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Leaps and Bounds

Perform five CHI jumps in a row as Laval

Leaps and Bounds0
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24 Jul 2014 28 Jan 2015
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Go to a CHI pool and make sure you are full of CHI, then tap the CHI icon on bottom right to unlease your CHI.

Now, hold down to jump (hold down the cn_O button) after the 5th jump the trophy will pop. Do five jumps all in same CHI up for it to unlock, five separate jumps do not count on five different CHI up times.

As an added bonus for this "hard" trophy - it's also a gold one.

*Thanks to deutschZuid for pointing out the cn_O button is the one to use.
deutschZuidHold 'down' to jump? How is this different from a normal jump?
Posted by deutschZuid on 26 Jan 15 at 22:10
NickMon68Have to have a full CHI icon.
Posted by NickMon68 on 27 Jan 15 at 00:13
deutschZuidI tried jumping five times while having full chi but it didn't pop. It's simply jumping with the x button, correct?
Posted by deutschZuid on 27 Jan 15 at 19:59
deutschZuidOk... I think you need to put in your guide what a CHI jump is. It's when you hold down the circle (o) button. I kept hittng the normal jump button (x).
Posted by deutschZuid on 27 Jan 15 at 23:55