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Ghost in the Cemetery

Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen

Ghost in the Cemetery+0.3
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10 May 2016
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Chapter 8 Encounter: Dormitories
You must get to the gate on the other end of the graveyard without getting seen (yellow), and without killing. If detected, just restart the checkpoint or encounter. The best way to do this is to climb around the cliff area nearest the beginning of the encounter. Watch out for the guard inspecting the cliff side. After he leaves, follow him to the top of the hill, but watch out for guards. From here, make sure you are always hiding in tall grass! Just sneak from grass to grass until the enemies give you a small opening so you can climb the face of the structure nearest the gate, and quickly move along the ledge to the corner nearest the door. When nobody is looking, climb up and open to the gate to unlock the trophy.
TheBusDriver05thanks for the guide. Just did this on my 1st play through on hard. For those wondering, Sam took out a guard near the end I still got the trophy.
Posted by TheBusDriver05 on 11 May 16 at 23:17
Little3vlIf you get spotted you can reload checkpoint....i got spotted a couple of times, reloaded checkpoint and got the trophy in the end. doesn't have to be a perfect run,
Posted by Little3vl on 12 May 16 at 19:33
docfester73Once you get to the gate, it is okay to be spotted provided you are trying to lift the gate up. I got it with 2 guards with a yellow alert on me.
Posted by docfester73 on 22 May 16 at 19:00
Naberios@TheBusDriver05 - Thanks for pointing out that Sam was allowed to make kills. I was debating whether I should load up an earlier save after he did in my game (got 2 actually).
Posted by Naberios on 10 Jul 16 at 04:07