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Wind of Battle

Reached over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.

Wind of Battle-0.3
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22 Jan 2015
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If you aren't one to enjoy letting your console and controller do the work for you, there's not much of an alternative to getting this trophy other than playing the game and being mobile, a lot. For many people, this will be the last trophy you get unless you grind it earlier.

The way to grind this is by going into arcade mode. You're going to want to keep restarting the first stage until you get Hilde or Tira as your opponent, because they have wall-less stages that never end. You can simply place something on your analog stick to keep your character moving backwards once the match starts, and then watch as you rack up movement distance.

However, even with this strategy, you're still going to need to be near your console and controller. You'll have to retry the stage after every time you inevitably lose the match, so be sure that you've either got nothing to do or that you can do other things while still attempting Wind of Battle. It will take you numerous hours of grinding, even if you're already up in the high player levels.

Again, the only other way to get this is by playing a lot. It's not a quick trophy. You'll be sinking time into it either way, but the grinding solution will get you closer to that platinum much faster.

Keep in mind though that if you choose to not grind the distance, online and offline play both accumulate distance towards the trophy.