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Blue Ribbon Champ

In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges.

Blue Ribbon Champ-1.4
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This is not a complete solution, but rather a helpful pointer for those not wanting to bother with getting all the blue ribbon challenges.

As of 11/9/16 there is currently a beneficial glitch where this unlocks with your second to last trophy as long as all that remains is this one ( and as far as I can tell from my own experience and that reported of others), and another Clash In The Clouds one.

For me, I did all the main game trophies first, then fully completed Burial at Sea 1 & 2. I then did all of the misc. trophies in this pack, and then proceeded to finish the 4 different arenas. Upon completing Emporia Arcade, I popped this trophy along with the one for completing Emporia Arcade.

I have seen others report that when they left this one and either The Ol' One-Two or Sergeant-At-Arms, this also popped along with those; again assuming that they only had one of those and the blue ribbon champ trophy left.

Edit: thanks to Reevys-91 they have confirmed this still works as of 5-28-2018. Please see his comment for further context.
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Reevys-91 I can confirm this still works as of 28/05/2018. I completed the main game back in 2016, but I just recently did the DLC. I completed Burial at Sea Episode 1, then I did all Clash in the Clouds trophies except this one, and finally I did Burial at Sea Episode 2. This trophy unlocked at the same time as the trophy for completing Episode 2 on 1998 mode.
Posted by Reevys-91 on 28 May 18 at 08:04
BrokenKnght That’s awesome to know it still works! I’ll amend the solution with due credit.
Posted by BrokenKnght on 09 Jun 18 at 22:26
Iceman_Comeff Still works as of April 28th 2019.
Posted by Iceman_Comeff on 28 Apr 19 at 01:49
WakkaSoBlitzed Def still works as of January, 2020. had all trophies attained except for this one and the remaining Burial at Sea Episode 2 trophies. Once I finished Burial at Sea on 1998 mode, this trophy popped. What a strange glitch!
Posted by WakkaSoBlitzed on 14 Jan at 14:40