and hacking something he's got. After more talking from the old man, hack him again and leave the hotel.

You're expected to escape the police after leaving the hotel. If you actually want to do this, you'll first want to hide behind something and disable the helicopter until it pulls away, then make a mad dash for the docks nearby. Grab a boat and set sail as far as you can south to avoid the search.

The second part of this mission starts immediately after receiving the mission rewards.

4-8 No Turning Back (Part 2)

Ray will call to tell you that Clara has turned herself into Damien, and you can find her at the cemetery in Parker Square. Dock and drive over there - or continue using the boat - to get to her, then fight off the fixers that take over the area. There's only one last thing to do now: Stop Damien.


Complete Act 4

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Note: Before starting Act 5, you should try to have every skill in the skill tree unlocked. This shouldn't be a problem if you've been working on side missions/investigations/collectibles as you progress through the story.


Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

There are only two more missions left in the story. One is a sort of after-credits kind of thing, so there's really only one if you want to get technical. Everything boils down to this. Make sure you're fully prepared and have all of the available skills.

Watch_Dogs | Act 5

5-1 Sometimes You Still Lose

Drive to Chicago's ctOS hub and try to infiltrate it. You won't be able to do it, and this will be when Damien will show off his access to the system. Ray will suggest a last resort: the same virus that he used in 2003. To use it in Chicago, you'll have to avoid Damien's chaos and look to the many icons on your minimap and around your view. The three places you have to upload the virus to will remain stationary; though they may be difficult to pick out, you'll eventually find them if you look hard enough. Reach each location and upload the virus as police try to stop you. Don't bother wasting Jam Coms for the cops' scans.

After uploading the virus, avoid the police - now that Damien has stopped hacking the city, you'll be free to reach the main station and send it to a satellite. Do so and set sail to the lighthouse east of The Loop, encounter Damien and wrap things up for good.

5-2 Guys Like Us

Maurice is the last loose end to tie up. Shoot him or walk away, it's your choice.

Log Off

Complete Act 5

Log Off
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

There are 46 unique fixer contracts and 18 criminal convoys in Watch_Dogs. You have to complete 40 of the fixer contracts (a workaround is below) and all criminal convoys for trophies. Because these missions are mostly reliant on driving, the driving and hacking skills on the skill tree are most important here, but some convoys greatly benefit from the Enforcer Combat Take Down combat skill. Having more skills is obviously going to make these missions easier, but they shouldn't be too hard once you reach that moment of comfortable familiarity with this game.

The rules for any side mission (convoy, fixer contract, gang hideout) are as follows:

  • Only about 20 total side missions can appear on the map at once
  • Certain mission types hit a maximum amount of map icons, meaning you'll have to finish some up to make more appear
  • 25 fixer contracts must be completed for one of the gang hideouts to appear

Watch_Dogs | Fixer Contracts

Because each type of fixer contract is largely the same thing (one Decoy mission is basically the same as another), there isn't much to say on individual level tips. As such, this page will go over the basics for each type of contract and provide locations for where each one is located. You can do all of the fixer contracts if you're a completionist, but you can also read the below box for a workaround for getting the trophy.

The trophy pertaining to fixer contracts requires you to finish 40 total, but people actually get by with simply replaying the same mission multiple times (done by using the fixer contract app in your phone). The contract of choice is the interception contract called The Hunter in Parker Square. To do this mission quickly, use the Destroyer sniper rifle (earned by finishing 10 criminal convoys) to blow up the target's truck with two Destroyer shots from a faraway hilltop before he gets into his car.

You can also just replay any fixer contract you feel like. The downside to replaying contracts and not finishing new ones is that unfinished fixer contracts will continue to plague your map until you finish them - and Ubisoft world maps can get very busy.


Getaway missions put you in the driver's seat of a hot vehicle. You'll have to escape the police or fixers, followed by potential ctOS scans, and then drop off the car at the designated area. The best perks for these missions are Defensive Driver from the driving skill tree, as well as all hacking skills you can use on the road. There are 11 getaway fixer contracts.

The Tracked mission is glitched. Sometimes, the police will never cease their chase after you. To resolve this, you'll have to quit out of the mission entirely.

Getaway Fixer Contracts

Armored PursuitThe Loop
Escape ArtistMad Mile
In the SpotlightBrandon Docks
Members OnlyThe Wards
Pickup and RunBrandon Docks
Playing it SafeThe Loop
Scenic RetreatPawnee
Showroom ConditionMad Mile
TrackedThe Loop
Under ConstructionParker Square


Decoy missions are glorified checkpoint races, except ctOS scans will start to pass through the map to find you. The best skills to have for these missions are Defensive Driver and Off-Road Driver, both of which are in the driving section of the skill tree. Having hacking skills helps for the off chance you get in a serious chase.

No scan should catch you if you're concentrating only on the checkpoints, but if you do get spotted, continue through the checkpoints; there's a chance you'll lose everyone as you speed along. There are 11 decoy fixer contracts.

Decoy Fixer Contracts

BootleggedBrandon Docks
DeceptionMad Mile
DistractionThe Loop
Ghost TrailThe Loop
MisguidedThe Loop
Parker Square RallyParker Square
RaidBrandon Docks
RailroadedParker Square
Ridge RiderBrandon Docks
Trails and TribulationsPawnee
Wild RideMad Mile


Interception contracts require you to find a target, hack his data, and take him out. Sometimes you don't have to hack anyone, and sometimes there are two targets. This type of contract can be done in a few ways: The usual thing to do is tail a guy closely until you've leeched the data off of him, and the other thing to do is neutralize the target so you can take him down and retrieve the data instantly.

The best skills to have here are Offensive Driver and Defensive Driver from the driving section of the skill tree, as well as any amount of hacking skills that can be used on teh road. There are 14 interception fixer contracts.

Interception Fixer Contracts

Bandwidth ExceededBrandon Docks
BufferingThe Loop
Connection InterruptedThe Wards
Data LeechThe Loop
Deadly LoopThe Loop
DerailedBrandon Docks
Double VisionThe Loop
Gateway TimeoutThe Loop
Hard ShoulderThe Wards
Muscle OutBrandon Docks
Number CrunchThe Loop
Road SoldierParker Square
Rogue DataThe Loop
The HunterParker Square


In these missions, you must take a car to a certain point, then take another from that place to the next destination until the chain is finished. You have a certain amount of time to do all of this and are given more time with each new car you start to drive.

The only skill you need to worry about for these missions is Defensive Driver from the driving skill tree. There are 10 transporter fixer contracts.

Transporter Fixer Contracts

Delivery ManBrandon Docks
Grand TriathlonThe Wards
Hot PropertyParker Square
Industry StandardsBrandon Docks
Lap of LuxuryMad Mile
Muscle MemoryThe Loop
Pier PressureBrandon Docks
Straight and NarrowParker Square
The BadlandsPawnee
Urban ExplorationThe Loop

End of Line

Complete 40 Fixer Contracts

End of Line
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Criminal Convoys

Criminal convoys are missions in which you must stop a target from reaching a destination, then either knock them down or kill them. Sometimes, there are two targets, but never more than that, and targets are always surrounded by allies. All of these missions essentially play out the exact same way, like fixer contracts: Ram into a vehicle (or wait for a killable target to drive over a steam pipe, IED or something), kill the enemies you can kill, then go in for the target(s) if they must be knocked down.

The Excessive Force convoy involves a target that must be knocked down, but he's surrounded by cops (because the target is also a cop). For this mission, it's best not to worry about the penalties to your reputation and just go in for as many enemy deaths as it takes to get to the target. There's never a shortage of detected crimes in Chicago.

The final convoy, Requiescat in Pace, demands that all 17 other convoys have been completed. Even then, people have reported that the mission simply isn't popping up for them. The only thing you can really do for it to show up is wait; if you've decided by chance to wait until you've beaten the entirety of the story and all of the required side content before finishing the convoys, here are a few things you can do to spend time:

  • Fixer contracts (It is not reasonable for me to expect anyone to actually finish all 46, so you very likely have some unfinished business there. If not, consider replaying fixer contracts as a last resort.)
  • Cash Run (38 courses total)
  • Idling your controller while doing something else (Unfortunately.)

Watch_Dogs | Criminal Convoys

Criminal Convoys

Road Rage

Complete every Criminal Convoy

Road Rage
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

There are 15 gang hideouts throughout Chicago, and finishing each one grants you two skill points. It goes without saying that these hideouts should be considered a higher priority than fixer contracts and criminal convoys, as skill points are key to increasing your potential.

In gang hideouts, you have to find and knock out (usually) one target without killing him. The best way to do this is to simply remain undetected for the duration of your attack on a hideout, and the best way to pinpoint everyone in a hideout is to use a ctOS scan. These scans can be crafted - if you have the skills to do so. Additionally, all targets will always have a two-chevron symbol on them and will never have any kind of special hack (like explosives, comms, reinforcements).

The rules for any side mission (convoy, fixer contract, gang hideout) are as follows:

  • Only about 20 total side missions can appear on the map at once
  • Certain mission types hit a maximum amount of map icons, meaning you'll have to finish some up to make more appear
  • 25 fixer contracts must be completed for one of the gang hideouts to appear

Watch_Dogs | Gang Hideouts

Gang Hideouts


Location: Pawnee

Because there are three targets here, you want to make sure you know who they are as fast as possible. One target is on a dock by himself on the western half of the area; if you can get to him and take out a few normal enemies on the other docks, that should save you some hassle for later. The key to making this hideout safer to traverse is to take out at least two of the targets while remaining undetected.

Once that target is down, look for the other two and work on killing everyone who isn't a target. The next guy to knock down should be near the southern entrance to the hideout. Save the other target for last.

Burning Bridges

Location: Pawnee

There are three targets along the unfinished bridge. Starting at the south side, you should encounter one of the targets, a sniper, and a few other enemies. Take care of the other enemies at your leisure, but make sure you know who the target is so you don't kill him. After you do that, cross some metal walkways underneath the bridge itself to get to the other side and call an elevator up to you. Take out the other side of the bridge (and another target) as you wait for the elevator, then ride down and hit the third target once you reach sea level.

Compliments for the Cook

Location: The Wards

For this hideout, you'll have to be extra careful not to be spotted by the target. This guy'll flee the scene if his detection meter fills up even halfway. To get around this, you'll obviously want to remain undetected the entire time you're here. Assuming you're entering from the west side, you can also use cameras to scour the entire hideout to find the target. This will at least let you know who to kill on sight.

To get to the target, you're going to want to wipe out the west side of the hideout first, just to make sure you remain undetected. Then look to the middle-north of the area for a sniper on top of a box. Kill him with repeated pistol shots (if a headshot fails), then wait to see if other gang members will climb onto the box. Keep looking at the box and kill these enemies if they appear.

After this stops being beneficial, start your approach and clean up any remaining gang members that aren't the target, then go in for the swat once he's the last man standing.


Location: Pawnee

This gang hangs out at a graveyard. Start by running up the slope on the southern edge and taking out the sniper there, then try to scope out the target and kill everyone else around him without being seen. There's a camera at the sniper's nest if you'd like to use it.

That's all there is to say about this place, aside from the fact that there's very little cover for you to use here. You should be fine as long as you recall that you have focus to slow down time.

Gone in a Flash

Location: Brandon Docks

There's a sniper at this loading bay, and he's in a little den on the southern side of the area. Scan the loading bay using cameras and locate as many people as you can, including the target, then take out the sniper quietly. After he's out of the picture, quietly shoot out everyone else without giving the target any big surprises.

The Low Road

Location: Mad Mile

Unlike other hideouts with this kind of layout, this one is pretty easy to sneak into after you kill a few guys near the entrance. As you make your way further into the area, profile enemies and kill them if they're not the target and if they're not near other enemies. Only go for the target once he's either all alone or he's far from the stragglers you haven't dealt with yet.

No Parking

Location: The Loop

This hideout consists of two floors of a parking garage. This is one of the gang hideouts that benefit most from a ctOS scan, so consider using one if you can afford it. There's only one target and he's on the second floor (well, second floor of the hideout). That means you can take out the entire first floor with no hesitation, so do that quietly and efficiently. Using explosives in the area is a no-go; you don't want the target getting antsy.

Once you hit the upper floor, use cameras to locate the target so you know who not to kill. Once you know who the target is, kill everyone else and take him down last.

Out of the Woodwork

Location: Pawnee

There's a lot of cover to work with here, and cameras can help you find the first target. The cover helps immensely with trying to deal with the enemies that are already here. If you're fast enough, you can eliminate the entirety of the first squad before the second target and his group of gang members shows up, which should happen after a few minutes. Take out the second target and clear out the rest of the enemies to keep this place gang-free.


Location: Brandon Docks

You've got to deal with one target on the upper walkways of a warehouse, but gang members are surrounding said warehouse. Use cameras to scout out the exterior and use one of these cameras to connect to one inside the warehouse. Kill everyone you can, as long as he's not the target of course, and knock out the target when he's the last one standing. He has a much harder time escaping this warehouse than other targets at other gang hideouts do.

Port Authority

Location: Brandon Docks

This port hideout is like the previous in that the target is on the upper walkways of a warehouse. As with the Packing gang hideout, you're going to want to wipe out as many enemies outside the warehouse as you can. Then, from a safe distance, try to locate the target and kill as many other enemies as you can before entering to confront the target. Take him down when he's all alone.

Street Cleaning

Location: The Loop

By using cameras, you can scope out the locations of everyone in the hideout, save for about two enemies. If you'd like to take care of one of the harder-to-see enemies right off the bat, enter the hideout from the northern end, as it takes you to an upper parking lot. This lot has one gang member and a set of stairs leading to ground level, and you can easily shoot out most of the remaining enemies from here.

There should be a sniper even higher up from the parking lot, but he might drop down to a visible level after you cause enough carnage down below. It should be safe to knock down the target once all other ground enemies are taken care of, even if the sniper is still active. He's just one guy, after all.

Swap Meet

Location: The Wards

This hideout gave me a little bit of trouble, which isn't something I can say for most of the others on this page. Enter from the east and stay outside of the hideout's boundaries as you kill as many people on the southern side of the area as you can (with your silenced pistol, of course). The target is in the northern half of the area and is relatively close to your position, but you should make an effort to kill as many of his henchmen as possible before running up to get him. There are about three other enemies on the northern edge of the hideout, as well as some strays on the south and west ends, so you want to make sure you're as safe as possible before running in for the knockout blow.

The Tower

Location: Mad Mile

The Tower is just the higher end of a parking garage in the shape of a spire. It's going to take quite a while to get up to the gang members on foot, so I suggest you drive up there and stop when you either see someone or when the game tells you that you've entered the hideout zone.

Because this place runs on a very linear path, it should be very easy to locate all gang members as you make your climb upwards. Do your best to kill all of them, but make sure to profile each one so you can confirm that you're not killing the target. Look for a wooden platform with a ladder leading up to it on your left as you ascend. There's a gang member on top of it (and killing him will be beneficial on the whole), but you can also use this platform to scout out a little more of the surrounding area. The target should be just past this platform.

Two for One

Location: The Loop

There are two targets in this hideout, so you'll really want to make sure you identify them quickly. One is on the rooftop on the west side of the hideout, and the other is kind of in the middle on one of the lower square rooftops. This lower target should barely get in your way.

To get to the rooftops, head to the center of the overall area and look north to find a staircase leading up. From here, climb on over to the eastern set of rooftops and kill the two enemies walking around here. Then use the camera system to identify as many gang members as you can, including the target on the west set of rooftops and a sniper. The target near you is pretty hard to profile.

After doing this, run all the way back around to the western rooftops and kill the sniper and the other enemies near your position. Take down the first target, clear the main rooftop of enemies, and then profile the second target so you can take down the right guy.

Union Dues

Location: Parker Square

For this hideout, approach from the open side to the north and use cameras to identify everyone in the building. Then run along the outer west side of the building and look on the scaffolding for a ladder going up. You can use this to reach the floor of the building that everyone happens to be on, and from here, you can shoot at some enemies without being in the hideout's red zone. Clear the floor of bad guys and save the target for last.

Basest Base

Complete every Gang Hideout

Basest Base
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The investigations Aiden can take part in are fairly long, but only because these are another form of collectible. Some investigations end in a small mission of their own, but these aren't usually too complicated. There are trophies for each investigation, as well as one for finishing all of them.

The locations of these clue-collectibles and what to do when you've found them all can be found on this page. Please keep in mind that most investigations cannot be finished (unless you try to do it earlier) until you can make the last clues you need to pop up on the map. This occurs after Act 3-1.

Human Traffic

Human Trafficking

You can start and finish the human trafficking investigation after finishing Act 2-12: A Risky Bid. Each buyer from the auction must be hacked to locate their apartments, which contain briefcases that you have to find. Because the buyers lead to different locations, the identification system on the map matches the chart: Each letter is associated with the number in which it appears chronologically in the alphabet.

All you have to do is hack the phone of a buyer, who won't even run away or anything, then perform a simple intrusion (like a privacy invasion). Just do that ten times and you'll have most of this investigation taken care of.

Joseph DeMarco, the handler for the human trafficking scene, can be found in The Loop after scanning all ten briefcases. After searching his room, you'll find that corrupt cops are preparing to escort him out of town. Kill DeMarco and escape the police to end this crime web once and for all. It may be hard to kill DeMarco without killing police officers, but don't worry about that too much. You get a reputation boost after finishing investigations.

Revoking Client Privileges

Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation

Revoking Client Privileges
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Burner Phones

Burner Phones

Maurice Vega's burner phones are scattered all throughout Chicago. You'll pick up one from him at the start of Act 1-1, so there are six more to find before you're able to finish the investigation. All burner phones are easy to find and all you have to do is hack them, so you should have no trouble getting to each phone. You should be aware, however, that the burner phones in Pawnee are not going to appear on your map until you finish Act 3-1.

Finding all eight burner phones ends this investigation.

Sanity Check

Collect all 8 Burner Phones

Sanity Check
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QR Codes

QR Codes

Parker Square 1Cross the street to the west and look for a camera on the northeast corner of a building.
Parker Square 2Go south down the street and enter a fenced area on the west side. A camera above the southern end of the area can view the QR code.
Mad Mile 1There's a parking garage (the opening doors face north) west of the fast travel point. When you find yourself in front of the doors, look up above them for a camera.
Mad Mile 2Look across the street for a little area with tables and chairs. On the corner of a building here is the camera that can scan the code.
Mad Mile 3This camera is a fair walk away from the QR code itself. It'll be on the corner of a building with the American flag flying to its south.
The Loop 1Walk into the eastern alley here and use a camera just near the sidewalk.
The Loop 2Get to the L-Train station southwest of the code and run towards it on the tracks until you can climb on some metal platforms on your right side. Once you've safely made it onto them, look up and to the east for a camera.
The Loop 3Head to Frewer's shop and swim west across to the western island of The Loop. There's a camera under the highway that can view the code.
The Loop 4Look to the building west of the L-Train station and check out the camera near the northwest corner of the building. The code is a fair distance away.
The Wards 1Drive over to the docks and pick up a boat, then park it in the vacant space in front of a closed metal gate in the water. There's a camera on the left that can spot the code, which is south of the camera.
The Wards 2Walk west a bit towards some brick apartments and look for a circular camera high up, near the middle of the buildings. Use it to look east.
Brandon Docks 1East of the code is a large warehouse full of boats on blue metal racks. Use a camera on the west side of this warehouse to find the code.
Brandon Docks 2Look for a nearby L-Train station and use a camera on a building north of it to look west.
Brandon Docks 3Drive across the bridge to the east and use the camera just on the right side of the road.
Brandon Docks 4There's a gas station northeast of the code. Head over to it and use a camera on a pole at the southern end of the station.
Pawnee 1The camera for this code is on the southern side of the unfinished bridge. Hug the west side and use the camera just north of a red metal container.

QR codes have been hidden on walls and other objects, and can only be scanned correctly if viewed from a certain camera angle. Hacking specific cameras is the only way you'll be able to get the audio logs hidden in each code. The last QR code will not appear on your map until you finish Act 3-1.

DedSec will call you when you've scanned all 16 codes. To test both you and G1gg1L3s, they want you to put a virus into his stuff. Though hacking into his apartment is a bit complex, there's no timer, and it should be fairly simple to unlock certain pieces if you focus on one at a time.


Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation

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Missing Persons

Missing Persons

Parker Square 1Run into the tunnel by going between the parked trains.
The Loop 1Sail to the lighthouse and park your boat by the dock near the hotspot. From the top of the stairs, go north into a gated area, then east towards the small building the body is in.
Brandon Docks 1This is a very easy body to get to; just drop off the bridge or descend from the bridge's southern end, then walk on up to the body.
Brandon Docks 2Just walk up some stairs to this one. They weren't even trying to hide it here.
Pawnee 1This body is in a train car. It's easy to reach once you get to it.
Pawnee 2The body is inside a shack. You can push an old wooden door to get inside.

The missing persons investigation can be started immediately. There are six bodies around Chicago that, when scanned, add to the investigation's progress. There are usually audio logs nearby for you to collect, if you're interested. It would be wise to scan the Pawnee bodies last, as the culprit behind it all is located in Pawnee.

Once you're at the little village in Pawnee, look for a woman who suffers from hemophilia and trail her to find the suspect. Knock him down to end the investigation.

Darkness Looms

Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation

Darkness Looms
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Weapons Trade

Weapons Trade

Parker Square 1Go east across the street and use a camera to look at the top of a building. The access panel to open the garage with the crate is there.
Mad Mile 1Look west of the garage the weapons are being held in and look upwards across the street toward a camera on a tall white building. Use it to open the garage.
Mad Mile 2Look on the sides of the building for a ladder to get to the roof. From there, climb onto the side of an angled piece of the roof to get to the very top. You can open the garage from the roof.
The Loop 1The router for this garage door isn't hard to get to, but it is pretty far away. It'll take about 10-15 seconds of following the signal trail until you find the router.
The Loop 2Head east down an alley until you get to the sidewalk. There should be a camera around here that can spot the router you need to unlock for this garage door.
The Loop 3When facing the garage door, look high above it to find the camera required to open the door.
The Wards 1This router can be spotted from the roof of a nearby building. Simply follow the signal and you'll find it.
Brandon Docks 1A camera on the northwest corner of the building can let you in.
Brandon Docks 2Run south of the garage door and look for some stairs leading up. You can find the router to the door after using about two sets of stairs.

There are nine garages with weapon crates in each one, and they all lead to something suspicious. Each crate is protected by a locked garage door, which you must open by finding the one router connected to it.

After scanning all nine crates and finishing Act 2-6, Frewer will call you to send you the hotspot for all of this criminal activity. The fixers responsible for the weapons trade have taken control of a warehouse. Kill everyone inside, preferably silently, and get ready for backup to arrive. Prepare explosives if you wish, but try to stay on the upper catwalks before the reinforcements spot you. Kill them all and prep for the last wave of fixers. Unfortunately for many, you'll have to clear all three waves of fixers in one go. Dying takes you back to square one.

With this group of fixers out of Chicago's way, unsolved crimes will plummet. Does this affect you very much? No, not really, but you should feel good about yourself.

Saturday Night Special

Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation

Saturday Night Special
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They Call Him The Vigilante

Complete every Investigation

They Call Him The Vigilante
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Collectibles come in many forms. Some are actual collectibles, some are small diversions, and others are just checking in at hotspots. Of all the collectibles in the progression wheel, the only kind not required for trophies is audio logs, but that's because you'll be finding tons of those through investigations anyway. You can basically finish up all collectible types except for SongSneak songs during or after Act 1, depending on when you decide to tackle the ctOS towers around Chicago.


SongSneak is a music app that adds songs to your library after hearing them once. There are 23 songs total that you need to acquire, and this is definitely more complicated than you might think it'd be at first glance.

To start, three songs can only be obtained by hacking them out of citizens' phones when they're listening to them. Three other songs are obtained through story progression. All of the 17 other songs can be obtained by either hacking phones or using the SongSneak app on your phone menu when the song is playing from a speaker somewhere. When using the speaker method, never change the song on the speaker yourself; that'll just change it to a song you definitely already have, making you wait longer for your desired song to appear.

A chart listing all required songs is below.

Ms. CrumbyThe AuditionHack from Phones Only
Cluj NapocaBryan Doherty BandMad Mile Chess (West)
The Loop Chess (West)
The Loop Poker
Brandon Docks Chess
Funeral SingersCalifoneParker Square Chess
Mad Mile Chess (West)
The Loop Chess (West)
Brandon Docks Chess
Pawnee Pharmacy
Wake Up SunshineChicagoParker Square Pawn Shop
The Loop Restaurant (North/South)
Never AgainDanko JonesMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Gun Shop
Brandon Docks Slots
Pawnee Drinking Game
Pawnee Gun Shop
Bright IdeaDrew GressThe Loop Poker
SimplifyHenhouse ProwlersMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Chess (Central/South)
The Loop Gun Shop
Brandon Docks Slots
Pawnee Gun Shop
My My MyJamie LonoParker Square Poker
Parker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
Where the Sidewalk EndsJDPThe Wards Gun Shop
The Wards Pawn Shop
Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix)Johnny FiascoFinish Act 4-4
TalkJulia KleeThe Loop Chess (Central/South)
The Loop Restaurant (North/South)
Pawnee Pharmacy
Out to Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona)Kidz in the HallThe Wards Gun Shop
The Wards Pawn Shop
You Burnt MeLil Ed and the Blues ImperialsParker Square Pawn Shop
Parker Square Poker
The Wards Chess
Brandon Docks Bar
Pawnee Gun Shop
Going Down HighMadina LakeMad Mile Restaurant
Mad Mile Slots
DanceMickeyParker Square Gun Shop
Parker Square Pawn Shop
Parker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
Jesus Built My Hot RodMinistryFinish Act 3-5
Blvck and White (Feat. SRH)muGzHack from Phones Only
The BottomThe Record LowMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Gun Shop
Dark SteeringSquare PusherHack from Phones Only
Lost BoysSummer GirlfriendsParker Square Chess
High Class Slim Came Floatin' InTortoiseThe Loop Poker
Alarm ClocksThe VindictivesParker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
C.R.E.A.M.Wu Tang ClanFinish Act 2-11

Disk Space Full

Unlock every song with the SongSneak app

Disk Space Full
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Privacy Invasions

Privacy Invasions

Parker Square 1You're going to have to follow the white trail all the way to another house a fair walking distance away, then make sure you extend your reach by passing by another house between the first and the target.
Parker Square 2The first router you have to hack is a bit northwest of the main one and is between two fences. The second can be seen if you hack the camera directly north of the main router.
Parker Square 3Follow the trail for this router south and up some stairs to a parking lot. If you stand by a protector in the ground, you should be able to just barely reach the first router with your phone from where you're standing.
Parker Square 4A stairway leads up to the router.
Parker Square 5This is another router that requires you to find two other routers first. There's a camera to the northwest that can spot both boxes.
Mad Mile 1Unlock pieces using the one timed piece. Most of the pieces are unlocked in a clockwise direction.
Mad Mile 2The first router you need to hack is a bit of a distance away and is on the corner of a car dealership building. The second router is high up on a balcony and you must use a camera to see it.
Mad Mile 3There's a forklift north of this invasion that you'll have to use to get close enough to the router. You have to work fast, as this invasion constantly ticks away at a 30-second timed piece. Rotate the lower pieces to work up towards unlocking one of the corner pieces, then do so again and finish the invasion.
Mad Mile 4You should be able to easily locate the two preliminary routers for this invasion using nearby cameras. The paths to each should easily be matched with a respective camera in the area.
Mad Mile 5There are no time-sensitive pieces in this puzzle. It should be pretty easy to get through, too.
Mad Mile 6The router is not protected by other routers. Unlock one piece each on your left and right side, then work on unlocking the pieces in the upper left and right corners so you can go in for the kill.
Mad Mile 7There are fortunately no time-sensitive pieces for this puzzle. Work your way from about 7 o'clock counterclockwise to unlock pieces.
Mad Mile 8You're going to have to drop down into the tunnel near this invasion's router so you can find the others that connect to it. Fortunately, you can use a camera above the main router to finish the invasion instead of having to climb back up to it.
The Loop 1First, set up the puzzle so you can unlock the upper right piece very quickly, then unlock it and stop the timer piece from ticking. Continue to finish the puzzle by positioning the T piece so it's upside-down and making the L piece just southeast of it to be in an L formation. The lowest piece should move the circuit left.
The Loop 2The final solution to this puzzle requires the lowest T piece to be turned with its flat side to the right and the T piece northeast of it to be upside-down. Work from there to finish the puzzle. This invasion stars Aisha Tyler, one of Ubisoft's big stars you may have seen on the stage at E3.
The Loop 3Simply use cameras to the east and locate the two routers connected to the main one. The first is on the ground level, but you really ought to just spot it from a camera so you don't have to walk towards it yourself.
The Loop 4This puzzle runs on a minute timer and requires you to use the lower section of the puzzle to work on moving upwards. If you're quick on your feet, a minute should be plenty of time.
The Loop 5For this puzzle, keep the timed T piece in place so that it connects with all three paths it can possibly connect to, then finish the puzzle like normal. The timed piece only really has to be used to unlock a piece, and that's it.
The Loop 6Hack cameras until you can reach the other end of the alley. This saves you the hassle of running to the two routers down there yourself.
The Loop 7This is an extremely easy puzzle. Finishing it requires no guidance.
The Loop 8Focus on moving the lower pieces of this puzzle around so you can unlock all three locked pieces, then wrap things up by using them to finish the connection.
The Loop 9The first router in this chain is behind a garage door, so you may as well run over to it to unlock it. There doesn't seem to be a good connection through cameras that lets you access it easily. As you run back toward the main router, unlock two more side routers to finish the connection.
The Loop 10This puzzle runs on a timer, but it's fortunately extremely easy. Just move the T pieces so they connect with everything and you should be done in very few seconds.
The Wards 1Look around for cameras around the corner and follow the white trail to the first router, then use a closer camera to hack the second router.
The Wards 2Use a trail of cameras to locate the two initial routers - one on a roof and another atop a small building - and then reach the initial router at ground level.
The Wards 3The first router here is on a rooftop southwest of the invasion's map marker. The second is at ground level and a third is southeast on a rooftop. The main router is at ground level.
The Wards 4The main router is just at ground level with no strings attached. Unlock the piece "in front of you" first, then the one towards the right side of the screen.
The Wards 5A house west of the privacy invasion's map icon hosts the first router, and another house nearby has the second.
Brandon Docks 1The main router can be hacked immediately. To start, move the two T pieces on both sides of the puzzle so they move the blue code to all other directions. Then break the corner pieces free and use them to finish up the invasion.
Brandon Docks 2The first router to hack is in the northeast area of the same building the invasion is at. The second is pretty close to the main router and can be hacked just by looking at it.

Privacy invasions are slight diversions in which you can watch something happen in someone's home. These are very easy to do. Some locations require you to trail the signal wiring for a security router to other areas so you can push your access into it. Others require you to do a simple hacking minigame that only asks that you move blue trails around. Some joints can only be unlocked after giving proper power to that joint.

After successfully accessing a security router, you're given a small glimpse into the lives of others. A majority of these are pretty depressing scenes. If you're wondering, waiting for the security system to time out does not result in anything bad happening to you. Some invasions let you hack objects in houses that grant small amounts of money.


Complete every Privacy Invasion

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ctOS Towers

ctOS Towers

TowerHow to Access
Parker Square 1Enter the fence from the south side and look for a camera on the northern wall. Use it to drop a forklift to reveal another camera. This one can see a panel that will allow you to reach the tower.
Parker Square 2There's a small courtyard in the set of buildings this tower resides in. Enter the yard and look in the west half for a forklift in a fenced-in area that you can use to climb up to the roofs. By using another lift, you can reach the tower and easily hack the door open using a camera.
Mad Mile 1Drop down to the northern shore of this small island and stand on the docks. From here, you can use a camera to hack open a door that can take you upstairs. Simply follow the white trail towards another panel, then make a short jog to the tower.
Mad Mile 2Look around the complex for a panel at ground level, hack it, and then look for a lift to get to the roofs. Move along the roofs and look for more white-blue signal trails until you reach the tower.
Mad Mile 3This tower is atop a garage. Run up to the second floor and use a staircase (open a brown door in a corner) to get to the second-highest floor. From there, drop down towards a ladder and start your ascent to the tower.
The Loop 1This tower is in the courtyard between two larger buildings. There's only one panel here, and you can hack it using the camera near the tower itself. Climb up to the tower using lifts or ladders.
The Loop 2Start by using a lift in the alleyways to get to a low roof, then climb up as high as you can. Then use cameras to open up the path to the tower.
The Loop 3Like before, climb up as high as you can using a lift, then use cameras to open the path to the tower.
The Wards 1There's a set of stairs across the street that lead to the railway. You'll have to run across it to another rooftop, then use a camera to cause an explosion so you can hack a panel.
The Wards 2Climb up to the first door in your way, then use cameras to open the first door. Move south on the rooftops to hack a second panel, then continue to the tower.
Brandon Docks 1You'll need to use a lift to get across a bridge over the ground. Use a camera to look into a room to the west, then backtrack and open up your path to the tower.
Brandon Docks 2One camera in the nearby area can hack your way through a small building. There's an explosive set of equipment that, when used, will move some junk out of your way so you can use a lift. The lift takes you to the tower.
Brandon Docks 3The first hackable panel is on a small, lone building to the southeast. Hack it, then drive the car in front of it into the open carrier and raise it up. Drive the car through the fences once the carrier is at maximum height, then climb a ladder to reach the tower.

ctOS towers give you access to new hideouts and show side content on the map, and it's apparent that you should want to break into these as soon as possible. A tower can only be hacked into once you've breached the ctOS network in a region. Doing so for all of them rewards you with a trophy as well. Above is a chart with information on how to access each tower.

Clear Signals

Unlock every ctOS Tower

Clear Signals
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ctOS Breaches

ctOS Breaches

Parker Square 1Immediately look east for a bridge and run across it. Run to the second box (the first after starting) and use a nearby car to drive to the other spots.
Parker Square 2Start with the northernmost box and climb up to it, then run south to another at ground level. Climb on top of some stuff so you can hack it, then take a nearby car to the next box. A camera can reach the fourth box, and another east from the last can reach that one.
Parker Square 3The lone ctOS box nearest you can be reached by climbing some wooden palettes on the side of the ledge it's on. One is on the water's edge, another can be seen by a camera, and another has to be climbed to using scaffolding.
Parker Square 4Two of the four boxes are blocked by junk. If you really have trouble getting the junk out of the way, try shooting it with a strong gun.
Mad Mile 1To reach the starting box, climb up the central ring of buildings so you can use a glass bridge to close in on it. From the box, run to the southeast corner of the rooftops and hack the box there, and then do the same for the northeast corner. Return to where the middle box was and work on making your way down to the street. You'll next want to use a lift in the southwest corner of the neighborhood to raise up to a locked gate; hack it open using a camera overlooking the plaza (the router that opens it is on the northern wall of the plaza). Then run to the fourth box once you've opened the gate. Drop down to street level and head to the northwest corner of the neighborhood to find a way up to this set of rooftops. Hack the northwest box by climbing some ladders.
Mad Mile 2There's a lift on the west side of the building the starting box is on. Use it and run to another lift to finally start the breach. Use the lift you recently used and make it reach its lowest point, then drop off to the ground (you can just barely survive the fall). Head east and use a camera to reach the southernmost box. The remaining boxes can be hacked at ground level with little effort.
Mad Mile 3The first box is high up on the western wall of the building it's on, but it can be hacked if you're on the ground. Run to the street corner to the east and hack the camera high up the wall so you can hack the closest ctOS box. The next two boxes are at ground level and can be hacked easily, and the last can be reached by just hacking a lift.
The Loop 1Bring a small- or regular-sized vehicle with you for this breach. Hacking the first box is easy; it's just behind a trash can. Drive along the path near the water and hack the two ctOS boxes at your level, then drive off onto the pier. Get off when you see the path leading down to some docks by a bridge and use a boat to reach the last two boxes.
The Loop 2The first box is in the open by some plants. As soon as the breach starts, cross the street north and open the door to a parking garage, find the box inside, and hack it. Then return to the street and head a bit west into an alley. Climb onto a garbage bin north of where this ctOS box is hiding so you can climb up to it. There should be two boxes left. The southern one can be hacked by just running up to it and looking at it, and the northern one can be hacked with a camera.
The Loop 3The first box is on the southern side of a pillar. Run south and get to the boardwalk, then run west to hack the box there while standing on the ground. Next, take a boat and drive over to the box underneath the bridge, then park the boat to the north at a dock. After running up the stairs to get back to street level, you should be very close to your fourth ctOS box. Hack it and run over towards the last box, which can be hacked by a camera.
The Wards 1The first box can be hacked with a nearby camera. The four other boxes can be hacked with simple camera work; look around and you shouldn't have many problems finding which cameras work.
Brandon Docks 1The first box must be reached by running on the train tracks above street level. Return to the ground and run to the east side of a building with the closest ctOS box on it, then climb up to that box to hack it. Use a forklift on the southern side of the next box's building, then run up to the last two boxes. Keep using cameras to hack these boxes.
Brandon Docks 2The only way to start this breach is to take a tall moving truck (one may be nearby) and move it to the southeast corner of the breach's marker on the map. There's a tall staircase here that can only be accessed with a parked truck. Run down the staircase and drop off to the east, then run north up another set of stairs and hack the closest box. Return to ground level, move a forklift, and hack the next one. The second-to-last box has debris and fuel canisters in front of it, so fire at the fuel until it explodes, then use a nearby camera to hack it. You can swim to the last camera by jumping off the nearby bridge into the water below.
Brandon Docks 3To start this breach, hack the first box by using a camera west of it. After the breach starts, the lone box closest to you can be hacked by making a carrier descend and riding it back up. The southern box of the remaining three is deep inside a container; you'll have to climb other containers to the east to get to it. Cameras can hack the remaining two boxes.
Brandon Docks 4Hack the first box by standing at ground level, then run west into an alley and take the lift up to a rooftop. From here, run towards one of the ctOS boxes and hack it, then run east towards a lift that looks like it'd be completely useless. Ride this to the top so you can hack a camera that can reach the third box. The fourth box can be hacked with a camera on the east side of the building it's on, and the last box can be hacked using a camera in a construction yard. The camera you need is underneath a metal walkway.
Brandon Docks 5The starting box is on the back of a small building. The westernmost box requires you to hack a lift, but the other three can be accessed with cameras.

ctOS breaches are started by hacking a ctOS box. Doing this activates its related set of boxes that must be hacked in a certain timeframe. Each successful ctOS breach rewards you with an audio log.

System Mangler

Complete every ctOS Breach

System Mangler
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City Hotspots

There are 100 hotspots all around Chicago that you can check in at. People can leave gifts for others at hotspots, but since this game is so old already, don't expect any good exchanges. The trophy related to hotspots requires you to check in to all 100 unique locations, which you'd best do with online invasions set to off and with a few hours to spare so you can knock these all out at once.

People have had trouble finding certain hotspots because their icons are underneath criminal convoys, fixer contracts, or gang hideouts. There are two ways around this:

  1. Look on the map and reach every hotspot you can find on your own. Then use the hotspot app to search for currently unvisited hotspots and set a waypoint to any that you've missed.
  2. Just finish the side missions before attempting to find all hotspots. That way, they won't be blocking your view on the map. Granted, that means finishing almost 80 missions just to make hotspots more visible, but you have to finish a fair amount of these missions anyway.


Check in at every Hotspot

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Audio Logs

Audio logs are sound bytes you should find laying around as you complete story missions and work on investigations. These are overall only beneficial for some story background, but there's an experience bonus for you if/when you listen to 10 of them.

The Mini Game section of the progression wheel is mostly optional, but taking part in these games can yield good benefits (some better than others). Some preliminary info and some videos on the types of games that would benefit from having them are here on this page. You earn a trophy for trying out five different city games - if you've done what's on this page and haven't gotten it, try out a game of slots somewhere.

Shell Game

The shell game, or what many call the cup game, is just keeping track of where the ball goes as it moves under and between three cups on a table. There's no skill in winning at least three levels of the shell game - it just takes good perception (or the exploit in the next paragraph). There are three levels to win, and each level has three rounds (15 total). Of course, the reward for finishing the third level of the shell game is just a +500 experience bonus in a game chock-full of ways to get experience, so this might be something you pass up on.

With a high enough brightness setting on either the game or your computer, you can simply cn_start pause the game when all three cups have stopped moving and just look for the ball. It should be visible underneath one of the cups. With this trick, you can easily finish any round of all five levels of the shell game, should you so choose. This would be a neat way to make some small money relatively early on, but only in higher payments from higher levels.


Poker is, well, poker. The difficulty of winning depends on how high the stakes are, which depends on the location you play at. It'd be of great help if you already knew how to play poker, but if you don't, you can easily find the rules for it online.

To finish the progression wheel's task of playing poker, you've got to clear out the table, which means you have to take everyone else's money at the table. This can be a bit tedious, especially due to how long it takes, so feel free to just not do this. Depending on the room you're in, you can use cameras to peek at your opponents' cards if you really felt like it.

What worked for me was to bet wildly high after someone suddenly makes a big bet of their own. This should cause everyone to fold, giving you the chips of the opponent's original big bet. And if you're really just desperate to win, go all in as soon as possible and see what happens.


NVZN is a game you can play anywhere thanks to the wonders of VR. All you have to do is point a pixel-y gun at some pink pixel-y aliens and shoot them until they're all gone. After four rounds is a bonus round, and the fifth round starts after that, so keep that in mind if you're looking to get the Auto Weapons Expert skill someday.


The drinking game can be played at three different locations, each of which has its own difficulty to it. There are three locations total with ten levels each, and all must be completed for a trophy. For whatever reason, people have had trouble with the drinking games at launch, but it should be pretty simple and straight-forward now.

There are two types of minigames from drinking. One requires you to move either cn_LS or cn_RS in a circle until the symbol's meter is full; after it is, you just have to press the associated cn_L2 or cn_R2. The second type of minigame puts you in control of a circle radius and asks you to press cn_Xcn_Ocn_Scn_T when hovering over those buttons on the screen. Some of the face button prompts can lead to other ones or switch between two certain buttons. The hardest drinking opponent switches between these two game modes, which is kind of better than introducing a third playstyle.

All of this is done with the screen getting progressively blurrier and things being harder to control. After winning a level, your opponent will be too drunk to play. Just wait for about ten seconds or so and he should be sober and ready for more action. Again, beating all three opponents at all ten of their levels will give you a trophy - the only trophy in the Mini Games section.

Social Lubricant

Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

Social Lubricant
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


The progress wheel requires you to beat at least 10/30 levels of chess puzzles. Your total of 10 can come from a combination of the three sets of 10 available. All puzzles can be found at the east end of Mad Mile, so just go there and save yourself some time. You only need to finish ten puzzles; having a 3-star ranking in each one is not necessary. The best puzzles to complete are the ten in the path set, by far.

Path puzzles are relatively easy. For these, you must plan out your movements so you can wipe out all pawns on the board in as few moves as possible. For the sake of just finishing these, consider only the maximum amount of turns you have.

Survival puzzles set you up with a certain set of pieces, and you're tasked with surviving as long as you can. The amount of turns you have to survive seems generous, but it's actually fairly easy to get caught in checkmate.

End Game puzzles task you with putting your opponent in checkmate. Like with Survival, these require much more thought and are difficult due to the fact that you've got to ensure your opponent's defeat in a certain amount of turns.

Cash Run

Watch_Dogs | Cash Run

Cash Run is a parkour-ish type of game where you must start at a certain point and collect coins in as fast a time as possible. Depending on your time, you might earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal. A gold medal is what gives you a new pistol, and if you're not interested in a pistol, feel free to just ignore Cash Run altogether. If you like getting good times, however, a playlist of all 38 courses is here for you to test your own times against.

Cash Run

Power Cycle

Participate in 5 different City Games

Power Cycle
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Exclusive Contracts are available through individual DLC packs, or all three with the Access Granted Pack. These missions are not tied to any trophies and do not yield any particularly great benefits, so don't feel obligated to purchase any of this DLC if you don't want to. All three contracts become available after finishing Act 1.

Watch_Dogs | Exclusive Contracts

Exclusive Contracts


This mission is available with the Breakthrough Pack.

This contract is simply a criminal convoy mission. Your targets must be knocked down, not killed, and the reward for doing so is some free vehicles for the Car on Demand app, as well as some discounts on cars within the app.

Signature Shot

This mission is available with the Signature Shot Pack.

One of the Viceroy hideaways holds a biometric weapon - something only the owner can use (though that's not really an issue in this game). DedSec will lead you to one of the Viceroys, who you'll have to tail for several minutes until you find the stronghold he's associated with. Simply kill everyone here and take the weapon for yourself to end this mission.

The Palace

This mission is available with The Palace Pack.

A hacker named Danny SoSueMe has a lot of info on Aiden (and others) that must be destroyed. Find his mansion and take care of the enemies protecting the place, then use two ctOS boxes around the place to hack into his house's cameras. From here, you can wipe his laptop, but you'll also learn that he has 10 backup hard drives scattered around Chicago as a failsafe. For now, don't worry about that; Danny will start to flee in a car after you wipe his computer. Ignore all incoming enemies and quickly head to a vehicle for yourself so you can catch Danny. Take him out and look out for the hard drives at the following locations:

Hard Drives

After wiping all of the hard drives, SoSueMe's plans will be foiled and you should earn a bonus amount of cash when hacking ATMs.

Online contracts become available after finishing a short interrupting mission in Act 1, where you're given a tutorial on online hacking in particular. There are four types of primary contracts, three of which have trophies tied to them.

As you complete more contracts, your online reputation will go up and you'll receive slight bonuses in the form of skills. These can be viewed by pressing cn_T in the skill tree. The online-earned skills are overall not going to be long-stay skills, so don't stay too attached to those bonuses.

Online Hacking

Perhaps the most common form of contract, hacking involves one player looking for another as their search radius hones closer and closer on the target. The radius you have to stay inside of decreases after every +25% towards installing a backdoor, so you'll want to place your starting radius strategically. Unless you have an absolutely flawless hiding spot, it'd be wise to move to other positions every once in a while. Using blackouts at nighttime helps quite a bit, as this makes you even harder to see.

Finishing ten hacking contracts (as in reaching 100%) rewards you with a trophy, as well as some weapons along the way.


Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking

4 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

Online Tailing

Online tailing is by far the least intrusive online contract. In this type of contract, you must simply follow your target for a certain amount of time without them being aware that you're doing so. The challenge is now on you to keep up with your target as they move around the map (or if you're lucky, they'd be idle). Staying closer to your target will add more %age to your observation than if you were farther away. If you can keep them in your sights until you reach 100% observation without them profiling you, you'll successfully finish a tailing contract. Tailing increases at a higher rate when you're close to someone who is driving a vehicle.

Finishing ten tailing contracts also requires you to reach 100%, and gives you a trophy and weapons.

Stealth Cookie

Complete an Online Tailing without being detected

Stealth Cookie
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersus


Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing

1 guideOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

You must also be tailed five times yourself for a trophy, but this is fortunately doable with friends since the online community should be small enough to pinpoint each other after a while. Missions and minigames will prevent you from being tailed, so if you're willing to rely on luck for a while, avoid these.


Get tailed 5 times

2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

Online Racing

Players that engage in online racing are put into a racing lobby, in which they must complete a course before time runs out. After someone finishes in first place, all other racers have a short amount of time to cross the finish line so they can officially place on the board. A race will only count as completed towards your totals if you manage to finish The problems here are that first, the online is going to be pretty dead, and second, you have to be fairly close behind first place if you want the race to count.


Complete 10 Public Online Races

1 guideOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

Online Decryption

Online decryptions require 3-8 people and are sort of a free-for-all, with everyone fighting over a certain file. The longer you have the file, the more you decode it, and the goal is to be able to decode it before anyone else does.

This type of contract is not required for trophies, nor does anyone play it these days anyway. You do get sets of gear for completing up to ten decryptions, however.

The trophies on this page can be worked on during any other phase of the game or can be done after you've cleaned up everything else.

Police Scans/Chases

To start, you'll want to work on avoiding 15 ctOS police scans. The easiest way people do this is to grab a boat on the edges of Chicago and fire non-silenced rounds towards the shoreline to get citizens to call the cops. A successful call will start a ctOS scan, which should easily be avoided on open water. If necessary, use Jam Coms to fluster the scan for a while. Simply do this as many times as necessary until you get the trophy.

White Rabbit Object

Escape 15 police scans

White Rabbit Object
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Make sure you have a lot of Jam Coms built for this one. A level 5 police scan can be started up by causing your wanted level (under the minimap) to reach the fifth square tick. The easiest way to do this is to shoot civilians, so if you like your reputation, you might want to save this for last. Make sure you kill/stop any civilian trying to call the police until you reach the maximum wanted level, then either hop on another boat or try your luck on the road to avoid the scan. Use Jam Coms when the scan percentage surpasses about 75%-80%.


Escape a level 5 police scan

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Police chases have similar trophies. To escape 15 police chases, just let citizens call the cops on you and allow the scan to pick up your location before taking off.

Escape Loop

Escape 15 police chases

Escape Loop
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The same method for reaching a maximum wanted level can be used to start a level 5 police chase; just let the scan catch you and be on your way.

Free Radical

Escape a level 5 police chase

Free Radical
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


There are two trophies based on killing certain amounts of people with certain techniques. The first is to kill four people in one use of focus, which you should only attempt after fully upgrading your focus skills in the skill tree. If you've done most of the side missions before attempting this, you may want to consider resetting your gang hideout progress in the pause menu.

Magic Smoke

Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus

Magic Smoke
6 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You must also kill three enemies with one IED. If you didn't do this during the story or other opportunities, resetting gang hideouts works well here too. You may want to use lures to get enough people close to an IED, however.

Black Hat Trick

Kill 3 enemies with a single IED

Black Hat Trick
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

One of the easier trophies is for performing 10 vehicle takedowns, which are done by just hacking objects when enemies are chasing you in cars. Traffic light collisions, steam pipe explosions, blockers, etc. all count towards your total, and it would be strange for you to not have this trophy by the middle of Act 2.

Hard Crash

Perform 10 vehicle take downs

Hard Crash
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


These remaining trophies are very simple and require very little explanation. To start, there's a trophy for marking 100 enemies. Marking is done by either point a gun at an enemy or by profiling them with your phone or a camera. This should be a piece of cake.


Tag 100 enemies

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Another trophy is for shooting out the tires of 15 vehicles. That means at least one tire on 15 different cars, and they don't even have to be enemy cars. Walk around and shoot tires in your spare time (watch out for civilians that call the cops) and you should get this quickly.

Hardware Fail

Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles

Hardware Fail
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The last trophy, which you probably have by the end of this page, is for stopping 10 civilians from calling the cops. People frequently call the police after you shoot guns in public or steal someone's car; all you need to do is either use a Jam Com (the more expensive route) or run up to the caller and rip the phone out of their hands.

Communication Fail

Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you

Communication Fail
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The story for Bad Blood unfolds over ten missions in three acts. There are also side missions and investigations to take place in, for which you can find information on the page. This DLC should not be played until after you have beaten the main game.

Watch_Dogs | Bad Blood

1-1 T-Bwned

The story starts with Ray already inside of Blume, doing something hacky as two guards come to check in on him. He'll eventually take care of the situation and you'll gain control of him. Ride a forklift up to a ladder and intrude into the next room so you can spot two guards. You're going to want to wait until one of the guards is entirely upstairs before entering so he doesn't spot you as you walk in. Once he is, knock down the one guy in the room, take some electronic parts, and head upstairs.

One of the new things you can do in this building is shut employees into their office. Do so with the guy who went upstairs (and his buddy), then make your way down the hall. You can hack a guard's body camera down at the other end, but it'd probably be faster if you just started going for silenced headshots all the way until you reach and use a computer in someone's office. The windows behind you will be shot open, leaving you fully open to the Blume security team; take them down however you can (there are some explosive objects near some enemies) and head to Ray's new hidey-hole. Take the night off and sleep to finish about 2/3 of the mission.

When Ray wakes up, it'll be to Frewer calling him from the trunk of a car. With his bouncy signal, get a ride of your own and try to locate him, then stop the driver and kill him before taking Frewer back to your place. The mission will end after a little bickering.

Ray will call his investigator friend for help, who will turn him towards looking into the various gangs in Chicago.

Note: Ray's skill tree is somewhat different from Aiden's. He starts with many skills already unlocked, but also gains levels at an accelerated rate. The Street Sweep skills are earned through progression and do not require skill points.

Note: For the sake of trophies, you're going to want to aim for 100% completion in the progression wheel. Or at the very least, near 100%. Audio logs do not affect any trophies.

1-2 Fading Signal

This mission is a tutorial for the Chicago South Club contracts you'll be completing as an honorary detective. For this one, there are two targets you have to knock out. Profile everyone in the building using cameras before starting to peck off the insignificant enemies with your pistol, then go in for the big knockouts. This should be pretty simple.

1-3 Needs of the Few

Ray is off to break into Frewer's old lab, BlumeForge. Take your trusty RC car Eugene and be on your way. As you drive to BlumeForge, you'll hear that Defalt's newest album has been selling many more copies after his run-in with the Vigilante. But how is that possible?

Getting inside is fairly simple; just take out the guards and move towards the elevator. The majority of your trip through BlumeForge will be puzzle-based, with many lasers you also have to avoid. You'll be using Eugene here to move through grates to hack things remotely. When you use Eugene in a much wider area, use phones to distract guards so you can move past them.

After checking out Blume's records on Frewer, you'll learn that he's now a high-priority target, much like Ray. Leave to the open air by killing all guards that come looking for you when the power is off, as well as everyone looking for you when you get out of the elevator. You can also just escape when you're outside, but that's obviously not as fun.

T-Bone: Friends in Need

Complete Act 1

T-Bone: Friends in Need
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now that you have your RC car, it'd be a good idea to start working on all of the side missions you have to take part in. Having those skills will be greatly beneficial to you, and so will just get all of them out of the way. For the one miscellaneous trophy for this DLC, you'll want to kill four enemies at once with the RC car. This requires your Militia investigation level to be at least 15 so you can earn their last related Street Sweep skill.

2-1 Bait

Note: Please do not start this mission until you're able to detonate your RC car.

The start of finding out why so many fixers are after Frewer involves using him to get a fixer to bite. Drive him to where he used to live and follow him around, profiling anyone who might be a threat. After reaching the area underneath the highway, Frewer will be pestered by another homeless man. This is actually the fixer you're after; try to get ready to knock him down as soon as he draws a gun, then follow Frewer to his hideout.

Several dozen fixers will swarm Frewer's place after he gets behind his big safe door. Take this opportunity to wait for at least four fixers to group up in a pile so you can detonate your RC car to kill at least that many in one blast.

T-Bone: Negative Eugenics

Kill 4 enemies at once by blowing up the RC Car

T-Bone: Negative Eugenics
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Use his weaponized cameras to kill them all more efficiently than if you did it by yourself, then hack the original fixer's phone to locate the head behind the attack. Chase him down to steal his data (or hopefully, stop him before then so you can kill him and hack it within about a second) to find the fixers' base of operations.

Note: The Fox Hunt investigation can now be started and completed. See the next page for more details.

2-2 Illusions

You and Frewer will drive to the fixers' construction site. Kill off everyone and hack into their systems to find out what they've been up to, then slip into a building and kill off the guys protecting the security system. You'll then want to move to a sniping position after Frewer spies on the newly-arrived fixers and their ambulance; after getting there, provide cover fire for Frewer as he progresses towards the controls for the crane here. The crane will take you toward their base of operations, which you'll reach after you bypass yet another horde of fixers.

After logging in and getting some info on the police's mole they found, the fixers and the mole will take off. Frewer will give chase and will eventually tell you where they stopped.

Note: The Council of Daves investigation can now be started and completed. See the next page for more details.

2-3 Bad Medicine

Get onto the beach and take a boat to the mansion on the other coast. There are fixers all over and inside the house, so if you want to be stealthy, you'll have to be very precise and use focus wisely. To get inside the house, look on the north side for some stairs into the basement. Work your way up from there to the second floor's outer balcony, then peek into some of the rooms with doors to the balcony using cameras. The middle room has the mole in it.

Ray will call the cops to make sure the investigator can safely leave the house. Because of this, you'll want to immediately drop out of the balcony, disable the police chopper, and run to the docks you came from so you can hop onto a boat and truly escape the police. The next move is to advance towards the name you got from the mole: Jack Finely.

2-4 Connections

Finely will be at a bar, but he won't be the one getting the short end of the stick. After you start to wake up, move your reticle around and solve a few simple puzzles from the drinking minigame, then tail after Finely to figure out where he's going. Wipe out absolutely everyone there, then send Defalt a message through his computer and upload a virus to it afterward. The virus must be uploaded through close proximity, but that shouldn't be an issue; the cover provided by the computer should be plenty.

Enemies will continue to spawn in until the virus has been uploaded. Kill the stragglers after it's done so you can safely use the computer and find Defalt's location.

T-Bone: No Easy Fix

Complete Act 2

T-Bone: No Easy Fix
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

3-1 Ghosts

Defalt obviously expects you at the building he was standing in front of. Take care of the enemies patrolling the wrecked lot and hack your way inside, then walk through Defalt's museum. After you've finished, either kill all fixers (another squad has taken over the area) or escape. That'll be it for this mission.

3-2 Hold the Line

Note: If you haven't obtained the Negative Eugenics trophy, try to look for opportunities in this mission and the next. Otherwise, you'll want to try to find four enemies grouped up during a street sweep mission.

Defalt has sent fixers to the silo, and they're already inside waiting for you. Head down to the bottom floor (where you picked up Eugene) and fight off the guys already inside, then continue holding off the next few waves of enemies as Frewer helps keep Defalt at bay. Frewer will join you at the bottom floor once you've taken care of everyone. The only thing left to do is to take care of a pest problem over in The Loop.

3-3 The Verdict

To infiltrate Defalt's lair, you'll have to get through an alley full of fixers. This shouldn't be too difficult given the layout and amount of cameras you can use to spot enemies. At the end, hack some stuff inside a train car to meet up with Frewer.

After helping Frewer get further into the lair, you'll find yourself in a circular room with even more fixers. One of them is an enforcer, who has half of the code necessary to move past a locked gate. Another standard enemy has the other half; you could profile everyone if you want, but you could also just go around and try to kill everyone you can silently. After that is a small area in which Defalt will use some pretty harsh sounds to mess with you. For Ray's sake and yours, kill the fixers here and shut it off as fast as you can. You'll soon reach a window that looks over a maze.

Frewer is inside this maze and needs to get from one end to the next. Use cameras to guide him through it, using some objects to distract some enemies until Frewer makes it to the other end. He'll let you in so you can make your way through, but the walls will fall and you'll be faced against all of the fixers (and more). This would be a good time to try to blow up at least four enemies at once with Eugene if you need to.

Get through another door for the rest of the DLC's cutscenes. You'll have to do a bit of hacking with Frewer once he holds his phone up, but for the most part, you'll be able to sit back and watch how the story ends. Get ready for perhaps the greatest credits scene of all time.

T-Bone: Pest Control

Complete Act 3

T-Bone: Pest Control
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After finishing Act 1-2, you'll be allowed to start working on cleaning the streets. There are several groups of these, but there are really only so many different mission types. You're going to want to finish about 20 of each type, save for 29 for Driving. You also need to finish ten contracts online. Investigations open up after the first two missions in Act 2 and can be completed as soon as they become available.

Driving Contracts

These contracts are vehicle-oriented and there are four types of contracts: maintaining a constant high speed while racing through checkpoints, driving a car to a certain place without wrecking it too badly, protecting a VIP from fixers by hacking them away or ramming into them, and hacking a file from someone. You must finish at least 29 of these for a trophy. Though these don't count toward the Militia, Fixer, and South Club progression lines in the progression wheel, these do count towards their skills in the skill tree. It would be wise to focus on these when you can.

T-Bone: Full Circuit

Complete 29 driving missions

T-Bone: Full Circuit
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Street Sweep

There are five types of street sweep mission objectives: knocking down targets, killing targets, stealing data files, blowing up drugs, and hacking phones without killing anyone. You need to complete 20 of these for each of the three main factions around Chicago for a related trophy. These are also going to advance their lines in the skill tree, of course.

T-Bone: Second Amendement

Complete 20 Militia contracts

T-Bone: Second Amendement
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

T-Bone: Unfixable

Complete 20 Fixer contracts

T-Bone: Unfixable
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

T-Bone: Mob Ruled

Complete 20 Chicago South Club contracts

T-Bone: Mob Ruled
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

You must also complete ten contracts online with another player. Try to do this as soon as possible so you don't have to think about it anymore.

T-Bone: Tag Team

Complete 10 coop missions

T-Bone: Tag Team
1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeCumulative +

Fox Hunt

This investigation can be started and completed after Act 2-1. There are five locations you need to visit before the last piece of the investigation plays out, and that must also be done for the trophy. It's best to start in Mad Mile, then to go to the marker in the east side of The Loop.

Fox Hunt

Mad Mile 1If you stand at the investigation's marker on the map, you should find a panel at ground level that you can't hack open. Look north and climb up some scaffolding to a higher ledge of another building and follow it around (past another fence) to find the first router. Follow it back and enter the door near the panel by the marker to find a computer tower with information on it.
The Loop 1This is a very simple hack. Look for a router on the side of this building near the marker and just make a few simple moves to catch a phone call.
The Loop 2This marker requires you to scan a body in a train car.
The Loop 3This marker will not appear until you've gotten through some others. You're required to intrude into the bunker. After you do, plant a bug in Charlotte Gardner's phone and hack your way back out of the bunker.
The Loop 4As you enter the yard this marker is in, stop at the front gate and look up and to your right for a camera. This can scan a QR code in the distance.

After looking through all five locations, make a trip to Parker Square to stop the Rosario brothers from continuing their manhunt for Aiden. You'll have to make three stops to locations related to Aiden, find and disable the Rosario's machinery, and then stop the hunters after they come in to investigate. Ray will get a chance to fill Aiden in after you finish off the Rosarios.

A Council of Daves

This investigation can be started and completed after Act 2-2. DedSec is going under some leadership issues. There are clues as to what's going on throughout the city, and because of the way this investigation ends, I suggest you start in Mad Mile and save Pawnee for last.

A Council of Daves

Mad Mile 1Just scan a weapons crate in the tunnel underneath the street.
Mad Mile 2Simply use a router and hack someone's phone to see a set of text messages.
Mad Mile 3Drive towards the top of the parking garage and look for cameras on your right as you approach the top. This camera should be able to scan a QR code.
The Loop 1This marker will only appear after you've gotten through some others. Intrude into a router and scan two bodies. One is hidden under a cover you'll have to hack up.
Pawnee 1You probably want to save time by swimming from the fast travel point to the dock in the lake to the west. There's a camera east of the dock that can scan another QR code.

After finding all five messages throughout DedSec. You'll learn that one of the DedSec members has called the hit on his own organization. Go north into Pawnee and warn the Daves, then help them fend off their attackers. There aren't many of them. Hack the enforcer's phone after the attack is over to find an audio log that concludes the investigation.

T-Bone: Looking For Trouble

Complete all side investigations

T-Bone: Looking For Trouble
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableBuggy -

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