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Staggering Feat

Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

Staggering Feat0
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.
13 Apr 2020 13 Apr 2020
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If you're anything like me you saw this trophy and thought "you can raise the stagger damage?" Yes, you can apparently! Mostly using Tifa.

The easiest way to get this trophy is to go to Chadley and fight the Fat Chocobo VR mission. Probably best to wait until the end of chapter 14, since you'll be powerful enough that you don't need to worry about dying.

Play as Tifa. Once you're in the mission, cast haste on Tifa - this will make things so much easier. Keep punching Fat Chocobo as Tifa until you get two full ATB bars. Use Unbridled Strength twice. Keep punching Fat Chocobo again until you have two full ATB bars again, WITHOUT using any cn_T attacks. Also don't use any of Tifa's abilities, because you need those two ATB bars.

Your next job is to stagger him. Use your teammates' "Focused" attacks, which increase the stagger bar pretty significantly. You can do this at any time, but the best time to do it is right after he's done doing his crazy "roll around really fast and then bounce around the screen" attack, since he's vulnerable then. Once you have him staggered, do the following:

- cn_T attack (Rise and Fall)
- cn_T attack (Omnistrike)
- Unbridled Strength
- Unbridled Strength
- cn_T attack (Rise and Fall)
- cn_T attack (Omnistrike)
- Attack until you have two more ATB bars
- Unbridled Strength
- Unbridled Strength
- cn_T attack (Rise and Fall)
- cn_T attack (Omnistrike)

... and you should get it! I had a lot of trouble with this until I figured out I needed to cast Haste on Tifa to make her attacks go faster. Once I did that, I was able to get it on my first try.
Jet-KlaatuGreat guide, gets my up vote! Where do you get Haste from?
Posted by Jet-Klaatu on 16 Apr at 00:33
ColdshadowzNice guide! Thanks
Posted by Coldshadowz on 16 Apr at 02:44
DrEldarionHaste is the first spell on the Time materia, which you can get from beating the Missing Children sidequest in chapter 14. (though I'm pretty sure I had a couple of them, so they're probably elsewhere as well)
Posted by DrEldarion on 16 Apr at 03:45
MttlxndrI’ve tried this like 6/7 times now and it doesn’t work, it always runs out at 285%. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong?
Posted by Mttlxndr on 18 Apr at 23:02
osakamitsuGuess I am missing something... How do I use rise and fall? I don't have it listed. I guess I have to equip it?
Posted by osakamitsu on 18 Apr at 23:11
DrEldarion@osakamitsu Rise and Fall should show up as the triangle button attack once you've used Unbridled Strength twice.

@Mttlxndr You definitely have to be quick. Note that you can queue actions up while others are still pending, so when you're using Unbridled Strength twice, you don't have to wait until the first one has finished to use it again. Other than that, make sure you still have Haste on you by the time you're performing all these actions. If it helps, you can cast Haste a little further on in the battle. (it doesn't need to be immediate, you just need it on you before the stagger)
Posted by DrEldarion on 18 Apr at 23:45
Messe--NoireAs a helpful hint, keep using Barrett and Cloud R2 and L2 commands while playing as Tifa raising the stagger level for added bonuses.
Posted by Messe--Noire on 20 Apr at 01:33
Metabolic-VI tried this method a few times and even on hard I couldn't get it past 295% before I just ran out of time, and that was with also using Aerith's Ray of Judgement to help boost the stagger gauge. If anyone else is having the same issue you can use your last 2 ATB rotations on Tifa's True Strike ability (need Purple Pain gloves to learn it), it adds 30% to the stagger gauge for each use.
Posted by Metabolic-V on 20 Apr at 15:10
unequalized_joeIt should be worth noting that even though you get the stagger for one of the boss fights in Chapter 18 over 475%, it doesn't appear to count / pop the trophy.
Posted by unequalized_joe on 14 May at 07:12