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I Thought I Heard Something

Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns

I Thought I Heard Something+0.2
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.
09 May 2016
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Encounter: Bridge (Chapter 8)
The bridge encounter in chapter 8 is perfect for this (you can select it from the main menu). Doing a vertical stealth takedown (drop onto enemy below you) automatically counts as a "normal" stealth takedown at the same time. So when you get the "I Thought I Heard Something" trophy you will automatically unlock the "Shh Sleep Now" trophy with it.
The very first enemy of this encounter is perfect. After a few seconds he will walk towards you. Then you can drop onto him for an instant knockout. Restart the checkpoint and repeat 30 times.

Be aware that if you quit the encounter you'll have to do 30 takedowns again! You must use checkpoint restart 30 times. Your kill counter resets every time you load up an encounter.
PiMaC1985You say that our kill counter resets but is it really reseting even all the kills we've done this way in the campaign just by playing? Or it's reseting only those you've done in THAT specific encounter? If it's the former it's dumb a little bit I mean...why bother lol
Posted by PiMaC1985 on 03 May at 21:43