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F1 2011

F1 2011

F1 2011
They're on Which Buttons?

You won a Race without activating KERS or the DRS once

They're on Which Buttons?0
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23 May 2018 23 May 2018
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As the description says, the trophy is unlocked as long as you win a race without activating the KERS or DRS during the race. This can be obtained in any race, regardless of mode. The race can also be any length, including 1 lap. The default controller settings map KERS to cn_L1 and DRS to cn_T. I would recommend simply avoiding these buttons throughout the race and you should be fine.

This trophy can be made easier if you play with the difficulty set on easy and all driving assists on. Next, go into Grand Prix Mode, start a Short Race weekend with a top tier constructor (Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari), and qualify for pole position. You will then begin the race in first place. Just avoid hitting the cn_L1 and cn_T buttons and you should easily win.