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Dynasty Warriors 8
Legend of Jin

View the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Jin story.

Legend of Jin0
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13 Dec 2013
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Some battles have secondary objectives which will unlock hypothetical battles.
To see these objectives, and replay the battle, select "story mode", "Shu", "select stage".
For this trophy, you just have to unlock all the stars before the level "Battle of Xuchang".
It's not an obligation to make those who are after this level, but i don't know if it's important for other trophy, so i suggest you to do all star objectives.

I've found some videos on Youtube which helped me.(Credit to : Jerzeeboii)

Stage 4 "Coup d'état"

Defeating Cao Shuang after defeating Cao Xun, Cao Yi and He Yan will enable the stage 'Xiahou Ba's Journey' to be unlocked

Easy, just follow the orders, and when he's coming, kill him.But be sure you defeat the officers with him (Cao Xun, Cao Yi, He Yan) before.

Stage 5 "Xiahou Ba's Journey"

1-Quickly defeating Jiang Wei will affect the Battle of Xu Chang.
2-Quickly defeating Jiang Wei will enable Xiahou Ba to appear at Tong Gate.

1/2 - As soon as Jiang Wei comes, kill him (quickly).

Stage 6 "East gates battle"

Helping all your allies escape alive will enable the stage 'Battle of New Hefei Castle' to be unlocked

When you will be taken in the first ambush, quickly go to save your allies and quickly escape you.In "beginner", this is really easy.

Stage 7 "Battle of new Hefei castle"

1-Protecting all of the gates will affect the Battle of Xu Chang.
2-Protecting all of the gates will enable Zhuge Dan to appear at Xu Chang.

1/2 - Some officers attempting to break the gates open. Follow the mission objective. Once you finish with the enemies in the courtyard, you should receive a notice of the attack plan succeeding.Pretty easy.

Stage 8 "Battle of Mt Tielong"

1-Successfully rescuing Guo Huai will affect the Battle of Xu Chang.
2-Successfully rescuing Guo Huai will enable him to appear during the rebellion by the two officers.

1/2 - From the beginning of the battle, follow the way of the North around the map and without ever going in the middle. Defeat for the first time Xiahou Ba (it was him in my game version, but for the english or US version, it's Li Jian; a bug for me?), then defeat Yue ying (Xingcai for English version?)and the wooden oxen, while staying on the edge of the map. Follow the way until you arrive in front of the fort where Guo Huai is prisoner beat Xiahou Ba (Li Jian?) ,who have a Wei uniform, to save Guo Huai.Because my version's different, i suggest you to watch absolutely this video for more security.

Video :

Stage 9 "Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's rebellion"

Defeating Wen Qin and his son last will affect the Battle of Xu Chang

Make the first 2 missions of the beginning up to the second attack of Wen yang on your main camp. From this moment, kill all the officers without ever visiting Wen Qin. Once all the officers beaten except the two leaders and Wen Yang. Rush to beat Wen Qin, Wen Yang and Sima Shi will have a conversation with him, let them finish the conversation first and then defeat Wen Qin, and his son, finish by Guanqiu.Don't kill Wen Yang before his father.

Video :

Stage 10 "Battle of Xuchang"

Completing all of the conditions will open up the hypothetical route

You have to complete all star objectives untill you (re)start this battle. Wen Yang will then appear, speak to Wen Yang to start the hypothetical battle of Fan Castle.
The success of this mission will unlock 5 news battles on the road of hypothetical end of Jin.

Video :

Stage 11 "Capture of Chengdu" - Hypothetical battle

Defeating Liu Shan after first defeating all of the enemies will enable the stage 'Defeat the Rebels' to be unlocked

Follow the missions but you have to personally defeat Jiang Wei as this will trigger the appearance of Guan Suo and Guan Yinping. Failing to defeat him personally will not unlock the stage "Defeat the Rebels".

Video :

Stage 12 "Defeat the rebels" - Hypothetical battle

Winning the battle will enable Zhong Hui to arrive during the stage "Defend Chengdu" as reinforcements

Just follow the missions correctly.

When you completed all the missions; historical and hypothetical; the trophy falls clap