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Supreme Dogfighter

Win in Dogfight mode facing 7 AI Ace fighters and score at least 5 frags.

Supreme Dogfighter0
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15 Apr 2015
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This one can be a bitch, because you'll be the only target. Use these precise settings:
- 60 minutes limit
- 6 frags limit
- 7 AI in Ace level, in THE SAME TEAM (doesn't work if they aren't)
- You with an Attacker plane (more powerful)

The Attacker plane being more powerful and resistant, you should get an advantage over the enemy fighters. Also, you can take down multiple targets at once, but they can only increase their kill count by one as you are the only target. Collecting the missile power-up and the cannon power-ups can really help to win the Dogfight. I used this method and this was the first trophy I got.

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