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Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Mass Effect
Stasis Mastery

Use biotic Stasis 75 times

Stasis Mastery0
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11 Jan 2014
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Create an adept character as they are the only class with access to barrier, lift, throw, stasis, singularity and warp in their skill tree. It will be faster to work on these trophies using the one character.

You can earn this over time playing through the game using this on enemies you encounter.

To grind this and avoid spending too much time playing through the game again you can cast this on the Citadel Rapid Transit platforms (fast travel points). There is a blue circle on the CRT, aim inside there when casting.

Depending on the biotic power being used you may need to level up a bit to have enough points to purchase the powers needed to unlock trophies.

Stasis unlocks after putting 4 points into Barrier.
Gnostic1974This power, like Neural Shock and AI Hacking, needs a real target.
Posted by Gnostic1974 on 23 Jul 19 at 16:25