Welcome to the walkthrough for Limbo. This is a rather short game to complete, taking about five to ten hours with a walkthrough. There are two playthroughs that you should expect to take part in; the first will go over collectibles and familiarizing yourself with how the story plays out, and the second will ask you to play through the entire game without more than five deaths. A partially hard level is available after finding all of the collectibles in the game, and although this isn't an entire third run (thanks to checkpoint selection), it will take a while to complete.

Limbo is overall a game with simple concepts that still leads to clever puzzles throughout its very dark environments. It should also be noted that the deaths in this game can be very gruesome, especially considering the character you play as is presumably a small boy.

There are only a few inputs you can make in this game. Moving cn_LS or cn_dpad will move your character, but cn_LS will feel more natural. You can also use cn_X or cn_T to jump, with cn_O and cn_S being used to perform actions or grab onto things. That's all of the controls right there.

The game also has a brightness setting. Although this would help you see certain areas a lot easier, you should play at the default brightness on your first playthrough to get the intended experience. Maxing out the brightness on your 5-death-maximum playthrough (the second time through the game) is encouraged for easier navigation.

Limbo doesn't have strict section breaks and instead gives you a list of checkpoints in the pause menu, which are referred to as chapters within the game. To avoid breaking this page into 40 different sections, the game's story will be broken up into other chunks. There are ten collectibles that you have to look out for, all of which are mentioned in bold and italics. If you'd like to see how to reach these eggs in video format, please consult the playlist link below. A video for completing the game under five deaths (related to a trophy) can be found on the next page, so if you'd like to keep a video playthrough of the entire game in another tab as well, feel free to do so.

Limbo | Glowing Egg Locations


When starting the game for the first time, try to move around and press cn_X or cn_O until the kid you're playing as wakes up. Head left and step on a white (01/10) Glowing Egg for a trophy.

Wrong Way

That's not right

Wrong Way
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Progress to the right when you're ready to make some progress. Drop off a tree trunk and jump over a gap with spikes in it, then approach a cart tied to a wooden structure. cn_O Grab the handles once you're pressing against it and pull it out so you can use it to climb ahead. Past this is a boat; jump into it to sail across a body of water, then pull it along the shore once you reach the other side so you can move on ahead. There's a thick vine here that you can climb, which you'll want to do so you can then climb the rope on its left. Just make sure you're wary of the big spikes above the vine.

You'll soon come across two bear traps, lined up right next to each other. Pull the one closest to you away so you have enough room to jump over it, then jump over the second one to proceed. Another bear trap can be found on the ground underneath a rotting animal corpse on a rope. Pull it underneath the corpse and climb onto the rope so you can reach the next ledge. The next point of interest is a large log with a gap of space at the end of it. Jump onto the log and immediately run back up to the ground you were previously on, as a boulder will crush you if you stay here too long. Climb over the boulder and continue across the log until you reach a crate in some water.

Take the crate and pull it underneath a rope hanging from a tree to the left, and use it to swing over to a branch. Climb up as high as you can until you see a crack in a log. When you see this, look left to find another rope that leads to a second (02/10) Glowing Egg.

Altitude is Attitude

Exploration off the ground

Altitude is Attitude
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Push that cracked branch over and push the newly formed log and crate into the water so you can jump across them to the other side. You'll then see a bear trap on a tree branch, followed by the three legs of a massive spider. Coerce the spider into attacking you by standing near the active leg until it rises in the air. When it does, run away so it strikes the ground. Making it do this three times will cause the bear trap to fall to the ground; push it (push, not pull) towards the spider leg and hold on to it, and use it to trick the spider into destroying three of its legs by simply backing up when the spider starts to attack. It'll back off after it's had enough of losing.

You'll eventually come across a huge spider web it laid on the ground. You won't be able to do anything about it until you've been wrapped up in a silk cocoon. Wriggle around and leave, then try to jump across the gap in the ground. It can be difficult to do this due to the way you move while wrapped up. Jump again once you're rolling down a short slope to prevent falling into water, then push the boulder down there forward until it starts to roll and hop over to the left so the log it pushes over doesn’t crush you upon falling.

The massive circular boulder ahead of this log will roll uphill regardless of where you land on it, which makes absolutely no sense. But this isn't just a boulder, it's a rock; ride it until you hit the ground on the other side of the rock's slope. Rolling down the hill will free you from the spider's silk. Walk up to a guy sitting on the ground and fall through a hole to find a rope with a bear trap above it. To get by unscathed, jump onto the rope and immediately jump off in either direction to make it fall. The rope then becomes free to use.

After jumping across a few tree stumps, you should spot a cracked log being held up by a thin stick. Jump onto the stick and immediately jump back to the left to avoid being crushed. Another log past it will fall over to the right once you land on it, and ahead of this are a comparatively short stump, followed by another with sharp bark coming out of it. A rock will smash both very soon, so when you land on the short stump, jump to avoid being hit. The slope just after this has spikes at the end of it, so make sure you jump to safety quickly.

A metal spider leg is up ahead, and it's controlled by someone on the other side of it. Pass underneath the leg without being caught by it to scare him off. Be aware that the leg can stun you when it comes back up, which may also lead to death. The same people will send a flaming tire at you after you jump across some water; jump back across after you hear it ignite and wait for it to fall in. Chase after these chumps and watch as one of them finishes up handling twin bear traps. This trap can be difficult to get by on a first try; inch along until the first trap falls and run left to avoid it, then start heading to the right once the first trap is out of the way. The rope previously holding up the trap on the left can be used to climb past the traps currently on the ground.

The real spider will come after you once you reach a small log near some water. Push the log into the water and jump across until you reach another, longer one that requires a counterweight. Stand on the right side and wait for the spider to step on it, getting ready to move right as soon as it's raised. Keep heading to the right until you find another large rock being held up by a small stick. Jump onto the stick and run left, towards the spider, and wait underneath the ledge so the rock can hit it instead of you.


A spike pit awaits you after this. Once you reach the end of flat ground near the pit, the last remnants of the spider will drop down to the left. Dodge its first attack and then pull off its leg. Push the ovular body into the pit so you can jump across.

Cross underneath two crates, one with a bird and one with a body, and climb the ladder up to the bird's box. This one will fall down, and you can use it to get ahead. Past this is a small pool of water with parasite worms floating in it. These guys will do you no harm. In the next pool is a body that can actually support your body weight; jump to it and use another body (soon to enter the water) to get across. Drag the third body, closest to shore, along to the right and push it down a slope so it triggers a trap. Heavy-duty traps of the same nature are up ahead, and for whatever reason, jumping to the flat area underneath the first is the only safe place. Jump across the first and avoid the second trap's button, then jump across a spike pit right past it. Three bad guys will appear; head back to the left behind all three of these traps to kill them all off so you can continue.

The next puzzle is very smart. There's a rope above two sharp gears, which you shouldn't concern yourself with just yet. Drop down the ladder and pull out a cart, then move it to the right until it stops at a bump. Climb back up and jump onto the rope, climbing it to stay alive until the rope stops moving. The rope is now just barely above the ground. Quickly climb back down and jump from the top of the cart to the bottom of the rope before it gets too high, then wait for it to sink back down. Jump from this rope to the second rope, and wait for its weight on the right to match up with the one held up by the first rope. Pass underneath when the two are at about an equal height.

A parasite, made very apparent by its solitude, will leech onto your head. Let it take you to the left until it's hurt by the strong sunlight, then let it control you as you move to the right. Jump over a pit at the bottom of a slope and do the same for a crate on the ground before the parasite is disturbed by more light. To get rid of the bug, push the crate to the left until you can jump from it to the creatures on the ceiling. They'll gladly eat the parasite for you, giving your free will back to you.

Pump Center

A frog-thing that sounds like a panting dog is interested in the mushrooms growing on the bottom of a wooden beam. Jump onto it to shake one off, then land on its right to force it to move to the left. Use the lever next to a wheel the frog enters to break something, causing rain to fall into the area.

An empty trench with a log in it rests underneath a broken gutter. Move the log to the center of the trench in a way that still allows you to jump to the hard-to-see ladder on the left, allowing you to fix the gutter for a moment. Wait until the trench is full and use the log to jump across. Push a crate past this until it's underneath a structure to the left of a ladder, then climb up and pull a hatch over to the right. Drop down and make sure the crate is underneath this new gap, then pull the switch on the far right side of the area. Climb up the ladder and land on the box to get out of this room. Quickly pull out another crate (which has a hole in it) and get ready to jump to the next ledge before it sinks.

Jump where the water flows out and jump again to a higher ledge on the slope. Water's still flowing, so quickly pull open another hatch and sit there for a bit. The balloon underneath you will eventually pop up above the grate, so be sure to catch it by pushing the grate closed again. Move the balloon over to the right and climb up the ladder on your left so you can use the balloon's buoyancy to continue floating upwards.

A switch beneath two pits controls the flow of water from one to the other. Pull it and try to set the water levels so that the pit on the right has only a bit more water in it than the one on the left. Another parasite is up ahead. Grab the crate underneath it and swiftly pull it as far to the left as you can, then let the thing control you. Allow it to move you left, then all the way down and to the right by using the two ladders in the main corridor to descend safely. Once it reaches more sunlight, return to the sunlight on the left and move right once more towards the ladder on the right. Stay here until a pipe floats up to you and use it to reach more hungry ceiling creatures.

Drag the pipe out of the water once it stops flowing and bring it over to the right. Try to get the left edge to match up with the edge of the water over there so it floats underneath a gutter. Get a running start from right to left across the pipe and jump to a hard-to-see chain that drops another (03/10) Glowing Egg down to you.

It's Stuck

Prepare a dry landing

It's Stuck
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


It'll just be some standard running and jumping until you reach the next important area. You'll have to climb a gutter pipe above some water and it'll disconnect at the top when you climb it, but it won't fall off. You'll then reach a deadly H, followed by OTEL. Jump to the H and move to the O before you're electrocuted. When you reach the O, it'll start to turn; let yourself fall down to the left and use a rope to swing to the other side of a pit. Turn off the sign's power and climb back up the hotel sign so you can reach the right side of the arrow at the end of it. At the end of the area is a ladder on wheels. Slightly pull it left until it starts to roll on its own, then climb up to the top and jump left onto some cracked glass once the ladder has reached as far left as it can go. Quickly jump to some lights once you fall through the glass to avoid falling to your death.

Run to the left and just barely touch the weak wooden structure, then run to the right to avoid being squashed. Continue to the right to find yet another parasite. Let it take you left until you're forced all the way to the right. Once you walk over a large button, a circular saw will come hurtling towards you. As soon as you do, fight back and try to move left until the crate above the saw's path falls. Get on top of the crate and jump over it before it splits the crate apart. Let the ceiling creatures take another parasite out of your head so you can be a free child once again.

To get back to the strange lift you saw as you unwillingly moved to the right, move back and forth on the first wooden beam until the left side is high enough for you to continue. Pull the next one to the right and use its swing to return to the lift. Pull the crate on the left over to it and ride up with it, then push the crate over to the right. Bring the lift back down (but stay at the top) and push the crate over to the left so you can jump to the top of the lift itself. Just make sure the lift is going up first. Jump from the lift to a short rope to the left, causing another (04/10) Glowing Egg to fall out. Drop from the rope back down to the lift so you can safely reach the egg without dying.

Urban Exploration

Involves heavy lifting

Urban Exploration
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Move the crate to the right so you can pull the lift's platform to the right as well. You're going to want to bring as far to the right as you can so it can counter-balance the seesaw platform hidden in plain sight, allowing you to move the crate further to the right. Pull the lever to the right of the new area and position the crate to be near it, then pull the lever again and quickly get onto the lowered rope. There are two buttons and two crates up ahead; step on the button on the right and give it a few seconds before stepping on the one on the left. The goal here is to have the right crate with enough time to left the left crate fall on top of it, then move the two to the right so you can reach the next ledge without an approaching circular saw cutting it all apart.

After making it past this and onto land, you'll come across a tall ladder. Go right past it for now and enter a dark area. Another (05/10) Glowing Egg will appear before some lit candles.

Alone in the Dark

Beneath the arthropod

Alone in the Dark
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


There's a big mosquito camping out in the area at the top of the ladder. Slowly walk towards it once you're in the right side of the pool of water, and once you're dry, run towards it. Jump at its legs as soon as you can for a ride to the top. Past this is a switch that raises a door, which is useless for now. Climb up to the box behind the door and use it to reach the ladder above it. There are two pushable platforms to the left of the top of the ladder; pull the first one out to the right so you can get on its left side, then pull it back to the left as far as it can go. Next, pull the second platform out and bring it to the left as well. Activate the machinery near the two platforms to cause a tire to pop out. Use the platforms to get the tire safely to the other side by starting to push the left platform as soon as the tire is on it (that'll slow it down).

Return to the big button controlling the door and push the tire to the left, all the way up the slope. As soon as it's up there, run to the door and quickly pull the crate into the middle of it before the tire rolls back down. Assuming the crate is stuck inside the door, climb back to the other side and push it out so you can bring it to the next area.

Don't pull the lever just because you can. Instead, jump from it towards the big cog on the right and continue to the other side for another (06/10) Glowing Egg.

Climbing the Cog

Don't pull the lever just because you can

Climbing the Cog
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

While you're here, climb the ladder past the cog and bring the crate up here onto it, then return to the lever and push the original crate onto it as well. Both will end up together at the cog's right side. You'll then want to position one crate on the far side of the room, past the button on the floor, and then push the other crate onto said button.

There's a chain up ahead. Swing on it a lot to give it some sway, then activate the machine on the left to push the chain to the right. Jump back onto the chain when it swings in your direction so you can reach the other side of the electrified floor.

Push a cog down below into the other one, causing the entire place to turn. Stay left as far as you can until what was previously the floor comes crashing down to the left. Use another cog to ascend and jump to the left. The world will stop spinning soon. Use the machine marked with a magnet to the left to free the metal box from its grasp, then push it up the slope and reactivate the magnetized floor once it's near the small ladder - but also close enough to the machine on the right so you can access both. The machine on the right opens the door past the ladder, but you'll have to be quick about getting past it.

Before you activate the lever up ahead, drag the crate underneath a large blade so it's underneath the metal chain in the air. Hop onto the chain as soon as you pull the lever because things are about to start moving again. Once the crate starts to slide underneath you, fall down onto it and jump towards another chain to the left before the crate is destroyed. The world will stop moving shortly after you reach the chain; jump to the left wall and slide down to safety.

Jump over to another lever and pull it to cause the world to spin to the right. Another crate will fall; push it to the right and use it to get past a gap. Past some dreary lights is a strange sight. Is that a girl? A friendly face?

Nah, you've been hit with a parasite. Head left (slow down near the gear so you can properly time hopping onto it) and back into those flickering lights to turn back around to the right. All of that scenery is gone, replaced with machinery. There are two heavy-duty presses up ahead. Timing your way through the first one is easy due to how the conveyor belt allows for movement to the left, even though the parasite would disagree. You can hang on the second press's edge on its left so you can get the maximum amount of time to make it across once it opens up. Jump onto a crate and let the ceiling creatures help you out once more to free yourself from the parasite's control.

Now that you can move again, push a crate to the left so you can use it to reach the second press's right edge make it back across towards the ladder on the left side. Climb up and you'll soon find another (07/10) Glowing Egg.


Ride the crates

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now that you're up here, pull the lever on the ground to make the gear on the right turn clockwise instead of counter-clockwise. When the lever is pulled, the gears slow down, which you may have noticed. Return the lever to its original position when you can still use the gear on the right to reach the long ladder near it. This will keep the upper gear spinning counter-clockwise, which needs to happen so you can proceed.


Head past the lever and ladder cart to find a minecart. Pull the minecart over so it's directly underneath the lever above, then push the ladder to the right to swing back around to the first lever. Once the ladder is coming back to the left and its left wheel reaches the second little support underneath it, pull the first lever and use the ladder to reach a higher area. Jump from here to the lever above the minecart, then fall onto the cart. When you find a ladder in the darkness, climb up and stay above the minecart, jumping only to avoid a circular saw a short distance away. Ride the cart to the end, but jump off to the ground it's rolling on before it lands in a pit. There's a switch in this pit that turns on an electric floor above where the minecart stops, so you're going to want to push the minecart away from the pit so you can climb onto it and make it past the metal floor without being shocked. Giving it some leftwards momentum before climbing on is what's going to give you enough time to get by without dying.

The lever past the electric floor turns the world again, and this time you're going to be scrambling along in the dark. For the most part, you only need to be moving when the light shines on you until you reach a short, flat slope past the long one on the right side of the boulder in the ground. Wait here until you see a ladder on your right and jump over to it before the boulder comes crashing in, then wait once again on a slope that places your head very close to the lamp. Wait for a jump to a higher platform (like the ladder jump) and wait up there until the world stops spinning. A crate will fall from above; use it to climb up and to the left so you can get a running start to jump over the electric wall on the right. Past this is a hard-to-see (08/10) Glowing Egg.

Guided by Sparks

The crate is key

Guided by Sparks
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Drag the crate here to the left and onto an electric floor below, then use it to get to safe ground. Ahead of these are two machine guns that activate when you reach the intersection between their lasers. Once you step into it, quickly jump back onto the platform left of it and on top of the lower gun. The goal here is to make the upper gun destroy the lower one, so stand on it and wait for the upper gun to focus on you before jumping back over to the right. Bring the gun over one more time to destroy the lower one, allowing safe passage ahead.

There's a gravity-reversing machine coming up that causes all items on the mechanical surfaces to fly upwards instead of down for a few seconds. On the floor are two crates; push the right crate past the button on the ground and up the slope to the right. This will give you enough time to use the left crate to jump back up to the edge of the slope (jump over the button) on the left so you can catch the same crate when it comes falling down. Use the crate to climb up the small ladder, making sure to keep it under the ladder, before walking over to the right. A much longer ladder can take you back to the button crate; push it up the slope again and run to the crate on the left so you can drag it up to the higher area instead of floating above the smaller ladder. Position the ladder crate so that it's near the next ledge - one you can't reach just yet - and do the same trick with the button crate so you can stand on the ladder crate to reach that ledge.

Coming up next are two elevator switches. Before you mess with them, you should notice an elevator shaft on the right. Move cn_LSd while on the ledge of the elevator shaft and jump to the chain in the center, then descend to find a (09/10) Glowing Egg.

Under Ground

Vertical passageway

Under Ground
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Call the elevator down to you, then tell it to go upwards and climb onto the floor of it. Tell it to go down with the upper arrows so you can get on top of the elevator. As soon as you get caught by the machine gun's sensor (it's on the left), drop down to the elevator switch and wait for it to shoot a crate down. You're now going to want to use this crate for cover so you can jump over the machine gun. The machine past the gun controls an antigravity field with a crate trapped inside. To bring the crate over to you, let it roll down the slope on your level and activate the machine when it reaches a big bump in the ground. When it starts to float in your direction, flicker the switch so it keeps its rightward momentum without touching the sloped ceiling.

Push the crate as far to the right as you can, then bring the first crate down and do the same to protect yourself from yet another machine gun near a puddle of water. Climb the ladder near this gun and activate an upward-facing arrow to shift gravity until you touch the downward arrow. Use this opportunity to collect both crates and bring them to the right of the downward arrow sign. To get ahead, position a crate to be in the middle of the moving piston's path and put the other above the little dirt pile caused by the piston's constant moving. Use the downward arrow when the piston is about a third of its way through moving towards you, then climb on the crates to get past it.

Move ahead until you find a machine. Don't use it just yet; instead, activate the magnet machine first and return to the normal one to freeze a massive metal block onto the ceiling. To do this without bringing the block to the right onto the ceiling, keep an eye on the left block and immediately turn the machine off as soon as you see that it has hit the ceiling.


A zipline awaits you once you've made it out of the strange mechanical zone. To bring it up to you, use the two arrow signs and restore gravity before it hits the end bumper; otherwise, it'll start to descend immediately as opposed to having to fight gravity first. Grab on and jump onto a roof before you're impaled with spikes at the zipline's end. Drop down the rooftop and jump to an arrow pointing to the right so you can activate it in midair. Run upwards until you see another arrow with an electrified H; jump to the arrow and activate it as soon as the H calms down for a bit. You're going to have to keep the H's electricity in mind as you descend towards a rope that takes you to an O sign.

Past the O is an upwards-facing arrow that you have to jump to. Doing so brings a crate up, and this reversed gravity is only temporary. Move the crate to the right and wait for the sign to change again, then fall into it and reactivate it. Once active again, run to the left and fall upwards into a hidden area. Pull open a drawer and wait for gravity to return to normal to release a (10/10) Glowing Egg.

Going Up

Don't let gravity keep you down

Going Up
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

To properly use the crate, keep it pushed over to the right and return to the ledge you were at before jumping onto the arrow the first time. When changing gravity again, quickly push the crate to the right and use it to get past a saw before it cuts you apart. Jump to another arrow and get to safe ground (and a safe ceiling) to the left of a machine gun. When gravity is normal, jump to the magnet machine just as the gravity is going to re-flip itself, then run to the right and grab onto the falling metal box before you land in the machine gun's sensor again.

This next bit is going to be tricky. There's a metal girder to the right of the big metal box; drop down from its right ledge when the gravity is going to re-shift upwards, as you're going to want to land on the bottom of the girder. From there, move to the portion of the box that allows you to drop into a hole. Keep on running to the right without stopping and jump at the ledge to avoid being hit by two massive circular saws.

Wait until gravity places you on the floor, then place yourself underneath the corner of the ceiling so you have a maximum amount of time up there. Wait a couple of seconds and jump towards the right-facing arrow in the middle of the room, but don't activate it until you're falling downward again. Walk over to the right once you get back to your senses to see how the game ends.

Where Credit is Due

Perseverance has its own reward

Where Credit is Due
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After finding the ten eggs and finishing the game, there are now two objectives left for you to complete. You can do these in either order you want, but it'd make sense to go for the 5-death run first since you're already familiar with that route of the game.

These two trophies are a good representation of what the game is themed around: being stuck in a loop of the same tasks and being completely lost in the darkness.

5-Death Playthrough

There isn't much to say about finishing the game with less than six deaths (five being the maximum). It's just a matter of playing the game over again, this time knowing what to do and not worrying about the eggs. This is one of those trophies that requires absolute mastery of the game. Above is a video you can use to help get through the game if you'd like to keep it open while playing; it surpasses the five-death limit, but just having footage of what to do is still going to be useful.

It's been generally agreed upon that you should restart your current run if you die before killing the spider, as that's a pretty early point in the game that you shouldn't be wasting one of your five deaths in. You should be taking it slow to avoid any stupid mistakes. This trophy can be very frustrating and can easily require upwards of ten more attempts on the game.

No Point in Dying

Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

No Point in Dying
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Secret Path

Once you collect the ten eggs, a secret passageway from behind where Chapter 26 begins will open up. Simply go down the ladder on the left and return to where the egg here once was. The above video by KillerSnowTiger perfectly describes what to do in this nearly entirely pitch-black area. There are checkpoints throughout this path, so it's not all that bad; it's just a matter of perseverance filled with as many deaths as you end up having. It honestly isn't really that difficult, and it's definitely less time consuming than playing the entire game over again.

The trophy should pop once you ride the elevator out from the path towards Chapter 34.


Running off will get you nowhere

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

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