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You Broke the Scoreboard

Achieve a High Score of 10,000,000+ on any classic Park.

You Broke the Scoreboard-2.1
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05 Sep 2020 05 Sep 2020
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Search for one of the 10 Million parks in Created parks and use the grind.

Extra tip is find one that has the ability to edit it and add a couple ramps so that your starting number is high already so you don't need such a high multiplier.

Example: 10,000 X 100
Detox2033Another tip: My skater fall down at 6/7/8 million points. Then I used a skater who has the maximum grind balance in the stats. This worked for the first time to reach 10 million points without falling before
Posted by Detox2033 on 05 Sep at 13:51