Battle Trivia Knockout (EU Ver)


Welcome to my walkthrough for Battle Trivia Knockout, a simple question and answer game with the added element of battling to the death.....for reasons. This is a very short and easy game to beat, and will probably take you way less than an hour to gain all 12 trophies.

Google. Like most trivia games you can simply pause the game once you have heard the question and head over to Google search on one of your many internet-accessing devices and gain the upper hand.

If you have four controllers you can take over all AI characters to make this even easier, but you will also have to play an extra four matches in total. The game is also easy enough with Google that it isn't really worth all the extra effort.

To begin, select Full Length Game from the main menu. This consists of four events, with each containing two short battles.

During the first battle, start taunting your opponent using a combination of shoulder buttons - cn_L1, cn_R1, cn_L2 and cn_R2. There are eight taunts in total, two for each button.

  • Taunts

    Use all 8 taunts in a single full length game

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

Continue on with the battle and try to answer all five questions correctly. Assuming you answered all five questions correctly you will unlock:

  • Know It All

    Answer all 5 questions correctly in a single battle round

    Know It All
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

You will also unlock these two trophies for both completing and winning your first battle.

During the second event you will be playing the 'Tiles of Death' mini-game, in which you get to turn over several cards after answering a question correctly to obtain more points and inflict more damage to your opponent. The mini-game finishes once you have turned over a damage card. You must try to get three points cards before it ends. This is mostly luck based but you will have about ten opportunities in this playthrough to nab it.

The next trophy should unlock after your first battle in this event if you have answered all questions correctly up to this point. If you have got one or two wrong then you should get it in the second battle of this event.

20,000 points should come naturally as you progress through the levels if you are getting everything correct and answering them quickly. If you are somehow still short on some points at the fourth and final event, you can get nearly all the points required just from wagering the highest points and getting the questions right.

During the fourth and final event, you will play a mini-game called 'Wise Wagers'. In this mode you select the amount of points you would like to wager before the question appears and you will win or lose that amount of points depending on whether you answer the question correctly or not. Every question has a wager of over 1000 so select one of those and get the Q right.

  • Big Spender

    Win 1000 points or more in a single wager in Wise Wagers

    Big Spender
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

After completely wiping away the competition, you will inevitably win the tournament and be crowned the Battle Trivia champion and unlock this trophy.

Now that you have won the competition, it is time to do it again but this time fail like you have never failed before. You need to get all five answers wrong in a battle and finish in last place overall. You can either answer all questions wrong or just put your controller down and let the time run out. This will be a shorter playthrough as you will not need to compete in a second battle in each event. During the third event, 'Answer Battle', instead of letting the time run out you can select the wrong answer to give yourself minus 500 points and put yourself in the red zone to really cement yourself as last place. The fourth event 'Wise Wagers' can be worked the same way to get a really low score. At the end of the tournament you should find yourself in last place and with a new trophy.

  • Wrong Way

    Get 5 answers wrong in a single battle round

    Wrong Way
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerVersus

This is rather luck based, but using a second controller will allow you to obtain it very easily. Turn on your second controller and load up the mini-game 'Answer Battle'. You may need to defeat an AI opponent each before facing off against each other but when you are one on one have the controller you want the trophy with get the right answer and answer wrongly on the other. Each wrong answer results in 200 damage here so they will lose all their health on the final question resulting in a KO.

And there is another quick and easy completion for your collection.

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