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All allies joined

Given Aloy's actions, all possible optional allies joined the defense.

All allies joined0
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26 Mar 2017
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While the list of names is true for who your allies will be, what might be helpful is having the list of 7 side quests and 2 errands that need to be completed to have all allies for the final battle. See below:


Side Quests and Errands:

Traitor’s Bounty
Queen’s Gambit

A Moments Peace

A Daughter’s Vengeance

Sun and Shadow

Honor The Fallen

Sunstone Rock

Hunting For the Lodge (Errand)
Hunter’s Blind
Deadliest Game (Errand)


You can check if you have completed these in your quest log. Please note that all other side quests and errands do not matter for this achievement. Only the 9 listed above.
MPWheelyDo I have to go talk to them all before the final mission or do I simply just complete all the side quests and progress with the story as normal ?
Posted by MPWheely on 26 Apr 17 at 07:30
AG_Bucky_BarnesOnce all of the Side Quests have been completed, begin the final mission The Looming Shadow. After Aloy goes to bed to sleep (as required by quest), the Trophy should unlock.
Posted by AG_Bucky_Barnes on 16 Jun 17 at 13:27
BatMatt1993Can I still get this achievement after I did the final mission by doing the final mission again?
Posted by BatMatt1993 on 31 Jul 17 at 15:46
Chrono_Voltage@ BatMatt1993, You can reply the last mission again to get the trophy. Thats how I just got it
Posted by Chrono_Voltage on 23 Nov 17 at 16:19
PLATINBLAZEI was wondering WHEN the trophy will unlock, since I did all above mentioned. Cheers for the heads-up.
Posted by PLATINBLAZE on 10 Aug 18 at 15:23
NaberiosI gave a thumbs up, but it'd be nice if you specified where to trigger some of. Obviously the one's via the Hunting Lodge are pretty straight forward, but some are not.
Posted by Naberios on 17 Jul at 00:40