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Collect 150 Items

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11 Nov 2015 25 Feb 2016
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As part of a recent patch, mutators have been added. The game now allows you to change aspects of the match, and all of these matches still count. The fastest method is to crank the speed up and set the match to have a 1 goal limit. Do so with a no-bot 1v1 and all you have to do is boost into the ball, kick it in, and claim your match victory.

Doing this, it's possible to get about 3 match completions per minute. Conversely, if you still need to go for the 500 km trophy, crank the time to unlimited and just drive around.

Just an update on this trophy: When last I checked 11/11/2015, the number of matches that needed to be completed had increased to 191 due to new items. According to the v1.13 patch notes, this number should have been reduced back down to 150 matches. (Thanks to DRedWingsDJY for letting me know)
tonyda1971Many thanks for posting this - was about to spend ages, with each game taking five minutes, but saw this post and changed the game to account for the mutators. Unlocked 60 games in about 90 minutes, while I was ironing! :)
Posted by tonyda1971 on 18 Nov 15 at 17:14
DRedWingsDJYThe requirement has increased to 200 items.
Posted by DRedWingsDJY on 12 Feb 16 at 14:38
ExtremePhobiaUnfortunately, I imagine it will continue to go up for some time. Who knows where it will end up...
Posted by ExtremePhobia on 14 Feb 16 at 23:46

The latest patch has lowered the requirement to 150 items.
Posted by DRedWingsDJY on 25 Feb 16 at 19:14
DrShoe1976Unlocked today for me after 148 games played - still got a fair few unlocks to get!
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 26 Mar 16 at 12:27
iceberg082006It unlocked for me somehow and now I’m not getting any items and I know for a fact I don’t have everything
Posted by iceberg082006 on 19 Feb 18 at 04:59
Metabolic-VThis thing is a pain in the ass now. Do blueprints count as they are or only if you craft the item?
Posted by Metabolic-V on 22 Oct 20 at 04:38
Frenkie_nl85I have 215 matches played and still no trophy :(.
Posted by Frenkie_nl85 yesterday at 07:27