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Blue Ribbon Champ

In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges.

Blue Ribbon Champ-0.4
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31 Mar 2014 31 Mar 2014
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Credit to Banehowl
The "Ribbons Made Easy" playlists were useful for some of the harder ribbons. All of the info is given in the videos. Hope this helpssmile
Worlds-of-HurtNice guide!

Still.. I keep failing wave 10 on DnD; Charge doesnt work (without any buffs from gear) seems to fail every time. And if I use the shotgun up close then the RPG guys kill each other everytime. Same thing applies when im throwing the Return to Sender trap from afar..warning Also, it really sucks to start all over again each time if you're missing just one Ribbon. Guess Ill keep trying facepalm
Posted by Worlds-of-Hurt on 02 Jul 15 at 10:01