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The Power of Truth

Create Izanagi-no-Okami

The Power of Truth0
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20 Oct 2014 05 Mar 2019
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The following requirements must be met first before you can fuse this Persona:

- Get the true ending.
- Max out the Fortune Social Link

Its going to take you about 2.5 playthroughs just to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami. If you need more info you can go here:

To create Izanagi-no-Okami you need the following personas. I have also added the fusion recipes:

(Fool) Izanagi - First Persona you acquire.

(Strength) Sandman
- Fuse (Magician) Pixie + (Justice) Angel

(Chariot) Nata Taishi - Fuse (Chariot) Eligor + (Chariot) Slime

(Moon) Girimehkala - Fuse (Hangedman) Yatsufusa + (Lovers) Undine or (Emperor) Setanta + (Devil) Lilith

(Fortune) Norn - Must Max out Naoto (Fortune) Social Link to Create Persona.
Fuse (Fortune) Clotho + (Fortune) Lachesis + (Fortune) Atropos

(Emperor) Okuninushi - Fuse (Priestess) Ganga + (Star) Fuu-ki or (Moon) Alraune + (Fool) Ose or (Lovers) Cybele + (Strength) Titan

(Hanged Man) Orthrus - Fuse (Temperance) Nigi Mita + (Moon) Alraune

(Star) Kartikeya - Fuse (Star) Neko Shougun + (Temperance) Mithra + (Fool) Black Frost

(Temperance) Mithra - Fuse (Justice) Power + (Strength) Oni or (Magician) Hua Po + (Chariot) Ares

(Priestess) Tzitzimitl - Fuse (Judgement) Trumpeter + (Empress) Skadi or (Tower) Cu Chulain + (Moon) Sandalphon

(Tower) Cu Chulainn - Fuse (Star) Neko Shougun + (Temperance) Mithra + (Fool) Black Frost

(Fool) Legion - Fuse (Fool) Obariyon + (Fool) Ose
ShonicTHYou don't need to do a third playthrough, fyi. I'm on my second right now(saw the true ending on my first playthrough) and I have the option to create Izanagi-no-Okami.
Posted by ShonicTH on 01 Sep 18 at 21:07
Kevx15@ShonicTH Making changes to my solution. Didn't realize it was possible to do the true ending on the first run.
Posted by Kevx15 on 05 Mar 19 at 22:48