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Make 10 enemies drop their grenades

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09 May 2016
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Encounter: Market Escape (Chapter 11)
The perfect place to do this is the start of the Market Escape encounter of chapter 11. Make sure you put the difficulty on crushing! Enemies throw a lot more grenades on crushing. On lower difficulties it won't work so well. Crushing is unlocked from the beginning. You can change difficulty anytime in encounter select or in the pause menu.

At the start of the encounter there are 3 enemies. Kill the two on the left that come running. Once they are dead, the remaining enemy on the right will fire his gun at you and follow up with a grenade. Before he throws the grenade (while he is holding it in his hand) you must shoot him. Then he drops the grenade and blows himself up. Restart the checkpoint to farm more kills. If you quit the encounter your kill progress will be reset. So make sure you do 10 in one sitting.
To make things easier it is highly recommended that you enable the cheat "Bullet Speed Mode" from the bonus menu. It will greatly slow down time while aiming. This makes it much easier to time your shot. Usually, after the two other enemies are dead, he shoots at you once, goes back into cover and then throws the grenade.
Try to kill the other 2 enemies as quickly as possible with clean headshots. If you take too long, Sully might kill the enemy on the right.
Prem-aka-PrinceTerrible trophy, great location, have another positive vote from me. Thanks for writing.
Posted by Prem-aka-Prince on 17 May 16 at 21:33
NaberiosI couldn't kill both guys on the left. When ever I did, Sully would waste the last guy before he ever had a chance to throw a grenade, about 90% of the time. So I got to where I would leave 2 alive (only killed 3rd to not get overwhelmed on Crushing), and usually he would kill 1 & I'd have a chance to get the grenade dropping shot on the last guy. A couple of times I was able to get dropping shots on both of them which was a nice bonus.
Posted by Naberios on 13 Jul 16 at 19:44
Dan_RPBCan I just add to this solution and suggest immediately heading towards Sully and taking cover next to him and then killing the two enemies. By doing this I realised that, even with only one guy left, Sully will not shoot him, giving you plenty of time to prep your shot and await his grenade. I dont know if i was just lucky, but for me it worked 100% of the time.
Posted by Dan_RPB on 05 Sep 17 at 02:47
burgatshowThanks for the help. This encounter is the perfect one, and also thanks to @Dan_RPB for sharing the tip how to avoid killing the guy by Sully!
Posted by burgatshow on 10 Jan at 15:24