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King of Swing

Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark

King of Swing0
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This trophy is related to completing any traversal benchmark past the 1st level.
Traversal benchmarks are located on the benchmark Tab and are the 1st 8 that are listed.

Its reversal benchmarks are:
Sky skipper - point launch X times
Wall runner - wall run for X meters
Skimmer - swing your the ground for X meters
Speed freak - swing faster then 28 meters per second for X seconds
Free fall - dive X meters
Free runner - parkour X times
Whiplash - Slingshot around X building corners while wall running
Trebuchet - while wall running upwards, Slingshot off the rooftop X times

Wall runner, speed freak, and freefall will most likely be the 1st ones to level up considering those are the core of how spider man travels