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All That Glitters

Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

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31 Oct 2013 31 Oct 2013
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The video is me playing same route as I did on console. It's MP10 (Master V on consoles).

I am one of the first people in the world to obtain this Trophy and overall Platinum in Diablo 3, and first in the world according to, and lately I am getting a lot of questions from people asking to help with this trophy, so here is my guide.

Lot of people are asking me on PSN how I managed to get 5 million gold Trophy so fast and some tips to help them out, here is a guide on my route for farming. I know it's PC version, but I don't have capture card for PS3/Xbox so I just recreated my PS3 route on PC and captured footage. It's essentially the same.

I found that Alkaizer route worked best for console, since mob density in Act 3 is much higher than anywhere else. After playing around and tweaking my routes, I found that the most loot and gold come from Arreat Crater Level 2 and Keep Depths Level 2 since they have the best mob density in the console version of the game.

I recommend playing this route with either WW-Rend Barb or Tempest Rush monk, since they will have insane speed boost due to their abilities and overall have excellent efficiency. Close 3rd would be Archon Wizard. Other classes or specs simply will take 2-3 times as much to achieve it.

My route is reverse run of "Areate Crater Level 2" and "Keep Depths 2"

1. Start fresh Act 3 checkpoint on Quest "Heart of Sin - Kill Azmodan"
2. Go to waypoint "Tower of the Cursed Level 1"
3. Now run back up the stairs, you will get Checkpoint
4. Proceed running back to "Arreat Crater Level 2"

Now the farming itself starts. Just kill everything in your way, those huge packs of white mobs give insane amount of XP and decent chance to drop loot/gold. You want to run reverse back to waypoint at the start of the map.

5. After you get to the waypoint go to "Keep Depths 1"
6. Again, as in my video go to level 2 and clear it until you get to the exit.

After you are done - teleport back to town, quit the game and resume. You will have portal to "Tower of the Cursed Level 1", and you can start new run.

Repeat until you get your achievement/trophy.

Few more things that might help you:

Easy, Normal and Hard on console are equal to MP0, MP2 and MP4 on PC, but unlike the PC version of the game you don't get any bonuses to MF, XP or GF. So there is no point to struggle on hard if you were unlucky with your gear drops. Master 1 to Master 5 on the other hand are same as Monster Power 6 to Monster Power 10 on PC and they do give bonuses to your XP, MF and GF.

If you can easily handle Master 1 and can handle Master 2 or 3 it doesn't actually mean you should farm higher difficulty, it's all about efficiency. You want to kill monsters fast. If it takes 60-90 seconds to kill an Elite and 30-40 seconds to kill an white mob pack - it's probably better to switch to lower difficulty, since MF/XP/GF bonuses are not worth the extra time to kill mobs and elites on higher difficulty. Same thing with co-op, it's good only if your party is geared as good as you and they can move as fast as you, if not - you only gimping yourself. profile:
PlayStation Profile: [

I recommend you guys watch video about farming efficiency from user "Moldran" on YouTube, he is one of the best Diablo 3 theorycrafters on PC.

About my build and play style:

Now I played as Barb on consoles, unlike my PC barb who is only 155k DPS unbuffed, my console barb was already 191k DPS by the time I started seriously grinding this trophy. You get lots of speed, crowd control immunity and DPS boost if you maintain Wrath of Berserker buff, to maintain it you need Battle Rage - in to the frey ability to get your fury back from crits. So more CC = better. But you also need mobs to survive for 5-6 seconds, otherwise you will kill them too fast. Now this will sound ridiculous to you, but you might actually need to drop your DPS a bit if you kill mobs too fast. By the time I was at 3.5 million gold out of 5 I already had 317k DPS unbuffed, so I had to tone it down a little bit, otherwise I couldn't maintain WoTB.

The math behind it is simple on one hand you have you DPS, say it's buffed with Battle Rage, you might think it's faster to farm if you kill mobs in 2-3 seconds without WOTB, but in reallity you get about same DPS if you able to maintain WOTB, but you also get additional bonuses such as movement speed and crowd control immunity.

So if you have to tone down your DPS - first drop the gear with Crit Damage, Avg Damage and maybe get weapon with less DPS. Don't ever ever drop crit or attack speed.

And finally here is another trick that I personally didn't use, but many people did:

Local co-op trick
Also I didn't think of the trick someone else discovered it will make this potentially much much easier - if you have 2+ controllers just put one of the controllers and play as your main character, even if second character die you still get bonus for having multiple players in game.

The bonus from multiple players as well as Nephelem Valour are multiplicative, meaning that they are more effective with more GF/MF from difficulty and gear.

Let's say you have 400% GF from difficulty + gear, with 2 players you will have 440% GF ("your base GF"%*0.1 + "your base GF"), NV and Fortune Shrines will apply bonus on top of that. So the more controllers you have - the better.

Again, this trick is worth it only if you have enough gear to keep going at the same speed without dying.