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Complete the Firefly Journey

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30 Jul 2013 03 Aug 2013
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From your main menu select Factions, this will be the multiplayer portion of this installment.
Now choose Fireflies. (don't worry this choice isn't permanent, you can change once you die or complete 12 weeks 7 days.)

Once you have made the choice of faction '12 weeks' begins. You will need to survive for 12 weeks, roughly 80+ matches. Survive does not mean win 80 matches, but rather to have a population after the 12th week and 7th day. Your population is directly related to how well you did in a match. Kills, revives, crafting, all reward different amounts of supplies, and these supplies correlate with how healthy your population is. You must have at least 1 member alive by the end of the 12 week 7th day for this trophy to pop.

Throughout the weeks of gameplay 'Missions' will pop up, they will either award population or decrease it. These missions will require you to do certain things during 3 days (3 matches). They have three tiers and you can choose from a variety of requirements ie. 2, 4, 6 executions by the end of day 1,2, and 3, respectively. Now here is the tricky part, on week 6, 8, 10,11 and 12 there is a 100% population wipe mission. You MUST pass the first tier requirement of these missions or you will have to start over your 12 week cycle.

I completed 24 weeks without ever wiping my faction, and acquired both achievements for firefly and hunter.

The way I did it was to save the easiest mission requirements for those specific 5 weeks. If a population boost "friendly" mission comes up, use a hard requirement, or ignore it entirely. You will need the easy requirements for the 5 week MUST pass.

Now this is opinion in which are easy and hard compared to your skill level and gameplay style. So choose whichever you like. But a few are unanimously "easy," I would recommend to save these two:
-Mark targets
-Craft items
Each of these can be done twice, so that covers 4 of the 5 weeks that require a MUST pass. The 5th week to cover is up to you, some easy-ish ones are:
-Specific weapon downs
-Melee downs

In summary, remember in Week 6, 8, 10, 11, and 12 there are 100% population wipe missions, these are the only missions you should be concerned about, every other one will not cause a population wipe.

Have fun, this is a beautiful game!


I have heard that if you are on a MUST pass 100% population wipe, on day 3 and you are about to lose it (not passing the first tier) you can dashboard and it will start your 3rd day over. (I did not have to do this so I cannot confirm or deny that it works.)

[edit] Please check the comments for a complete list of mission minimum requirements. Thank you lostmantella9
M37h3w3Again to emphasis: You don't need to play through all 84 games to progress to the end for the Trophy. If you start a game and then quit out, it'll still progress a day. Keep quitting when you have excess population and play only when you need to (On the 100% wipe days for the first tier mission requirement or when you need more population.)

If you need more population, a pretty surefire way to generate more quickly is to play support. Go three ranks in crafting and first aid perks (you can go two in crafting and then go for the highest spotter perk you can,) make bunches of stuff, give gifts away, spot everything, and leg hump your allies and bandage them when they need it.
Posted by M37h3w3 on 31 Jul 13 at 01:31
J_AK3R^ +1

Absolutely agree. Using 'support' in the early stages, before you can customize your own loadouts, is a surefire way to boost your populations in the early stages.

I also forgot to mention, if you are on a MUST pass 100% population wipe on day 3 and you are about to lose it (not passing the first tier) you can dashboard and it will start your 3rd day over. Repeat this as many times as you need.
Posted by J_AK3R on 01 Aug 13 at 06:14
lostmantella9Down enemies * (3 minimum)
Executions * (2 minimum)
Special Executions (2 minimum)
Revives (2 minimum)
Heal teammates (5 minimum)
Molotov Executions (2 minimum)
Downs with Bombs (2 minimum)
Gift Crafting Items * (2 minimum)
Mark Enemies * (7 minimum)
Downs with Melee (3 minimum)
Shiv Excutions (1 minimum)
Downs with 9mm Pistol (3 minimum)
Downs with Revolver (3 minimum)
Downs with Shorty (3 minimum)
Down Enemies with Hunting Rifle (3 mimimum)
Downs with Semi Auto Rifle (3 mimimum)
Downs with Burst Rifle (3 mimimum)
Downs with Bow (3 mimimum)
Downs from Long Range (2 mimimum)
Downs with Headshots (2 mimimum)

I wrote down the challenges just in case someone needs them as you only have limited time to choose which one your doing
Posted by lostmantella9 on 03 Aug 13 at 02:39
lostmantella9i'd recommend the ones with the "*" next to them. plus downs with whatever weapon your best at
Posted by lostmantella9 on 03 Aug 13 at 02:41
J_AK3R^Awesome info for planning everything ahead of time. I'll add that people need to check the comments for a list of mission minimum requirements!
Posted by J_AK3R on 03 Aug 13 at 03:34
lostmantella9thanks, great guide btw!
Posted by lostmantella9 on 03 Aug 13 at 06:22
SilentlyForgotThe challenges can be repeated more than twice. For my 100% wipe challenges, I chose to mark enemies three times. The option to do it again was still there, though I switched to crafting after that. The minimum requirements increase after each successful attempt though, so it's a little riskier depending on how good you are at the challenge.
Posted by SilentlyForgot on 29 Nov 13 at 00:51
J_AK3RThanks! There may have been an update since I posted this. So that info is appreciated for all concerned. Like I tried to explain, how you confront this trophy is on the player. I am happy to hear they added more options!
Posted by J_AK3R on 13 Dec 13 at 10:31
J_AK3RI am going to attempt this again on a new tag after the holidays to see if the strategy is still similar. If I don't post back, follow the original "guidelines."
Posted by J_AK3R on 13 Dec 13 at 10:33
LLstationGreat guide, helped me a lot!
Posted by LLstation on 06 Nov 15 at 19:47