Welcome to the walkthrough for Undertale, an indie RPG that you've likely heard about a while ago from its peak popularity back in 2015/2016. Because Sony requires most games to have trophies, the creator of Undertale has put in a list that's incredibly easy to complete. You don't even need to finish the game to get them all, but you should anyway. You bought the game, after all.

Beating Undertale might take around 6-10 hours, depending on how long you mess around and what-not. There are also three different main ending paths to take:

  • Pacifist - Not killing a single enemy and finishing the neutral ending (an extension of Neutral)
  • Genocide - killing absolutely everything
  • Neutral - as long as it's not Genocide

All trophies can be obtained on any of these three paths, but because the game was designed in a way that genocide route endings affect pacifist endings from there on out, it's recommended you play a neutral/pacifist route first. The culture around Undertale suggests not telling people how to play the game, but the fact that doing a genocide route first would mess things up in the future taints this ideology. The game is just not meant to be played however you feel like it, despite the trailers and conversations about it.

That being said, the genocide route is incredibly hard to finish, so it might not be likely that you'd end up finishing a genocide playthrough first anyway. That just means it's more worth your time to play as a pacifist first.

Don't You Have Anything Better to Do?

Obtain all other Undertale trophies.

Don't You Have Anything Better to Do?

Undertale is not a complicated game. It doesn't even use the L and R shoulder buttons, and only uses three of the face buttons. The way battles work may require more precise movements, so the cn_dpad is worth trying out. That's kind of all there is to say for things you'd be better off knowing ahead of time.

When starting up the game for the first time, you should really see the opening cinematic if you haven't before, as it tells you a bit of the plot before the game itself takes the reins. You should be able to see the button commands on screen before starting a new game, as well as the Settings menu to change them if you feel like it. There are also a few borders you can choose from that, when selected, will be placed around the game when you play. More will be unlocked as you progress, but Dynamic is generally a nice choice (if you want to use a border) because it changes over time.

Whenever you're ready, start your new game by naming the fallen human. You have six characters maximum for this name. Certain names cannot be chosen for various reasons, but you'll very likely not know these names until after you're playing the game. After confirming the fallen human's name, the game will begin.


You will wake up on a field of flowers with light from the surface shining from above. Now may be a good time to look at your stats with cn_T, just to check out the menu. Walk on the only path ahead until you reach a flower. He seems friendly, and he'll even talk to you about how the game works a little bit. Your LV, which stands for LOVE, can be increased by collecting friendliness pellets. He'll send you some to start the game off. Go ahead and try to get as many as you can from this first little group.

Flowey will give you a final piece of advice before surrounding you with more pellets, but before they can reach you, a woman named Toriel will come to save you. Follow her to a purple, ruinous room, where you'll find a yellow sparkle by some petals. Points like these are how you save, and they also double in fully restoring your health. No need to use them sparingly; it's best to use them whenever you see one. Toriel will give you a few switches to pull as she leads you out of here.


Enter the Ruins.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Tutorial With Toriel

A short ways in, Toriel will tell you that monsters may attack you in the underground, and she'll want to prepare you for it. Talk to the training dummy and assess your options. FIGHT leads to an attack, where a bar will quickly glide across the screen; you'll want to stop it in the middle of the bar's oval area for more damage. ACT will often lead to a set of more passive options, like checking an enemy, talking to them, etc. Doing this will allow you to spare an enemy, which is done in the MERCY tab. MERCY can also be used to flee from battle. ITEM is, of course, where you use items, but you don't have any right now. FIGHT or ACT with the dummy however you please.

Note: The two main variations of the game's playstyles, Pacifist and Genocide, are related to fights. Killing no enemies will result in a Pacifist playthrough's ending (as long as you do other events as well), but killing so much as one enemy will reduce a run to a Neutral route. In this case, you'll have to replay the game to aim for a Pacifist ending. The Pacifist route is an extension of Neutral, and therefore Pacifist gives you more of the game to see and play. A Genocide playthrough involves killing absolutely as much as humanly possible, but this run is so much different that it's been given its own page. A Genocide playthrough generally works better storywise after seeing the Pacifist ending through anyway.

There is no "best" way to experience the game, despite what people tell you. People who have played the game before will sway you into playing a certain way, be it Pacifist on your first run or otherwise. Be aware that the game was designed to let you do whatever you feel like (even though certain endings will affect other endings somewhat). Even the trophies don't make you do anything a certain way.

Note: The walkthrough will provide advice on how to achieve a Pacifist run, as a Neutral run is pretty straight-forward. Pacifist runs revolve around ACT commands, and since FIGHTing is pretty obvious, there will be a fair length of information around ACTing. Ignore these if you just don't feel like doing a Pacifist run, of course.

Defeating the dummy with attacks will not negate a Pacifist run, as defeating it doesn't provide EXP. Talking to the dummy wouldn't be very fruitful either since it doesn't have a way of talking to you. On your way through the next room, a Froggit will attack you. Spend a turn however you wish, as the fight will end prematurely here anyway. As for the next puzzle, a slate on the wall will tell you how to solve it. Take note of the western room before talking to Toriel and trying to make your way across.

In the next room, Toriel will ask you to get through this entire room by yourself. Try not to get lost or mess this up. As a reward for getting through to the other side, Toriel will give you a cell phone, which has been added to your menu. You have four options to talk to Toriel with if you decide to call her. She'll be calling you in the next room, though. A peaceful Froggit stands by a door to the north that leads to a bowl of candy. The bowl says to take only one, but you know how this always goes. Nobody is stopping you from taking as much as you please. If you take as much as you can, you'll have four more trophies.

Like Getting Items

Get two items.

Like Getting Items
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Or Getting More Items

Get three items.

Or Getting More Items
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Help Me, I'm Out of Ideas

Get four items.

Help Me, I'm Out of Ideas
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

On Your Own

The room with the Froggit and a save point is where you'll truly come across random encounters. It might be a good idea to become accustomed to them here. Froggits and Whismuns may appear here. Whismuns can be spared immediately, all of the time. You can also console a Whismun to make it run away before you can even try to calm it down. Threatening or complimenting a Froggit will result in it being scared or flattered, allowing you to spare it.

During the enemy turn, all enemies will attack at once, but usually at an easier rate than when that enemy is alone. As such, if facing both a Froggit and a Whismun, it may be wise to spare the Whismun to get it out of the way. All attacks should be fairly easy to avoid anyway, which is done by moving your SOUL out of the way during their attack. Don't be too worried about being damaged since a save point is so close by. In the next room, the floor will collapse when walked on; just use the door you find to reach the other side.

Toriel will ask you if you prefer butterscotch or cinnamon. Answer truthfully, as this will affect something else later. After pushing a rock onto a switch, You'll reach a room where all of the floor is collapsible if stepped on in the right places. Unfortunately for you, the only way to see the correct path is to fall down and see for yourself. Reach the other side at your own pace. Past this is another save point, some cheese, and a mouse hole. Check out the mouse hole with cn_X for a trophy if it doesn't pop by your reaching this room.


Reach the mouse hole in the Ruins.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

A ghost will be pretending to sleep up ahead. Move it with force to engage in a fight. If you're trying to spare Napstablook, the only ACT command that will make any difference is Cheer, but you're free to check the other commands if you're curious to see what he says. Cheering him on will work to improve his mood. Do this a few times to end the fight peacefully.

If you go straight ahead, you'll come across a spider bake sale, with the proceeds going to real spiders. Grind out some money if you'd like the more expensive item (it's only 18G); whichever item you buy (if you decide to buy one), save it for later. It'll come in handy if you use it at the right time.

In the next area is an enemy called the Loox; check him in battle for his family name. To spare a Loox, you should don't pick on it. Picking on it will make its attacks more volatile. The Migosp is very angry but can be spared as soon as it's alone. Moldsmal, a gelatinous enemy, can be spared immediately; however, flirting with it first can provide you with 1G as part of the battle reward. Also in this hall are some Froggits that will remind you of some gameplay elements, like the screen border and the fact that enemies you can spare have their name changed to yellow. If you don't particularly like yellow, talk to the Froggit on the right about it.

The upcoming room has only one switch but has six holes to fall into. The southwest hole has a faded ribbon that can boost your defense. The northwest and southwest hole contains a Vegetoid, a new enemy. You can try talking to it if you'd like. A Vegetoid can also be devoured, but only if it's been damaged enough. Since this is probably a pacifist run for you, that's off the dining table as well. The last option you have is just Dinner. Use it and eat your greens to spare the Vegetoid. By looking at the other rooms, you should be able to see the switch in the upper-middle hole.

You'll then come across a room with many small, colored switches. Keep in mind where these switches are in this first room, as the next room is a 90-degree clockwise rotation of the same room. Read the signs and press the appropriate switches to finish this puzzle. If you need help, the blue switch is always near the door you came from and the red is always farthest away.


Now that you've finished the last puzzle in the ruins, continue east to find a Froggit and a door leading to a new weapon (and a view of the city). Although weapons seem very pointless on a pacifist run, it's still wise to replace your weapon with better ones you find along the way. Walk to the north from the previous fork in the road to get to Toriel's house.

Toriel will tell you the type of pie she ended up making, and depending on your earlier choice, you may be surprised to see what you get. Follow her down the hall, where you'll be able to check out your room and just about everything else down the hall; even checking the mirror has a message for you. Hop into bed when you feel like it and pick up the slice of pie Toriel left for you. Like the spider food, this too is an item you really, really ought to save for later. Talk to Toriel about how to leave the ruins. When she leaves, follow her downstairs.

Toriel wants to destroy the door leading out of the ruins for your own sake. Apparently, all humans that have fallen down the same hole as you have been killed by ASGORE. Stay on the path and follow her to the door, leaving her no choice but to confront her. Work on sparing her about eleven times or lose enough HP and Toriel will weaken her attacks. There's no need to use any of your healing items for this fight. Continue to spare her until she decides to let you through the door. Pass by a flower in the middle of your path before you truly leave the ruins.

Snowdin Forest

As you walk away from the ruins, you may notice something sneaking up behind you. It won't be long until it catches up. After it does, you'll soon meet a new character, Sans. He doesn't care about capturing humans like his brother does, so he'll offer to help you avoid detection for a little while. Sans will ask you to help cheer up his brother later, so you won't be hidden for long.

After this pseudo-introduction to Papyrus, You'll find a save point and a box. This box is very handy; you can put an item in it here and pick it up from a similar box anywhere else. For now, place your spider food, your stick (your first default weapon), Toriel's pie slice, and possibly Monster Candies if you'd like to save them for a hard battle. Already inside the box is a Tough Glove, a weapon stronger than the toy knife you recently obtained in the ruins.


Arrive at Snowdin.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You may encounter the Snowdrake in the screen with the save point. Wait for him to tell a joke so you can laugh at it, or heckle him so hard that he'll be upset enough to leave the fight. The Icecap enemy is also called Ice Cap interchangeably, much like the Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. You can ignore an IceCap twice to spare it, but you can also steal its hat at that point as well. See what happens and compliment it on his looks if you do so.

Sans will introduce Papyrus to you. Shortly afterward is another guard post with a sign that says, "(Absolutely NO MOVING!!!)". Take its advice when you come across the guard, Doggo. Pet him when he isn't looking to make him go nuts. Continuing to pet Doggo results in more dialogue. Sans will tell you about blue attacks when you pass through that security checkpoint: When you see a blue attack, just don't move. You may also find an enemy called Lesser Dog here. Like Doggo, you can pet Lesser Dog to see what happens, but Lesser Dog will be far more gracious after the fifth or sixth pet. In fact, he'll appreciate every petting you can give him for quite a while.

North of the sign covered in ice is a snowman. He wants you to take a piece of himself with you to make up for the fact that he can't move anywhere. If you decide to take a piece of him, you can eat it right in front of him or put it in the box for later. Up next are a set of puzzles created by the great Papyrus; getting through the early ones shouldn't be anything you need a walkthrough for. Below are some things that will take place aside from the first few puzzles.

Papyrus's Puzzle Gauntlet

A Nice Cream man will be on the way to Snowdin Town. Nice Cream is a fantastic food item that restores 15HP. That's a big deal for someone who's only going to have 20HP for an entire pacifist playthrough. After getting through the puzzle Sans developed, you may come across a new enemy, Jerry. Nobody likes Jerry and for good reason. He sucks. He doesn't have his own attack, but he does make everyone else attack for two seconds longer than usual. The other monsters are easily willing to ditch Jerry if you pitch the idea (he'll come back after a few turns), but if you'd like to properly spare Jerry, tell it a joke if it's with the Snowdrake. Otherwise, you may just have to ditch this guy. If you do somehow end up with only Jerry at the end of the battle, ditch him.


Get to the Spaghetti save point in Snowdin.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You'll come across two dogs, the Dogi, consisting of Dogamy and Dogaressa. These two focus a lot on smell as opposed to sight. Roll around in the snow to disguise your human scent, then have them re-sniff you. Once you pet both of them afterward, they'll be astounded at the idea that a dog can pet other dogs. Later on, a challenging X and O puzzle may daunt you; as a last resort, there's a hidden switch in a tree here that can help you out. If you decide to press it, step on the main button again.

The final puzzle consists of many colored tiles, all of which have their own function. Here are the rules in a condensed spoiler tag for you to use, unless you feel like writing the notes down yourself.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If you find these rules to be too confusing even though they're here for you, you can ask him to re-explain them a few times for more clarity. Taking on this puzzle can be tricky; take your time with it to make sure you can get through it all. After finally getting through that puzzle, there'll be one more X/O puzzle for you to solve. It should easily be solved if you simply work your way from the outside towards the center.

You can now come across an enemy called Gytrot if you head south immediately after leaving this puzzle behind. This thing looks upset - and it is, for good reason. Someone's been putting decorations all over its antlers. Help him out so you can spare him.


Note: The reward for this fight is 120G, and it's recommended you do this to make a possible grind for money very soon much shorter than it needs to be.

Continuing on this path leads to a hidden room with a strange door; you won't be able to open it for now, and there are only a select few in the world who have legitimately managed to see what's inside. If you continuously move in this room for a long enough time, you can come across an optional battle. It can only happen up to a certain point, but you can head to Snowdin Town just up ahead for supplies if you want to be more prepared.

Monster candies are a great choice to use for healing items, as Nice Cream already surpasses them in usefulness and you may as well get rid of them soon. Snowdin Town, just up ahead, also sells healing items that surpass the monster candy. You can also sleep at the inn for 30/20HP.

Be careful, as this is the toughest fight in the game up to this point in terms of attack and attack power.

To spare Glyde, simply applaud him twice (he's done a pretty good job) and just don't do anything anymore after that. In fact, do nothing for the rest of the battle.

Before Snowdin Town

There are a lot of snow poffs on the ground once you get past the final X/O puzzle. If you check all of them, you can receive 30G (this can be repeated if you die and have to come back from the most recent save, but it's only 30G). The last snow poff is, in fact, a member of the Royal Guard like Papyrus. Greater Dog can be spared if you call him over and pet him. After that, of course, he'll want to play, and naturally, after playing, a dog would want to be pet a lot. Alternatively, ignoring the Greater Dog completely will bore him after a while. That's a lot easier.

You'll reach Snowdin Town after a short walk through one of Papyrus's puzzles.

Snowdin Town

You'll get your first chance to put the snowman piece away in a box, unless of course, you backtracked to the first box when you got it. There's also a shop here that you can buy a manly bandanna and healing items from, but make sure you still have over 350G if you buy a lot of things. You can also talk to the shop owner for more information about Snowdin Town.

You can also sleep at the Snowed Inn for 30/20HP. You'll also get to hear some monsters snore a melody in their sleep. Some may find that their snoring sounds like a bee flying around; bees they are - not. Since you weren't up in your room for very long, the lady at the desk will give you a full refund even though you got the health bonus. This place will always be free of charge, so don't forget about it if you want a free 30/20HP bonus.

There's a monster kid in the middle of town who will identify that you're a kid because of your striped shirt. He and other kids do wear striped shirts, so he has a point. On a northern path past Grillby's is a potential place to have someone dial the wrong number. Past Grillby's is the librarby, where you can read a bit more about the monster way of life.

Note: The opportunity to battle Glyde closes when you try to fight Papyrus.

Travel east of Snowdin Town until Papyrus stops you. To start, you should try to check, insult, and flirt Papyrus now before sparing him over and over. The one way you're going to win this fight is if you survive all of his attacks, so get ready for a bone tussle. After some time, he'll show you his famous blue attack. Act accordingly and jump over his bones to avoid damage. When it comes time for his special signature attack, something will go amiss, and he'll just use a regular attack.

Note: If Papyrus places you in a cell, just leave, heal up at the hotel, and try again. If you're really, really not having a good shot at this and lose to him three times, he may just let you go out of pity. Are you gonna let him take pity on you? You can try to fight him again until you spare him, or you can continue on ahead.

Once you've finished fighting Papyrus, befriend him, then go to his house and speak with him. At this point, you'll be able to take a tour of Sans's and Papyrus's house. Check out their closet to find another dog. The closet's back leads to the dog's shrine.

Dog Shrine

If you have at least 350G, then you can donate all of that to the dog shrine now so you don't have to come back later. If you do want to grind out money, IceCap gives 35G upon defeat if you steal his hat when he's been ignored for too long. There's also 20G in Papyrus's couch.

Donating to the dog shrine is a long and tedious process, as you can only donate 1G at a time. Whenever the donation box has reached its current limit, simply leave the room and come back to see what the money was used for. Keep donating until the box has been shut off and the shrine has reached full potential. A majority of Undertale's trophies come from donating to the shrine, so getting this over with now would mean that there isn't much left to do after this. The trophies are listed in the spoiler tag below to save space.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Note: The Switch version of this game has a shrine that appears to have taken place after the PlayStation 4 version. Information on the new content there will be covered in this walkthrough for those who own the two versions or simply want to see what happens.

Once you're done there, enter Papyrus's room and talk to him in there to start hanging out with him. After a successful session of hanging out, he'll suggest that you two be friends with his boss, Undyne. He'll also give you his phone number. Continue east to get to the waterfall area.


Arrive at Waterfall.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Shortly after entering this area, you'll come across Monster Kid and Sans once more. Monster Kid is here to see the ultra-cool Undyne and Sans, if you convince him, will order some food at Grillby's with you. Past his stand is a waterfall with rocks flowing down it. If you get pushed off, you'll simply have to walk back up to the top. An echo flower here hints at something behind the waterfall; go inside to find an old tutu, a great defensive boost.

After using some bridge seeds for the first time, you should find Aaron. Challenge him to a flex-off to get him going. After enough flexing, he should be completely flexed out. After this is another bridge seed puzzle; consider using them to go to the southeast if you'd like to see what's down there. If you mess up with your seeds, ring the bell in this room to reset them.

You may come across Woshua later. It wants the whole world to be clean, so you may as well ask it to start with you. Check out the telescope you see in the wishing room to look at the rocks in the ceiling. After another save point, try heading west past two conversing echo flowers to find a patch of grass. Inside the grass is a pair of ballet shoes, a new weapon. If you find Shyren, you may notice that she's having a hard time with her singing abilities. Try to get her going by humming with her.

You'll pass a room with a piano that is rumored to hold a great treasure inside, as well as a statue with horns. If you take an umbrella from the next room and give it to the statue, a melody will play; melodies are played on pianos, so try jamming out on that piano. (Press cn_X to play a note.) You'll find a legendary artifact in the room you open up. After some mishaps, you'll be given dog residue. Using dog residue fills your entire inventory with dog residue (and occasionally dog salad). Dog residue can sell for a varying small amount of G, and dog salads can restore random amounts of health. Congrats! You now have an infinite resource to sell. If only you knew a place to sell them. Don't throw your last dog residue away; if anything, make a spare dog residue and put it in your box when you have the chance.

Continue onwards to find Monster Kid in the rainy part of Waterfall.


Reach the place where it rains.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Trash and Rain

Undyne will attack with spears once more, leading your arrival into the trash zone. You'll find a ghost possessing a dummy, much like before, who is very upset with you about the way you treated its cousin at the start of the game. Dummies don't take damage from you, so you'll just have to find a way to redirect its attacks into itself. After the battle, Napstablook will offer you the chance to hang out at his place. You can lie down on the ground with him if you'd like. Additionally, if you play his Spooktunes CD and leave his house, you may come across Aaron and Woshua, who will really hate this music. Aaron can now be shooed away after hearing the ghost's very scary tunes.

Up ahead is a shop ran by Gerson, an old-timer who took place in the monster-human war. His defense item isn't really that great but makes up for giving you more invincibility time after being hit by an attack. The weapon he sells does the same thing, and since you're not attacking on a pacifist run, it might be a good idea to buy it.

Moldbygg comes into battles after passing Gerson's shop. Try to unhug the thing. Afterward is a dark room, where the paths only light up if you touch the glowing mushrooms along the way. Try to go south when you're in the southeast corner of the room.

Temmie Village

In this place, all are Temmie. Except Bob. The Temmie running the shop needs 1000G to go to college. If you really want to, you could sell dog residue to it until it has enough to pay for college. Realistically, that doesn't make any sense, but it works. If you want to help it pay for college, make sure you keep a spare dog residue in the box just in case you accidentally sell your last one.

After paying for Temmie's college, Temmie will sell Temmie Armor. This is the strongest defensive item in the game that you can use, but it really makes combat uninteresting as a result. Its starting price is 9999G, but it can be lowered to a minimum of 750G if you die enough times. Only buy this if you're having a bad time with a particular battle (or you just want to see how strong it is).


After walking through more of Waterfall, Monster Kid will slip and dangle off a bridge. Help him up and make your way to Undyne, who will finally challenge you. You're given the opportunity to save and heal up before the fight so you don't have to walk back here every single time. When fighting Undyne, she'll use her spear to turn you green. Green gives you one side to protect yourself with as she throws spears at you. Gold arrows will spin the other way around. In order to progress, you must continue to escape the battle when your SOUL is red.

You'll make it to the border between Hotland and Waterfall when Undyne's armor heats her up too much. Give her some water from the nearby cooler to help her get back on her feet. There's a save point in the next room, and you can go south from there to return to a point in Waterfall much closer to her house. As Papyrus mentioned when he called you during your escape, he thinks the three of you should hang out at her house. Take the ferry to Waterfall and head left when you see Gerson's shop to find the area Undyne lives in. Papyrus will be outside her house.

Talk with Undyne until Papyrus tells her that she's not up to the challenge of being your friend. This will prompt her to have a massive urge to prove him wrong, so she'll make you some food after you take a seat at the table. Other events will transpire afterward. After the entire bout of hanging out with her is over, you can find her in Snowdin Town with Papyrus, but you're headed into Hotland. Take the ferry back to Hotland and go inside the lab at the area's entrance.

Alphys's Lab

Inside the lab, walk to the right to meet Dr. Alphys, the royal scientist. She'll tell you in advance that she made Mettaton, a robot for entertainment with anti-human combat features, but after watching your entire adventure, she wanted to disable those features. A problem has arisen, and Mettaton has a lust for your blood. He'll make an entrance fairly soon; you might recognize him to be similar the contraption Papyrus used for his color puzzle so long ago. He'll start a fight with you right after he explains the rules of his quiz show.

Mettaton's maximum defenses make him completely impervious to any sort of attack. Below in spoilers are the answers to his questions, should you decide to use them. Alphys can help out too, so don't ignore her in this fight. There are a lot of questions. Crying in the Act commands might be worth a shot.

What's the prize for answering correctly?

What's the king's full name?

What are robots made of?

Two trains, Train A, and Train B, simultaneously depart Station A and Station B. Station A, and Station B are 252.5 miles apart from each other. Train A is moving at 124.7mph towards Station B, and Train B is moving at 253.5mph towards Station A. If both trains departed at 10:00 AM and it is now 10:08, how much longer until both trains pass each other?

How many flies are in this jar?

What monster is this?

Would you smooch a ghost?

How many letters in the name Mettaton?

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

In the dating simulation video game "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie" what is Mew Mew's favorite food?

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Who does Dr. Alphys have a crush on?

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

After finishing the quiz, Alphys will update your phone to include texting and a bunch of other features. A particularly fantastic new feature are the two Dimensional Boxes you can access from your phone. Box A holds items from the boxes you've already come across, and Box B is exclusively phone storage. You're free to check out the upper area to her lab and the box at the end of the conveyor. It might also be worth saving at the save point from the side of the lab you came from. Continue out of the lab and check out three of Alphys's social media posts to reach Hotland proper.

Final Stretch

Enter Hotland.

Final Stretch
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


In the first chunk of Hotland, it's possible to encounter Vulkins and Tsunderplanes. A Vulkin can't take criticism very well, and it'd be wise to criticize it to stop it from attacking. After that, encouraging it or hugging it would work to make it happy, but the former raises its attack and the latter lowers your defense (basically the same thing - a pacifist approach doesn't use attack, though). As such, it'd be a bad idea to both encourage and hug a Vulkin before sparing it. A Tsunderplane, as the name suggests, isn't up for flirting with you, but as soon as you approach one, it starts to get nervous. Get close to its airplane attacks three or four times to spare it, but it'll also now be open to flirting. If you ever run into both of these at once, start by criticizing Vulkin until the Tsunderplane is dealt with.

Another save point appears when you reach a land of heat and clockwork. Pyropes may now appear - don't stare at their hot fire too long, or you might go blind. Their fire attacks might be an issue if you're not adept at moving in battle; their orange flames have to be moved through, the opposite of blue attacks. Cool Pyrope down to lower its attack (optional), then heat it up twice without cooling it down to spare it.

If you use the arrows on the ground, you can launch yourself with steam to another area. If you go off to the right, you can find a secret room that holds a burnt pan weapon. Its attack is -2 lower than the torn notebook you might have bought from Gerson in Waterfall. It makes up for this by adding +4 to HP from recovery items. If you're not sure if you want to use the pan, you can always put it in a Dimensional Box.

Alphys will call you in the room to the upper left of the steam arrow puzzle and will explain that orange lasers must be moved through, whereas blue ones require you to be stationary, just like combat attacks. Deactivate the lasers by pressing the button on the other side. Alphys will call you again once you approach three more arrows and will suggest that you go to the right first - the path to the north won't open until you solve the puzzles on the left and right.

The puzzle on the right is pretty simple; once you activate it, you'll see that you get two shots to fire in order to destroy the ship on the other side. Move the boxes around so that only one is between you and the enemy ship, then fire both shots. The left puzzle is intimidating, but you should only have to move the boxes up, left, down, and left again to get the arrangement you want. The door to the north is now open.

You'll soon find yourself in Mettaton's cooking show. There's a can of an ingredient you need on a high shelf, and it might take some time to reach. Mettaton will be throwing ingredients around to slow you down, but you should be able to make it to the can fairly easily if you prevent yourself from being hit by food too many times. Once you get it, you'll be safe for a little while longer. There's an elevator to the second floor of Hotland just up ahead. It can also take you to the left station of the first floor, which is the place just outside of Alphys's lab for convenience.

Final Stretch II

Reach Hotland 2F.

Final Stretch II
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Hotland F2

To the right of where you step off the elevator is Heats Flamesman. Remember his name for later. Sans is selling hot dogs here in Hotland for a pretty high price of 30G, and just past him is a long stretch of land between the elevator you came from and one on the left. The bottom path leads to a stained apron, which has a defense of 11 and heals you for 1HP every other turn. In the intersection between these elevators, however, is a hidden glass path to the north. If you come to this room on October 10th at 8 PM (or at any time on the Switch version), you'll run into a special monster named So Sorry. Finding him isn't required whatsoever, but if you feel like it, you can set your console's date to that time if you're not coincidentally here at that time. Some cases suggest that So Sorry can only be encountered once you reach a certain point later on, but I managed to trigger him with this being the farthest I've gotten in the game.

So Sorry is an artist, if you couldn't guess by the art club sign you have to read to fight him. Killing him does count against you if you're aiming for a pacifist run of the game. At one point in the battle, So Sorry will draw Doodlebogs with his magic pencil. You'll have to draw them a way out of the battle to keep things sane. After eleven turns of either attacking him or doing something else, the battle will end.

There are three switches to the left that have to be pressed within a short time of each other. Do so with Alphys's help until the path ahead is clear, then take a look at the mess of a steam puzzle in the next room. There are little panels with red dots next to the arrows here that change the direction of the arrows available. Use the panel with only an up and down arrow to change the upper left arrow to face left before reaching it.

The royal guards you may have seen earlier will attack you after realizing you're human. These guys are tough business, but Royal Guard 02's armor is filthy. Try cleaning it five times in the coming attack to properly clean it. This will make the armor more susceptible to heat absorption, making him take it off. Whisper to Royal Guard 01 to lead to a situation that'll end with the three of you leaving the situation fairly happy.

MTT News is the next channel you'll come across. Report on your favorite item in the room you're in and watch as Mettaton reveals his next plan. The bombs in the room will be flung all over the place and you'll have to defuse them all if you want to live. There are six bombs you have to defuse, so run around and try to find them all before it's too late. To defuse a bomb, use the Act command with proper timing. Take the elevator past this bomb room to the third floor.

Final Stretch III

Reach Hotland 3F.

Final Stretch III
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Hotland F3

Just at the top of the elevator is another bake sale, but this time, the items are absurdly expensive. Past this is another set of puzzles, one to the north and one to the south, that have to be solved to progress eastward. The solutions to these puzzles are in the spoiler below.

Two guys with diamond will state that their favorite Mettaton moments are when he beats up someone after they do a heel turn, or when Mettaton strikes a pose. This is kind of important information.

A spider lair is past the next save point. If you bought a spider cider or spider donut way back at the start of the game, pull it out of a Dimensional Box right now so it's in your inventory. A spider girl named Muffet will attack you for your hatred of spiders that they assume you have. Bribing her with increasing amounts of money will lower the damage she deals to you and struggling can lower the price of this, so if you really feel like lowering the damage, struggle when the price is really high. Then again, bribing does cost money that you might want to keep, so it's up to you. The battle ends after seventeen turns but ends very quickly if you use spider cider or a spider donut during the battle.

Muffet will turn your SOUL purple for the majority of the battle. This puts you in a state of movement that centers around lines, similar to sheet music. Because attacks have to follow three lines of movement, the attacks themselves can be very easy to dodge compared to other boss attacks.

Ahead of Muffet's lair is an opera song straight out of Final Fantasy VI. Well, the lyrics are different. After he drops you into the dungeon, he'll show you the puzzle he has in store for you. He won't explain it since you've seen something like it before, and you might have notes on it laying around if you made yourself a copy. After you try to get through, he'll drop down to fight you again.

Alphys has prepared a function in your phone that turns your SOUL yellow in battle, making it possible to shoot projectiles. All you have to do here is shoot him a few times, as that's all this battle is. Up ahead is a nice cream truck and the two royal guards, and to the left is a character from before. If you remember his name, tell him. North of the guards is the Mettaton Resort. Sans will offer to take you to dinner (which you should do), and you can also buy some items from some people in an alley to the right. That mystery key they're selling is indeed a key to a house in Waterfall. There's a burger restaurant inside the hotel and the door to the CORE is just north of the statue.

Hotland - CORE Branch

The elevator leading to the top of the CORE isn't working, so you'll have to take the long way up. The first enemies you'll find here are Madjicks and Knight Knights. Talking to a Madjick will invert your left and right controls, but it'll allow the Madjick to be spared instantly. You can also spare a Madjick by staring at either of its orbs two times total, or by clearing your mind and talking to it afterwards. A Knight Knight has to be sung to three times (or twice if you hummed with Shyren enough to learn her melody). When Knight Knight is asleep and you're wearing either the stained apron or Temmie armor, you can stall turns by doing something other than sparing her to build your HP back up.

With Alphys's help, you'll be able to make it to another save point. There are three paths ahead. There are different ways to open up the path to the center of the CORE, and you might come across different enemies along the way. One of these is the Final Froggit, which can be spared by mystifying it. A Whimsalot can be spared by praying and collecting a green butterfly (or praying twice). An Astigmatism will either want to be picked on, or it won't want to be picked on. You'll have to pay attention before it attacks as it speaks. Doing so will allow you to spare it. Additionally, challenging an Astigmatism will make Final Froggits and Whimsalots open to be being spared immediately, so if you find yourself in a battle with an Astigmatism with literally anything else, challenge it.

If you fight through the northern path, you'll have to face three sets of enemies to reach the switch to open the east end. If you decide to open the path to the end using the puzzle on the west side of the area, go with this:


Once you reach the end of the room, you'll find a save point and the elevator leading back to where you started, which now works.

Good Luck

Reach the second save point in the CORE.

Good Luck
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


If you happen to have the stick weapon, put it in your inventory. You won't be using it to attack, of course, but it'll be useful later. When you face Mettaton in the next room, get used to using the yellow SOUL mode to fire pellets at objects. Certain objects, like things that look like arms, can only be moved out of your way if you shoot their yellow target. Bombs will explode in a + shape when hit, so be careful. Alphys will eventually call you to tell you about a secret switch on Mettaton's back; turn him around and press it to make him vulnerable to attack, technically.

Flipping the switch turns Mettaton into Mettaton EX, a machine that technically take damage if you shoot his heart when it's open to attack. Coming out victorious against Mettaton in a pacifist playthrough requires ratings of 10,000-12,000 people watching at once, with the battle starting at 4,000. Throwing the stick now will raise the ratings by a good 700, but waiting until a certain point will double that amount. Putting on a different set of armor that hasn't already been worn in the fight will also raise the ratings by a massive 1,500. These are the two most notable oddities - the best way to raise the ratings is to boast. This raises the ratings throughout Mettaton's turn, but it stops and makes you lose 100 rating points if you get hit. That said, it's best to boast early on and save the special cases for later.

When it comes time for a pop quiz, the best answer you can write is "Legs", with the second-best answer being "Toby", the first name of the creator of Undertale. A disco ball can be hit to change its colors if a white line is about to approach you. If you're still not at 10,000 in ratings by the time you blast Mettaton's arms and legs off, throwing the stick will give you 1,400 points. It otherwise takes a rating of 12,000 total if his legs are still intact. The battle concludes once Mettaton has reached peak views.

Alphys will walk you to the elevator past Mettaton's room and tell you that she lied; it takes a human soul and a monster's soul to cross the barrier and return home.

Mad Mew Mew

People who own the Switch version of the game would be able to return to the Dog Shrine back in the skeleton brothers' house to find that the seal on the shrine has been broken. By moving the left and right stick away from each other, a secret battle with a catgirl doll will take place. Scratching it behind the ears will cause the ghost haunting the doll to burst out in laughter. She'll ask for a battle to release its emotions, which should let it fuse with the doll's body. All of Mad Mew Mew's attacks are dodged by moving the sticks in a certain direction to avoid being hit and should be fairly easy for someone who's made it far enough in the game to reach her. As the battle wears on, she'll tell you where she got the doll body and why she's so angry. After surviving enough attacks, she'll finally be able to listen to you talk to her without interrupting you. Show her what LOVE is - a pacifist would naturally want to show mercy.


As you approach ASGORE, creatures you've seen throughout the adventure will appear to tell you information pertinent to the underground. Grab a key from the house's kitchen and look in the bedrooms for two presents with pretty strong gear inside them, then get another key near the other bedrooms. Continue your walk until you reach a save point at the Last Corridor.

Last Corridor

In this hallway, Sans will judge you for your actions throughout the game. He'll explain a few acronyms you might not know about:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This is a very important place in the game due to the fact that any boss you have encountered can be killed, removing them from the game. Populations of monsters in certain areas can also be killed off, which is also a factor. Of course, if you're playing as a pacifist as the name of this page suggests, you should not have killed a single monster.

Throne Room

Talk to ASGORE in the throne room. If you have Toriel's butterscotch pie, grab it from a Dimensional Box before approaching him later on near the barrier door. It'd also be wise to fill your inventory with good food items, of course. Use your best weapon.

At the start of the battle, ASGORE will destroy your option to show mercy. That means you're going to have to fight him, for real. Since you may not have fought before, it should be worth mentioning that attacking is done by pressing cn_X when the white lines meet up with the center of the attack screen. There are also two ways to weaken ASGORE's attack and defense:

  • Talk to him three times (only if you've been as a pacifist)
  • Use the butterscotch pie when you need to heal

Once you bring ASGORE down to low health, you'll finally be given the option to spare him. See what happens next for yourself, but try not to look further down the page too much.

My World

After the events that take place in front of the barrier, the monster that showed up will take control of certain things. A battle will soon ensue against Omega Flowey, an incomprehensible and unfathomable foe. His attacks are very hard to dodge, but you're fortunately able to withstand quite a few before you die. Stay determined and persevere through Flowey's attacks as all six of the SOULs he's stolen are used as attacks against you. Find the Act command in these attacks and call for help to heal up and keep going.

A death keeps your battle progress saved, so don't fret too much about the difficulty of the fight. After calling the six SOULs to your aid, Flowey's defense will drop to nothing, making your attacks actually worth the effort. Fight and fight and fight until he's been stopped.

You'll eventually be given two options. If you want a true pacifist ending, you know which one to choose.

True Pacifism

If you managed to complete the game without killing anyone at all, you should get a phone call after a short bout of credits. After this, someone will give you a clue about where to go next. Load up your save file and head on over to Papyrus's house - Undyne wants you to deliver something for her. Take her delivery to Alphys in Hotland and follow the events that take place. After the gang leaves, return to Alphys's lab yourself. Read the note on her floor and use the elevator nearby to reach a new area.

True Laboratory

There are panels on the wall to give backstory to the position of the royal scientist, and what happened in this lab that led to certain events in the story. When you reach a new save point, you'll find that there's only one working way ahead. A note in a backroom hints at something being dropped down a drain. Check the sinks for whatever that item is - you'll encounter a set of monsters.

Memoryheads are a strange being. Perhaps they are an embodiment of evil or some kind of alien. Regardless of their origin, these things are technological in some way or another, and you'll only be able to understand them if you pull your cell phone out. Refuse their invitation to join them so you can spare them. The spared Memoryheads will drop a red key; use it on the machine in the back room and return to the chip dispenser you saw earlier. The door on the right is now open.

You should soon find a bedroom with a save point in it. One of the beds on the right side has a yellow key under the sheets. There's a path to the right that takes you to a bathroom that holds another amalgamate: Reaper Bird. The Reaper Bird is an amalgamation of an Astigmatism, a Final Froggit, and a Whimsalot. Because of this, it can be spared by mystifying it, picking on it, and praying once each. The end of the bathroom hall is the slot for a blue key, which is apparently in a cold place.

Return to the save point and head up and to the right to find the air conditioners. Put the stick in your inventory if you have it. Turn them on and face Endogeny, a conglomeration of a bunch of previously deceased dog monsters. To spare Endogeny, beckon, pet it, play with it, and then pet it twice more. Using the stick in this battle makes Endogeny immediately ready for sparing.

Save again to restore any health you may have lost before taking the upper path to the left. A pseudo save point holds the amalgamate Lemon Bread. Because this one is composed of Shyren's agent, Aaron, and a Moldbygg, you should hum, unhug, and flex once each. A room north of here holds the slot for the yellow key and a set of VHS tapes with a TV. These are worth checking out. Put the yellow key in its slot.

The room to the west holds a lot of fridges, one of which is the amalgamation of a deceased snowdrake's mother. Simply tell jokes three times to spare her. She'll drop the blue key after being defeated. After coming back towards the save point, you should find a room with a shower at the end. Check the curtain for the green key. Go back to the left and put the green key in its place, then return to the bathrooms and insert the blue key. Use the big door near the chip dispenser that required these keys in the first place so you can leave the lab.

The End

You'll find yourself back at the stretch of land leading to the barrier. Go back to fight ASGORE. The rest of the game will be straight-forward enough all the way up to the credits. Here are some post-game spoilers of information you can use on later playthroughs.

After finishing the neutral playthrough (beating Omega Flowey), he will never appear again. From now on, he'll simply say that he won't bother fighting you if you're going to win, making future playthroughs faster. If you do want to fight him again, you'll have to remove your save data from your console entirely.

Now that you've truly beaten the game, you can try to play it again with new variations. This includes killing certain enemies, choosing different dialogue options, and so on. The next page covers the genocidal playstyle for Undertale, which is a much more difficult playthrough.

The genocide route is much faster in terms of earning trophies, but it's going to be a lot harder to complete to the end. There are consequences that occur if you finish a genocide route that affect all future pacifist routes until you manually delete your save data, so this is best suited for people who have already seen the pacifist ending. This run is written with the assumption that you've finished the pacifist or neutral route.


If you remember how the game starts with Flowey, see what happens if you decide not to accept his little friendliness pellets. You're out for blood, remember that. When you fight the dummy, do whatever you feel like, but it'd be a good idea to get used to attacking. The first Froggit you encounter can be killed in one hit if you properly time your attack so it hits the middle of the attacking reticle. If not, no big deal. Continue through the ruins until Toriel lets you go on by yourself, then camp out at the save point and pick up the candy to the north if you'd like the healing items.

Save at the leaf pile save point and walk around in this room until you kill 20 enemies total; you'll know when you hit that amount. As you kill more monsters, your EXP and LOVE will increase, making it easier to kill them faster. Whimsun are the easiest things to kill, so you'll hit 20 kills faster if you happen to run into more of them. Once you've killed the 20, you'll now find that your stats have a kill counter in them.

The ruins will be almost entirely empty. Continue through the three colored button puzzle and, before you reach Toriel's house, continue right to find the toy knife. This will increase your attack power. Sleep in the bed in Toriel's house for her slice of pie and confront her at the door leading outside. Start by attacking her and then leave towards Snowdin.

Snowdin Forest

After your first interaction with Sans and Papyrus, you should soon find that all of the puzzle-solving leading up to Snowdin has been cut out. There's no need for puzzles when you want to murder everything you can. Take the tough glove from the storage box and equip it for +2 more ATK from the toy knife. When using the tough glove, press cn_X four times after landing the attack so you can actually deal damage. You can start working on the 16 enemies you have to kill in this area right here from the room with the storage box in it.

Note: Snowdrake must be killed in order to continue the genocide playthrough. If you run into Lesser Dog, it has to be killed as well.

When you reach Doggo's outpost, he'll start to shiver for some reason. Killing him is mandatory. Up next is the first patch of ice you're able to slide on, and to the north is a snowman. Take as much of him along with you for healing items as you like. When facing Dogamy and Dogaressa, kill Dogaressa first; this is because doing so will make Dogamy weaker, and killing Dogamy first will make Dogaressa tougher.

All of the puzzles are deactivated or can be ignored. Glyde can be encountered if you find him before facing Papyrus (and if you still have some enemies left to fight), but it takes longer to make him show up in his room when you have more kills. You'd probably have to keep moving in the room for a good half hour. It's not really worth the trouble since you don't have to kill him anyway. You do have to kill the Greater Dog, which is just past Glyde. Try to wrap up your standard enemy kills before entering Snowdin Town.

The shop owner in Snowdin town will not be present if you've finished your 16 kills. You can steal the money and as many of her items as you'd like before looking around; make sure to definitely pick up the manly bandanna, then fill up the rest of your inventory and the storage box with healing items as a backup.

Note: You must finish your 16 kills before fighting Papyrus, or the run reverts back to a neutral playthrough.

Papyrus is an easy encounter, to say the very least.


Waterfall's kill counter you have to reach is 18, which you can still check at save points. The rocks will not fall from the waterfall that they usually fall from, so it'll be easy to get through the water and pick up the old tutu for +3 more defense from the manly bandanna. Shyren must be killed here. You should be able to start killing once you reach the second room with bridge flowers, but you should hold off until after Shyren automatically encounters you near the piano that opens up the path to the whole dog residue ordeal.

After falling off a bridge towards the dump, you'll find the dog shrine's donation box. You'll be able to earn those trophies here if you haven't already, and doing so should be easy, especially if you stole from the Snowdin Town shop. Kill the dummy once you reach it.

Gerson is willing to sell to you and talk to you since he knows you can't kill him from the shop menu. Try to finish your 18 kills in the area you have to light up with mushrooms and lamps, then backtrack to a save point and save to restore your health - and to make sure you don't have to kill any more enemies again if you lose to Undyne.

Undyne is much tougher here than during the pacifist route due to her remarkable determination to protect everyone. Her attacks are wild from the start and deal a pretty scary amount of damage. You ought to use cn_dpad for this fight for more control, and remember that practice makes perfect. Her attacks she does when your SOUL is red are usually the most devastating, especially the circling spear ones.

When you eventually get through Undyne's health, she'll tell you some info that spells out impending doom for you.


There are 40 monsters you need to kill in Hotland. This is a very slow grind in Hotland's main area, so it might be worth it to leave most of the grind for the CORE. You should eventually find the two royal guards, both of which are easily killable (and must be killed). The elevator can reach almost all floors instantly, so go ahead and ride it to the top. So Sorry cannot be encountered on the genocide route.

Muffet can be killed instantly. Catty and Bratty aren't at their shop, which means you can take from them as well. You don't really need money, but they do have some you can take. They have a new weapon and armor that you can take as well (not that you need them for Hotland). Burgerpants will be at his job if you'd like to buy from him. The steaks in the shape of Mettaton's face is your best choice because it heals 60HP, with your second best choice being the legendary hero (a sandwich in the shape of a sword). You're definitely going to want as much of these as possible.

The CORE has more enemies per battle and has scripted battles against seven total enemies on the northern path. Finish your kills and take the elevator at the start of the area to get to Mettaton's room instantly. Taking him out requires no new information, just like most boss encounters so far.


When you arrive at Asgore's house, take the locket and a real knife from presents in one of the bedrooms (the best weapon and armor in the game), then take the keys and unlock the chain. You should now be Lv19. Trek through the castle until you reach the Last Corridor and face your judgment. Make sure you're using the new gear and have your food from Burgerpants in your inventory, then save your game.

Sans will judge you once again, but it won't take as long. Being the violent person the fallen human is, it'll be time to fight Sans. Sans only has 1 ATK and 1 DEF, and is the easiest enemy. He can only deal 1 damage. There's no information anyone could give on this fight that would help you get through it aside from two simple, obvious things:

  • Good luck.
  • Practice makes perfect.

There are videos of people performing a perfect battle against Sans in which they take no damage, and there might be an online practicing program to help you as well.

Throne Room

The ending to the genocide route will play out without any more battling on your part after beating Sans. If you really, really, really are having a bad time trying to beat Sans, I guess you could look up how it goes for yourself, but that's no fun.

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