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Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M.: Complete the game

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25 Mar 2014
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Here is a code for the last level on the game on Easy mode.

Yellow bean, Orange bean (looks like the guy in the trophy pic), Blue bean, Blue bean.

This trophy is very luck based because you have to fill Robotnik's screen with beans such that he loses. You only fill his screen by matching more than 4 beans at a time.

Matching only 4 beans all the time will not make any progress in this game, unless you cause a combo. The best ways to send beans to Robotnik is either by concentrating on comboing 2 lots of 4 (or more) beans at the same time.
Or focus on setting it up such that you match 4 then the resulting beans which fall cause another match 4 and so forth, resulting in x3 or even x4 combos which will really screw with Robotnik!
Basicly the more you clear in a single piece falling on your side, the more you will send to Robotnik's side. But be careful because he can do the same to you, hence the challenge.

Now with the clear beans, you can only clear those by clearing coloured beans which are touching the clear bean. You should avoid letting these clear beans accumulate as clearing them will not contribute anything towards what gets sent to Robotnik, only coloured beans count.
The clear beans are basicly what Robotnik has sent you so if you have a lot on your screen suddenly then he has just pulled a HUGE combo and most likely you will lose but don't worry there are no lives in this game and you can retry as many times as you like.
Even Robotnik has bad games, one will come eventually. This is considered one of the tough trophies in this game and I wish you best of luck with it.