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The Better Part of Valor

Did not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and won the round.

The Better Part of Valor0
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29 Nov 2013
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This trophy description is a bit misleading. First and foremost, set your timer to either 60 seconds or even 45 and one round. Then, start up a match with a second controller choosing whichever characters you like. Hit the opponent once with your primary, and then back away from the foe while walking towards your main with the second. Once you hit the wall, jump over the second controller and keep backing up. After a while, you'll enter the "Negative State", you can tell when you're surrounded by a red aura.

After you earn the Negative State, keep moving away from the foe. You'll have to make sure you don't back up against the wall for too long, or you'll lose it. Simply maintain the negative state until the time runs out and you win. Many say you can beat the foe after the 20 seconds however I had no such luck earning the trophy this way.