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Upgrade a weapon with a module

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09 Jun 2018
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This trophy is tied slightly to the previous:
VampyrWork in progressThe Work in progress trophy in Vampyr worth 19 pointsUpgrade a weapon

By that, I mean, in order to actually use a module, you must have a weapon upgraded from its default state, or even in its default state if it is acquired later. Modules are add-on/attachment upgrades that will modify damage, stamina usage, stun ability, or something else to that effect that only affects that weapon. It will still require ingredients to attach one to the weapon, but should you want to later on, you can shift it from one to the other (with the provided items) to better suit your style. Simply choose one module for a weapon to get this trophy. For me, it actually unlocked as I was upgrading my stake to better help out in stunning before I got the stunning two-handed weaponry.