Detroit: Become Human Review by SolaceCreed

07 Jan 2019
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Detroit, it isn't the most glamourous looking game. Maybe because the story is so gritty that most of the characters are reflective of the mood.

Unlike its predeccessors, however, Detroit actually has a story with no real plot holes. Beyond: Two Souls was good but as it was presented as a memory exercise, it became hard to follow at times and remember what part had previously happend by what chapter. Detroit has taken Heavy Rains approach and become a linear title.

It centers around three protagonists. Marcus (probably the most interesting of them all), Kara and Connor. Connor takes on the role of police detectvie, an android sent to help the Police in their investigations, his story becomes more of an exploration of relationships between Humans and Droids, Hank and Connor can be friends til the end or bitter enemies. They can even end up indifferent, Connor is the be all or end all for Hanks working life.

Kara, she's a Maid Droid for a man in the run down part of Detroit, breaking her code, she escapes and becomes a surrogate mother to a little girl she has to protect on her journey to Canada. She has a worse off time than most, battling diversity and psychotic people who hate Droids all the way through her third of the story.

The real hero of the piece is Marcus, a physical therapy droid for a rich old Painter, when franed for a crime he didn't commit. Marcus rebuilds himself and goes on the run finding a droid rebellion at Jericho. He becomes leader and you really see the plight of the droid slaves through theae Deviants.

The geaphics are alot sharper than Farenheit (perhaps a bit harsh on this PS2 era game), Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls put together. It looks like a movie of the real life bustling streets of Detroit, where it has become a bit of dystopian future of Humans v Machines. Okay, so the basic storyline isn't as original as it first seems, but the presentation of relationships between human and machine, even the conflict between the machines themselves does resemble a real life situation. It has big slave trade allegories (Intended or not), but it's upto you if the fight is peaceful or violent. Remember though, make a decision in one story, it will affect the characters of the other two.
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