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Rider's Block

Make 20 Saves

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Park your car sideways across the goal line and use cn_X to jump when the opponent shoots at you. Eventually this will work.

Personally I gained a two goal advantage in front of trying this in case you want other trophies but it's really not necessary.
lugadiIt's also quicker to setup an Unfair match and make it 1v2 so you have more chances per match to save.
Posted by lugadi on 12 Jul 15 at 14:11
SollinoxI just did 1v1 exhibition matches. Whenever the kick off was lined up fairly straight I just reversed to the goal line and let the computer opponent take a shot. It's very easy to knock it away. Repeat and you are done.
Posted by Sollinox on 13 Jul 15 at 12:26
armaedesAnother easy way to do this is with two controllers; line up Player 1 (the one to get the trophy) at the goal and use the second controller to shoot it directly at Player 1. Player 1 doesn't even have to move. I was able to get multiple saves in a few seconds by bouncing the ball between the two cars.
Posted by armaedes on 07 Aug 15 at 15:59
Frenkie_nl85I got it pretty fast by playing heatseaker 2v2.
Posted by Frenkie_nl85 on 22 Feb at 08:43