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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

4.1216,890154 (1%)150-200h
Cities: Skylines
Ultimate City Mayor

Acquire all the other Trophies

Ultimate City Mayor-27.5
1 guidePlatinum - These trophies require you to obtain all other trophies within the base game.
09 Nov 2018
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There's a really detailed solution at the sister site TrueAchievements:

Just in case you come here first, this is sooooo much easier if you don't have natural disasters installed. If you do you're expected to get all the extra Unique Buildings and the Doomsday Monument - which involve beating Floodlands and The Dam, two seriously testing scenarios.

Not sure if there's a bug or something, but I've done this playing on a European scenario and NOT placing the Gherkin. Just make sure on your main city you put everything down.
*This note was added after the site suggested it wasn't obtainable. Well I've managed it so assume they've sorted a bug out
BeardedScot86Your solution is on the wrong trophy. You should move it to the I want it all trophy. Thanks
Posted by BeardedScot86 on 03 May at 10:08