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A Big Fan of Lefties

Acquire all enemy officers' left arms.

A Big Fan of Lefties0
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18 Jan 2014 21 Jan 2014
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In order to obtain this trophy, you need to get all 30 left arms throughout the game.

Officers with left arms can be seen immediately by initiating augment mode - their left arms pulse a green diamond.

There are rewards for obtaining all the left arms:

Wig A = 10 left arms + Completing the game on Normal Difficulty
Wig B = 20 left arms + Completing the game on Normal Difficulty
Blade Mode Wig = 30 left arms + Completing the game on Hard Difficulty
Armor Breaker (epic blade) = 30 left arms (difficulty doesn't matter).

Below is a video by Somewhat Awesome Games, and it is fantastic. If you get a chance, go give his video a thumb's up on youtube.

Also, note that Left Arm #18 only becomes available by taking out the security panels without being detected in Chapter 4 - a heavy armored cyborg will appear near the third panel once you get the first two done in a very stealth-like manner. wink

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