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London's burning

Turn all districts to hostile status

London's burning-5.1
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09 Jun 2018
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A full spread trophy compared to:
VampyrAnarchy in the UKThe Anarchy in the UK trophy in Vampyr worth 65 pointsTurn a district to hostile status

Described within the previous trophy, you must turn every district Hostile with no hope of recovery. While it might reach Hostile status from everyone being gravely ill, you can easily cure them of their ailments with enough placebos and syrup. No, in order to retain the hostility, you must feed and Embrace the citizens enough to disrupt the entire foundation! Given you will need to Embrace a few for some of their weapons for the weapon trophies, this would be better done if you went for it with a backup save just prior to you starting all of this. It will void Not even once, which requires you not to harm a soul maliciously. Furthermore, to turn them hostile, you must sleep a day in a hideout to shift the tidings of London in your disruptive favor.
KGI_KlikoNLFirst play on Story, do all collectable's and all embracings, then on normal for the no citizen task?
Posted by KGI_KlikoNL on 26 Oct at 12:55
KTKarona@KGI_KlikoNL You can, or you could just make a save prior to changing every district hostile, get the trophy, and then reload prior to that. I would suggest that instead, as another playthrough would make it a bit longer than needed unless you are truly enjoying the game. I found it harder than desired by not eating people.
Posted by KTKarona on 26 Oct at 17:05