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Feel the Urn

Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power

Feel the Urn0
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26 Jul 2013
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Urns are found throughout the campaign, and the last 2 (Urn of Fates and Urn of Poseidon) are obtained by beating the Challenge of the Titans. Urn of Fates requires a rank of at least Mortal, and the Urn of Poseidon requires a rank of at least Spartan.

Once you complete the game, you unlock the "bonus play" on whatever difficulty you just played. When you go into a new game, the difficulty you completed will have the Sword of Olympus icon next to the option. Choosing "bonus play" will keep Kratos with all the goodies you completed the game with.

Once a game is loaded, you need to go to the option screen and go to the urns page (pressing L1 or R1). The urns you collected will be "off" - all you need to do is switch them "on" and the trophy will pop.

Below is the guide I used from GameFaqs - very easy to follow.
JyejitsuMaybe a stupid question but what do you mean with ranks? The difficulty you have played on?
Posted by Jyejitsu on 09 Aug 13 at 10:36
EmpathicMIMICNo, your rank is determined by how well you performed on the specific challenge. You are measured on kills, orbs received, etc. If the culmination of the category scores is high enough, then you achieve the Titan Rank.
Posted by EmpathicMIMIC on 09 Aug 13 at 13:40
limelight1979So if Challenge of the Titans is completed then technically so is this trophy, yes?
Posted by limelight1979 on 07 Jan 14 at 23:32
EmpathicMIMIC^ Almost - I believe if you get at least a "Spartan" rank on the challenges, then you unlock two urns. Once that is done, you need to start a bonus play game, and once you have control of Kratos, activate the urns in the options menu. Trophy will pop once you get back in the game.
Posted by EmpathicMIMIC on 08 Jan 14 at 13:24
limelight1979ok thanks. i just found two during the campaign- figured that would be easier instead.
Posted by limelight1979 on 10 Jan 14 at 00:34