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The Johnny Experience

Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

The Johnny Experience0
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Best guide I've found...

Note: You can get The Party Never Stops quest via some other dialog choices so even if you screw up, keep going.

The Johnny Experience
[0:05] #1 Chapter 3 A Job Well Done (Story Related)

In Chapter 9 there are choices you can pick in order to unlock the Side Quest called The Party Never Stops as follows...

[0:30] Pick "She's a great fighter" (At the start of Chapter 9 when you first talk to Sam)

[0:59] #2 Chapter 9 To Corneo's Mansion (North of Chadley)
Pick "Yeah."

[2:00] Outside pick "How much?"
Inside pick "Yes"
(Chapter 9 To Corneo's Mansion - Hotel by the entrance)

[2:58] Story Choices
Sam - pick "No deal."

[3:40] Madam M - 1st pick "Poor Man's Course - 100 G" 2nd pick "It's alright."

[4:21] #3 The Party Never Stops Side Quest in Chapter 9 (Long but Easy Quest to Complete)

[5:11] Sick person location to give the medicine

The Last ones are in Chapter 14

[5:52] #4 Talk to Johnny in Chapter 14 by Area Sector 5 Undercity Station. This will start a Side Quest called Tomboy Bandit
(Kyrie is location is in the Church)

[7:21] Go to the Colosseum and complete the Special Match (Go back to Kyrie to get Johnny Wallet)

[8:12] #5 Go back and talk to Johnny. This will unlock the Trophy (Johnny's Stolen Wallet)
DesertFox416When you say "[0:30] Pick "She's in great fighter"..." you mean She's in Great Shape.
Posted by DesertFox416 on 20 Apr at 19:39
MeltdownStuNo she's a great fighter
Posted by MeltdownStu on 23 Apr at 22:01
Jet-KlaatuFixed. Good spot.
Posted by Jet-Klaatu on 26 Apr at 21:44
Slam-Shot-SamI picked several different dialogue choices before checking the guide and still got the Party Never Stops quest.
Posted by Slam-Shot-Sam on 29 Apr at 22:39
Jet-KlaatuAgreed, there are a couple of ways to get it I found out when I screwed up one time with the options. I'll add a note to the solution.
Posted by Jet-Klaatu on 02 May at 02:21