Saturday Morning RPG Review by Nuwisha

Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPG
04 Feb 2016
5 1 2
Complex - Not really
Beautiful - Depends on what you're looking for
Grindy - for some of the trophies heck yeah...
Nostalgic - Hell Yes...

From Trophies names from or referencing all the best things of my childhood to all of the "you know who this is supposed to be" in the most twisted way possible in game references, Saturday Morning RPG hit the notes I was looking for.

You're Marty a normal every day high schooler entrusted with a magic notebook. As a result, you end up in the middle of all the most ridiculous 80's referential adventures you can imagine.

There are plenty of in combat mini games depending on the gear you have equipped and an active defense system that adjusts damage based on the accuracy of your selected blocks.

This game reached pretty much every platform (other than Xbox) before the Playstation ecosystem. iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and even Ouya have had this game earlier... I even owned this on my mac but never got far because this is the kind of game that screams at me to be played on TV with a controller.

The episodes are a fun way to set it up and can be played in any order you want after the first episode.

Unfortunately due to the episode format and the setup of the trophies of the game you will end up playing part or all of any given episode several times. This wouldn't be such a down mark if not for the sheer amount of grinding necessary for some of the trophies.

A fun game but not exactly an easy plat. (I'm a good chunk into the 5th and final episode playing in order, repeating 2 full episodes as well as a few partial episode trophy jaunts and I'm less than half way to level 50)
Paully005Nice review!
Posted by Paully005 on 15 Jul 16 at 13:56
RTArroyoSoooooo repetitive, the combat is super boring, those stickers get old really fast
Posted by RTArroyo on 02 Mar at 13:34