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Get the Ball Rolling

Complete the Challenge of Atlas

Get the Ball Rolling0
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15 Jul 2016
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In the Pandora Temple, you will come across a room with a bunch of buzzsaws running along the floor.

Go to the right side exit and continue down the hallway to a rock wall.
Break the wall to reveal enemies on a conveyor belt.
Defeat enemies as you go down and avoid the smashing spikes.
Run across the bridge and come to the base of a tower.
Climb up the short wooden ladder at the far right side to climb the rocky walls, going right, then up, then left.
You will come back to the tower where a lever will bring down a chain to climb back down.
But before you leave, go into the tower room and defeat all the enemies that spawn there.
You will have about a minute or two before the wooden floor opens up and drops you to your death.
I would recommend upgrading your Blades of Chaos up to level 3 to damage and kill the enemies quicker.
Press square square triangle to break the shields of the soldiers.
Use Poseidon's Rage to thin out the crowd.
And just whale on them.
When the enemies are gone and the red energy wall is lifted, run to the far end dais to avoid the dropping floor and collect a handle.

Go back to the buzzsaw room.
Pull the right side lever then pull the top left corner lever to remove both sets of bars from the top exit.
You will be timed here too, so it may take a few tries.
Once you enter the door, the bars will stay open.

Inch along the right edge of the hallway to reach a stone door with a carving of Atlas on it.
R2 to open the door and defeat the archers at the base of an Atlas statue.
After defeating the enemies, use the handle you obtained on the turnstile they were guarding.
Turn the turnstile to have Atlas statue raise his stone ball high.

Run to the right side to enter the room.
Run up the set of stairs, killing enemies as you go.
Go down and left to see another lever that will push the stone ball from Atlas statue's hands into the far end door that you wouldn't have been able to open by hand!

This trophy will then pop amongst the dust. Congrats!