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Minute to Win it

With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailing

Minute to Win it0
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08 Jul 2015
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To get this trophy you need to win the game by taking the lead and winning within the last minute of the match. So if the game is tied or you're losing you just need to win the game within the last minute.

Easiest way to do this is playing offline on the rookie difficulty.
ThanosVisionI've waited until the last 60 seconds when I was tied and still didn't get it in exhibition match.
Posted by ThanosVision on 02 Aug 15 at 14:43
HolmkvistsWeird. Try again, I don't think it's bugged. Try being down in the last 60 seconds and win instead.
Posted by Holmkvists on 02 Aug 15 at 16:29
Dr_PopodopolusI don't believe this works if you tie 0-0 and win 1-0.

You need to be tied at least 1-1 or down 0-1.
Posted by Dr_Popodopolus on 02 Aug 15 at 16:52
HolmkvistsHow sure are you about that? Will edit the solution if you're pretty sure that's the deal.
Posted by Holmkvists on 06 Aug 15 at 15:30