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The Cave

The Cave

Creamed Corn

Food-based destruction.

Creamed Corn0
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16 Oct 2013 16 Oct 2013
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This is a two part trophy.

Step 1
During the "Mine" puzzle area, the miner will throw a shovel, a can of corn, and a bucket at you. Stand near the corn so that a stick of dynamite lands near it and blows it apart.

Step 2
During the island puzzle you will come to a part where you have to stage out 3 barrels of explosives in order to blow up a rock pile about a water grate. Go all the way to the right side of the island and pull the blue box to the left. Underneath there is a can of corn. Carry it all the way to the grate and drop it, then stage out the barrels, one on the grate, one in the lighted area to the right on the rocks, and stand on the right side of the third barrel and pull it all the way until the fuse lights, then quickly roll it back to the left and let go on the slope.
If all goes correctly, it will cause all three barrels to explode, along with the corn can, unlocking the trophy.