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Party Patrol

Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.

Party Patrol0
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07 Jan 2021 08 Jan 2021
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As of Today 1/7/2021

They added in fireteam duos! This is by far the easiest way. I got in a helicopter for most of the kills.

This mode might be limited get it while you can.
I had 0 squad wipes and got 11 in 70 mins.

For normal squads it's best to play with people you know to communicate.

Open the boxes you can get killstreaks. Squad wipes count if you use Napalm attack helicopters ETC SO GET THEM

Try to cherry pick people if you see them in fight get in there. If you see two squads fighting in duo's and one guy gets killed. You CAN kill the second and still get a squad wipe with 1 kill.

Use high ammo guns I was using the stoner even with 100 rounds the armor plates use 25 rounds minimum per person.

If you are good at sniping (I'm not) parachute on top of a building and get to popping.

Sorry this is not much of a guide this is mostly a lucky achievement. Gotta have the right timing.

Happy hunting.