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Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back

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28 May 2018 01 Jun 2018
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To unlock the "MORAL VICTORY" trophy in Detroit: Become Human, you must successfully get the soldiers to back off during the game's final chapter "BATTLE FOR DETROIT".

Below is one potential playthrough that leads to this outcome. There will probably be several and I will update this guide when more information becomes apparent.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Assuming the soldiers stand down in the final chapter, the trophy will unlock when you reach the final flowcharts after the credits roll.
kintarisHi UntalentedTalent,

I'm slowly working through all possible outcomes to try and refine my guides but as you can imagine it's taking a while. It'd be great to hear what happens in that scenario. What I will say is that you can make a number of small decisions during the next chapter that will raise public opinion. I don't know if it will be enough from a place of indifference but it could well be. It'll be interesting to see if you even get the same options I've laid out above or if some are locked out to you. Have you still got all three Jericho leaders with you, and have you developed a relationship with North?
Posted by kintaris on 01 Jun 18 at 09:08