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Fuel Efficient

In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.

Fuel Efficient0
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20 Jun 2015 20 Jun 2015
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Start a zombie game on Tranzit mode. It doesn't matter if you do it solo it coop. Inside the starting room, there are three parts, which you'll use to build the turbine.

Against that little wall stands a mannequin.
There are two different doors, one which is mostly glass, and a grey door. On the right of the grey door lies, on a bench, a fan, which is the second part.
The third part is hard to see. It lies on the ground underneath the telephones hanging on the wall.

Grab one of the parts (by holding square) and bring it to the
crafting table, which is on the left of the grey door. You can add your part by also holding square next to the crafting table. After all three parts have been added, go outside. You can either buy the glass door, or power the grey door.with your turbine (you can put down your turbine by pressing UP on your d-pad).
Now that you're outside,look to the left, even further than the bus, and you'll see a streetlamp.
Place your turbine under the lamp, and you should see that the light stops flickering. Now, go into the dusty area, and a creature should attack you by jumping on your head. If you notice he's coming for you, walk to your turbine. If the creature gets close enough to the streetlamp, he'll dig into the ground, and where he dug, a blue portal should appear. Simply jump into the portal to get your trophy.