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Collect 150 Items

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13 Feb 2016
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Since no one mentions this in their solutions:

At one point you might realize that you don't unlock any more items, because you might have unlocked everything that you can unlock by f.e. playing exhibition matches without bots.

I was missing only one item and that was the "MOAI" antenna. You can't unlock it via exhibition matches. Instead you will have to enter the KONAMI CODE at the screen that asks of you to "PRESS X TO START THE GAME".

The KONAMI CODE is as follows:
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right cn_X cn_O START/OPTIONS
Doc_ChopperNope. Never did that and erarned that trophy anyway. That's not the reason.
Posted by Doc_Chopper on 13 Feb 16 at 20:37
NOBLEPX672Maybe you should read the top solution, then you might see why you were able to get it without ;)
Posted by NOBLEPX672 on 13 Feb 16 at 21:59
DrShoe1976Nice tip - just worked for me!
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 25 Mar 16 at 12:48
iceberg082006My friend got a duck antenna first game. I still haven’t gotten it and no more items will unlock for me
Posted by iceberg082006 on 19 Feb 18 at 05:04