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Refined Palette

Have a Sim reach max level in the Painting skill.

Refined Palette-0.9
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30 Mar 2018 31 Mar 2018
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Any Sim can do this but pair the Sim accomplishing this with the Artist Aspiration for maximum efficiency here. This is really just a grinder like all the other skills but the benefit here is if your Sim paints a masterpiece you gain a lot more exp, its a random chance that increases at higher levels.

Tips I'd suggest
-Any perks that lower needs (Steel Bladder) for instance
-Buy 3 Painting Books from the shelf and have your sim read those as you go for maximum efficiency
-Having a second sim that cooks and cleans will lower the time your Sim needs to be bothered
-Lone Wolf Trait will lower the need to be social
-Enable emotional auras on inspirational items and stack it around the canvas
-Always paint large paintings and always paint the highest unlock painting
-Do not paint Mathematical, playful, etc special mood paintings unless its for an aspiration you are chasing.