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Shooting Stars

Shoot down 40 UFOs.

Shooting Stars0
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13 Oct 2013 22 Feb 2014
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Once you have detected a UFO and are ready to scramble an Interceptor to engage the craft, save your game. Now you can attack the craft, and once it has been shot down you can load the save you made and shoot down the same UFO again.

Repeat until the trophy unlocks.
BofusTeefusIs this on one playthrough, or collectively?
Posted by BofusTeefus on 15 Aug 14 at 03:19
RoguexCanadianI did mine in one playthrough and im not sure if it counts over multiple
Posted by RoguexCanadian on 30 Jan 15 at 21:10
AmorousAardvarkdon't know why someone down-voted this - it works... The 40 UFO do seem to be cumulative though, as i only had to re-load a handful of times before i got the trophy and i was only on UFO #6 on this playthrough (lots of re-started Ironman attempts! laugh)
Posted by AmorousAardvark on 16 May 15 at 04:34
SolaceCreedSpeaking from experience. People normally downvote because they don't read the description properly.
Posted by SolaceCreed on 24 Apr 20 at 00:45