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Code Monk

Have a Sim reach max level in the Programming skill.

Code Monk-0.8
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30 Mar 2018 31 Mar 2018
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Sim Traits you Want: Nerd, Lone Wolf
Job You Want: Tech Guru

Items Needed: Desk, VERY Comfy chair, 1 Unbreakable computer or 2 great computers

Programming is one of those that will come in time. It is a decently slow one to upgrade. If you want your Sim to sit there and just grind have them Practice, making apps and such will get too easy for them later causing more work on your part.

Tips I'd suggest
-Any perks that lower needs (Steel Bladder) for instance
-Buy 3 Coding Books from the shelf and have your sim read those as you go for maximum efficiency
-Having a second sim that cooks and cleans will lower the time your Sim needs to be bothered
-Lone Wolf Trait will lower the need to be social
-Enable emotional auras on FOCUSED items and stack it around the desk